Asalkan Bukan Mahathir

Posted on June 10, 2020


IMG-20191109-WA0061 edIn the wake of the Sheraton Move, the collapse of the PH government after Dr M’s bizarre moves, first, resigning as PM, and then seeking to resurrect himself as head of a unity government, and finally Muhyiddin being formally appointed as the 8th PM, I had the opportunity to ask of a senior leader of PH what was for me an all-important question.

It was generally being portrayed by the top leaders of PH that their collapse was on account of the betrayal and treachery by the likes of Azmin, Saifuddin, etc, and that Dr M was not part of that scheming and was himself a victim of this betrayal like the other PH leaders.

My question?

Was this being said of Dr M to leave open the possibility of him being offered the PM’s position again should PH succeed, at some point in time, to engineer sufficient numbers in parliament?

I assured the leader that if I ever wrote about this, no names would be mentioned, and that if I was right, smile, and if I was wrong, laugh my question off.

The leader smiled.

The headline of a Malaysiakini report  yesterday suggests that PH has reached a consensus on who would be PM should Muhyiddin’s PN government collapse.

Read the report, though, and its not really clear if such a consensus has been attained.

I am going to quote below that part of the report that troubles me.

“For weeks, Harapan leaders publicly hinted that the PN federal government was on the brink and a new government could be formed soon. However, one major sticking point has been the question of who would be the new government’s candidate for prime minister. So far, the front runners, according to officials from several parties are Mahathir and Anwar, although some believe that Shafie too could be in the running”.

Dr M is a front runner for the post of PM if the PN government falls?

I hear that DAP and Amanah have agreed to Dr M as the PH candidate for PM, whilst Anwar and PKR have held back their indorsement

In 2016, when Dr M contrived the Citizen’s Declaration and invited civil society leaders to indorse the same, when I was approached by certain political party leaders to indorse this document and Dr M’s leadership, I refused.

I also rejected the rationale offered by many political leaders for their readiness to embrace Dr M as the leader to take on UMNO and BN in GE14 : Najib had to be taken out at all costs.

What reason, now, do the PH leaders have, to thrust this man upon us again?

Muhyiddin and PN must be taken out at all costs?

Understand this, then.

Najib was not taken out by Dr M or any of you leaders.

A united people rose to take out the robbers and thieves from Putrajaya.

What paved the way for this backdoor government and the return of the very corrupt politicians that we, the rakyat, booted out of Putrajaya?

A cabinet that did not have the courage to stand up to a PM who, not long after the dust of the last GE had settled, shamelessly countenanced, if not himself actively contributed, to the race and religious vitriol that fueled the divide and rule politics of UMNO and PAS.

Leaders who were more focused on a succession plan and a whole lot of politicking rather than looking to deliver on reforms promised to the people.

Men and women who, in that critical week last February, forgot they were mandated to serve us, the people, and not their respective parties.

Randall Terry, an American activist, is credited with this quote :

“Fool me once, shame on youFool me twice, shame on me”.

The old man having fooled you once is not enough?

We also have not forgotten that he took us all for fools with your PH manifesto.

What was it the old man said?

Did not expect to win, so just promise, lah.

We wont be fooled again.