About me and this blog


My name is Haris Ibrahim. Trained in the law.

Late father was Malay and my mum is Ceylonese.

I am Malaysian.

My ethnic background is relevant in helping me to understand my cultural make-up but is irrelevant in defining my status as a citizen of Malaysia.

Until 2004, I voted for the opposition. In that year, I was taken in by the promises of our present PM.

Our PM has not delivered on his promise to be a PM for all Malaysians.

I have become increasingly disillusioned with ministers, MPs and judges who have breached the people’s trust and reneged on their oath of office to defend and uphold our constitution. 

This blog, then, is about civil society reclaiming its power to determine who are the law-makers in Parliament today who are worthy of the trust reposed in them by the people and if, sadly, we discover there are none presently, to make an informed decision of who we will next install in the people’s parliament.  

I have, through this blog, launched a ‘Get to know you MP’ civil society initiative. A brief of the same and a more detailed explanation may be seen at my posts entitled ‘Get to know your MP’ and ‘Get to know your MP : What and How’


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  1. Excellent platform…will trumpet your intentions.

  2. nice effort!

  3. it is a good start to bvring people to have a say in the matters of the law that affects people.keep up the good work

  4. Brilliant . As a Malayan/Malaysian of the 1940’s i am delighted that a you a young caring and concerned Malaysian has initiated this wonderful project to awaken our people.

    May i suggest that you start a People’s Parliament process for the “people” to vote on issues of national interest,the results of which could be channeled to the relevant parties i.e. the Cabinet, Ministers,MPs et al.

    For starters why not a poll on Minister JJ – Should he “APOLOGISE” or “RESIGN” ? [Since he has not officially denied making those statements i suppose we can assume he is “guilty”!]

    For your consideration.
    Thanks & Best Wishes

  5. Understand that Minister JJ has “apologised”! If this is true kudos to him.
    Hope this is a valuable lesson in managing multi-ethnic Malaysia for JJ and his ilk!


  6. ashafruddin

    May 12, 2007

    Politicians are the same evrywhere. So dont take their words too seriously. I am more concerned with your thought on Malaysian malaysia. What is that – the idea promoted by the DAP another political party led by chauvinist chinese? Why is there chinese school in the country. Is there one in democratic US of A? Disband the social contract – does that mean review the immigration rights? What about you as mixed indian and malay race – do you call yourself bumiputra? I hope not because you are mamak and as experience shows during the 13 may 1969 incident indians and mamak in sentul and in penang are like lallang. Do u know what a lalang behavior is? Ask any person above 50 years and they will tell u.

    • Ash afrudin, it takes a greater chauvinist to recognizes another ! I hope after another four years of life education and labour since May, 2007, you are not so extreme in your views. Do you know that children below eight years of age have the propensity to learn more than four languages, including his or her mother tongue! Even the communist government of China (with a population of 1.3 billions) is emphasizing the study of more languages in and out of schools, including English Language.Unity in Diversity! The many languages spoken and the many cultures practiced in Malaysia really enrich and bind the mosaic of unity among all the communities in Malaysia. Languages are tools for knowledge and communication. And Unity is Strength!

    • It’s 6+ years ago since u wrote that angry comment. Do you still feel the same about what u wrote?
      Please grow up and not only old.
      Best of luck.

  7. That’s my dream as well Malaysian Malaysia. Will it still be a dream or reality. Another dream is total transparency by the Government. Its going out of hand.

  8. I like tour blogs and I started to “fall in love’ with it.
    A good start is a good end for some thing.
    Good start- Raising people’s awareness on certain issues, or all issues in Malaysia.
    Good End- No more “blind follower” on certain issues or all issues as well!
    Will continue my support on your efforts.
    Jia Yo!

  9. Good efforts!

  10. I liked your blogs and I start to “fall in love” with it!
    It is a good start and a good end!
    Good Start – Raising the awareness of Malaysian over certain issues, all all issues.
    Good End – Will have no more “blind’ people that unaware about certain issues in Malaysia.
    I will continues my support on your blogs and your efforts.
    Jia yo!


  11. nisha

    May 15, 2007

    Good work Haris…proud to know that not all Malaysians are pretenders as those who reside in parliament

  12. Hi Haris, Good blog.
    We are one people, no matters how we look like, what we speak and how we dress, because we live in the same motherland and we have a common destiny.
    We are in the same boat, and we have to do our best to ensure that this boat can reach the destination same and sound.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Got to know about your blog through Legitimate expectations.Glad that I visited your blog and am going to link you.


