Home fire safety : live streaming again this Sunday, 10/5

Posted on May 8, 2020


IMG-20191109-WA0061 edI did the home fire safety live stream on 5th May.

First time ever.

There were technical glitches, but I survived, thanks to a technical team that stood by me.

Those of you who joined us, thank you, and apologies for any shortcomings.

I am also grateful for the constructive feedback that many of you have given me.

The team and I have received several requests, from those who could not catch the live stream the other day, and even from those who did.

From those who missed it, the request was to do a live stream on a weekend, as many have already started to go back to work.

From those who caught that first live stream, many said that the information was so useful, but too much to digest in one session.

The request : could I do these home fire safety sessions over several segments?

To both requests, you got it.

I will do a live stream this Sunday, 10th May, at 10.30am.

And I will do the entirety of my home fire safety awareness  program over several segments.

This Sunday : Why are building fires today more dangerous than ever before?

Be safe.