When Ariff proved to be too good for his own good

Posted on July 15, 2020


IMG-20191109-WA0061 edTogether with many others, I watched the live proceedings of the Dewan Rakyat on 13th July, 2020 to witness the debate of the motion presented by Muhyiddin to have Ariff removed as speaker.

I am going to disregard the legal arguments that went back and forth, and go directly to what I felt was the heart of the matter.

Anwar, in my view, accurately described Ariff’s tenure as speaker as nothing short of exemplary.

In all the speeches, and in all the shouting and name calling, no one disputed this.

Khalid Samad then put it pointedly when he asked that those supporting the motion point to one fault of Ariff that warranted his removal.

This, in my view, had to be made known.

For what wrongdoing was this man to be removed from office?

Takiyuddin then laid bare Ariff’s sin.

Ariff’s sin?

He would not fulfill the desires and aspirations of the government, a conclusion arrived at after assessing Ariff’s performance during the sitting of the Dewan Rakyat on 18th May, 2020.

Put bluntly, Ariff’s sin was to adhere to his oath of office and to perform the functions of speaker without fear or favour.

He would not dance to the tune of the government.

Did not someone say that these were indeed qualities to be expected of the speaker?

The government, though, was not having any of this.

Hence, as Takiyuddin unashamedly put it, they presented their choice of speaker.

Ariff n Azhar