  14. LimSeyWee

    June 14, 2007

    Just been recommended this blog. Good work, my friend.


    Help us out. Which constituency are you registered in? Help us with your constituency.

    How about it?


  15. PK Tan

    June 15, 2007

    Great blog. This country certainly needs more people like you. I hope that I can join you for the betterment of our country.

    PK Tan,

    Please join. We need you.

    What constituency are you registered in?

  16. Hi Haris and all,
    I made a post in a blog that is supposed to help our beloved country at <a href=”http://guide-to-malaysia.blogspot.com/2007/06/candlelight-vigil-for-ravathi-and-for.html” rel=”nofollow”>Candlelight Vigil for Ravathi (and for Malaysia). I have wanted to post only postitive posts, but unfortunately I also want to do what I can to improve our country and hoped to let more people know about what good things Haris is trying to do for us. I am going to email all my sons and daughters, sisters, niece and nephew the above link plus link to Candlelight Vigil (a link to which I already have at the above post, but which I will include as well in case they are too lazy to go to my post. After I got a lightning response from Haris “no copyright issues”, I posted another 2 links in that post, one to his post, and another one Get to know your MP with the anchor text “Get to know your MP (Member of Parliament)” in case anyone don’t know what MP is. One of my daughter is fond of forwarding messages to us (and I suppose forwarding messages to her to her kakis), I am going to add a request to forward my mail to their contacts. This is the little I can do to help Haris’s noble efforts known to more concerned citizens. BTW I intend to go for that Candlelight Vigil and hope that whoever reads this post will join me there. I have circled that date in my calender, but I am approaching 60 years and am a bit forgetful. Hope some of you will comment in my blogs to remind me as comments are moderated and the message will reach me. I have set the blog <a href=”http://guide-to-malaysia.blogspot.com” rel=”nofollow”>Guide to Malaysia</a> to allow anonymous comments so that if you don’t want to register for a Blogger account, you can still comment (that blog was meant to help Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia, and in fact have photos copyright of Tourism Malaysia which I have received permission to publish for the purpose of promoting Malaysia). Unfortunately, I had to make one negative post and hope I don’t need to do so again in the future.
    Sorry for this long comment, but hoping for more hands. Start a blog to improve Malaysia in whatever way you can, if you haven’t done so already. I have a blog which is intended to help those who want to do so at <a href=”http://dummies-guide-to-google-blogger.blogspot.com” rel=”nofollow”>Dummies Guide to Google Blogger</a>. Blogging is free and easy, and if you can use email, you can start a blog. I am retired and have the time to help as you can see from the numerous comments (questions)in <a href=”http://blogger-tricks.blogspot.com” rel=”nofollow”>Blogger Tips and Tricks</a>.
    I also have another hope. You start a blog similar to the one in my signature line. It will be not just for Malaysia, but for the only Spaceship Earth we have which do not have a lifeboat yet.
    Peter a.k.a. enviroman
    <a href=”http://enviromansays.blogspot.com” rel=”nofollow”>Enviroman Says</a>

    Thanks, Peter. Have sent you a mail about your constituency. Please do come back to me with confirmation

    See you under the flagpole on Tuesday

  17. I wish I’d discovered this blog earlier. I have found it very educational. I have recently been blogging about some of the same things you have, but you do it with far more experience, clarity, and understanding than I.
    Your calm and reasonable style combined your with succint and often witty sentences make your content easily accessable. And it’s good to see that your passion doesn’t make you emotional and detract from reasoned discourse.

    Hi Satya,

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

    But more than all this, it is your willingness to champion our rights as Malaysians and tell it like it is when it comes to the issues that affect us all, that has impressed me so.

    I’m one year away from being of legal age to vote. I can’t even attend the many rallies, events, and conferences you organise or participate in because of geography (I currently study in Singapore).

    But one thing I can do is to try and spread awareness necessary to shake the apathy of Malaysians. I can try to keep reminding people of the issues that are important, and why they mean anything at all, since we Malaysians seem to be a largely forgetful bunch… making a hue and cry over an issue when it’s first highlighted in the media, and quitly forgetting about it as it gets knocked off its pedestal on the front page.

