Please, NSK, may I buy some food?

Posted on February 12, 2021


Last March, when we were hit with the first MCO, starting on the 18th, I was very gratified with the SOP adopted by NSK, Brem Mall.

Warga emas were given priority to go in and do their grocery shopping.


This evening, I headed to NSK, Brem Mall to get some foodstuff.

Scanned and took my temperature.

Picked up a basket.

Then a staff came over.

“Pakcik, umur berapa?”, he asked.

“62”, I replied.

Then came the shocker.

“Minta maaf, pakcik, umur 60 ke atas tidak dibenarkan masuk”.

“Mengapa?”, I asked.

Tak tahu, pakcik, SOP baru”, he replied.

I told him I had nothing to eat at home and lived alone.

He shrugged his shoulders.