    Keep at it.

    I have only begun to try and do this through my blog. And obiously I’ve a lot to learn before I can do it effectively. But what I can do right now, is to reccommend your blog. And so I have.

    Give the link to your blog, lah.

    Thanks for doing what you do, and keep up the good work.

    Do keep in touch

  18. here’s the link.


    reading your most recent posts have shown me that some of the info in mine is not quite accurate. will have to work out how to fix this without going into too much detail.

    i’d also appreciate your comments on




  19. Henry Chin

    July 10, 2007

    Keep up the good work ! God bless you and your family. To those religious police, I only want to encho here what I read in the scripture: “Let those who have not committed any sin take the first stone to throw at her” I suppose God teaches us to love one and another and the moment we sow hatre and despite others then we are no different from the robbers and murderers.


  20. thegodfather

    July 15, 2007

    Great effort my friend. Keep it up. I’m with you all the way.


  21. Aimi Ho

    July 25, 2007

    Uncle Haris,

    Good job, i am sure your site will help us alot!


    Peace, Aimi.


  22. Zaki Ibrahim

    July 27, 2007

    Master Haris,
    I have lived the past half a century and more, to learn and understand the frailties of the human race, and shall continue to do so till my last breadth. History have seen men overwhelmed by their egos and greed that led to the untold sufferings of millions. Yet the human race never learn!
    Today as in the past, the story is the same. It is the story of ignorance and selfishness. It is the story of belief in self righteousness that breed the many self appointed ‘saviours’ of civil societies as much and as many of those ‘evils’ they seek to be emancipated from. Alas, their pursuits at whatever costs! They are the same! You used the words “worthy of trust”. Are you?

    Mister Zaki,

    I had attempted to e-mail you to get your consent to put your comment up as a post. Alas, my e-mail bounced back, the reason given being that your e-mail address does not exist.

    You speak of self-appointed ‘saviours’ of civil societies?

    Are you one of the cyber-troopers that RPK has spoken of?

    No, there are no self-appointed ‘saviours’ of civil societies in this blog. I am just reaching out in the hope that more Malaysians who feel as I do may come together and together do something for this country.

    You ask if I am worthy of trust?

    I only unquestioningly trust God. Everyone else, me and you included, should be investigated first before you trust. If you investigate me, you will have the answer to your question. I of course cannot investigate you as you write behind a pseudonym and present a false e-mail address.

    Really now, are you one of those cyber-troopers?

    And I can’t help to be as sceptical of this effort at People’s Parliament!

    Scepticism is good. It prevents us from being taken in. I should have been a bit more sceptical about Pak Lah’s pre-election promises.

    Oops, did I offend you, cyber-trooper?

    There will be those who begin to judge another by God knows whatever values that they subscribe to or ever begin to understand themselves!
    How can we trust each other?

    Have answered your ‘trust’ question. You do seem to have a problem with trusting, don’t you?

    I would imagine bright young men like you should better focus your energies in more positive ways, like building bridges of understanding, of identifying(as though there weren’t enough!)and sharing common values, the quest for finding higher knowledge that will enrich the lives of all future Malaysians.

    c-t, have you not been reading the posts and comments in this blog? It is about trying to save a heritage that our forefathers left us with.

    It would be a waste of time on the futile effort of merely letting your audience vent whatever their frustrations..in letting off hot air, just damning others that they thought have failed them.

    ‘they thought have failed them’, you say. They have not failed us, then? c-t, you seem to have dropped your guard.

    To be fair to the PM, you would not have understood how difficult for one frail little human to turn around the colossal ‘rotten to the core’ institution called Barisan Nasional.

    Tell you what, c-t, let’s get rid of this one frail little human and that colossal rotten to the core institution in one swoop.

    You should have been a better judge of the human kind, when you believed in the promises of yet another BN politician in the last election! It would be so naive to believe Abdullah Badawi alone could change our corrupt Malaysian political system..they would quickly do without him!

    As I do not know you, I cannot yet trust you. Objectively, this is the only truth I have seen from you thus far.

    And what would you have next?? I shudder to think of whatever the alternatives!

    A nation rid of a frail little human and a colossal rotten to the core institution?

    In life, we cannot live just looking at only it’s negative side.

    Sorry, there has been nothing positive about the BN rule to look at.

    50 years of BN rule did contribute some to nation building.

    Nation building? You mean building Putrajaya is nation building? Building KLIA is nation building? Tolonglah, if you would want to hoodwink us, you’ll have to do better.

    Only now it has got rotten!

    Ah, some truth thrown in, eh! Must maintain the semblance of being credible, eh c-t.

    And we do need a change!

    Yes, a bit more truth, c-t

    What I’m just trying to say is for us to be realistic in our pursuit to change the rot ! Let us begin in a enlightened way ! Lest we get lost ourselves !

    Whatever, c-t

  23. Just came across your site from an email sent to me by a friend. You are doing a good job. After reading some of the comments, I believe there are ‘cyber-troopers’ sent by the government to do damage and there are also your everyday ‘dickheads’ like ‘ashafruddin’ who commented in May. I am an Indian by race but Malaysian by nationality. I was born and bred here in Malaysia. The former PM’s house was located behind where I was born. To think Malaysian is the only way to unity and peaceful coexistence towards progressing as a nation.

    There is no place for racism. He uses the term ‘mamak’ in a derogative manner. I know many ‘mamaks’ who are hardworking people and honest which is more than I can say for this ‘dickhead’ even though I don’t really know him.

    Anyway, I hope you will continue with your mission and God be with you.

  24. I share your ideas in making people aware about our rights in this beloved and beautiful country.This countyry has no place for racism.Keep away the religious and communal sentiments and have open minded. Try do understand, engage in dialog to promote peace among MALAYSINS.Afterall all religions ask their folowers to love all mankind.We are created in many colours,black,white,choclet etc. by GOD not only to know,understand and love but also tolerate and loive together as a big family. I hope HARIS will continue to work through your posting to achive this noble mission. I support u.God bless.

  25. Congratulations Haris! I laud your initiative to raise social consciousness against corruption and erosion of human rights.

    Sadly racial unity has certainly become a relic of the past. The bogey man of racial clashes has been used so often by bankrupt politicians yet today we are more polarised then ever before.

    My take is that the sad plight of lower class Malays and Malaysians in general, the racial polarisation, the rot in our universities, the current culture of fear of reprisals and overall oppression and the loss of our competitive position internationally is brought about by both the apathy of the rakyat and the select few that have no qualms about enriching themselves in the name of political service.

    I believe the first priority should be to expose and dislodge corrupt politicians and civil servants. If we have righteous men and women in the police force, judiciary and parliament, corruption in the private sector will have no chance to survive.

    Once we have cleaned up these three branches of legislature, executive and judiciary we can address the issues of national importance such as true racial harmony, education and so on.

    As Dr. M said recently in one of his video interviews hosted on Malaysiakini.tv, “You deserve the government you get!”. So let us help to open more eyes to uplift our general social awareness and together blot out this dark spot of corruption and ineptitude on our beloved country.

    We should not let fear paralyse us – spread the word around. It is in OUR hands to clean up the politics of our nation.


  26. Dear Haris,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and admire your stance on the government’s performance. I am 48 and I hope to see during my lifetime when malaysians can address each other as fellow malaysian just like the French, mexicans or thais do in their countries. Many Malaysians of mixed ancestry would prefer this label instead of being boxed in as malays, chinese or indians. Lets make this our merdeka wish.


  27. Bro,
    Any particular reason why The Truth Of The Matter site is no longer available?

    i go there every now and then to learn more about the matter you raise there.

    i miss it.

    Tks. God be with you.


  28. Ah Pek Lim

    September 12, 2007

    Dear Haris,

    I have never heard about you until today and after going over your articles I see they need support. From Malays and non Malays alike.

    40 years ago, me and my Malay friends used to have coffee in Chinese coffee shops, Malay or mamak stalls. We talk,joke and laugh.

    Today I notice that Malays do not enter Chinese coffee shops anymore and some are even reluctant to enter mamak stalls.

    I do not own a coffee shop by the way.

  29. nice work….

  30. There is hope for Malaysia when I read a blog like yours. We need more good Malays like you to speak up for the rest of us.

  31. That’s the beauty about internet, the modern technology that can provide alternative avenue for the “oppressed” to voice their views. There are many things wrong in the current government but you will never read or hear it in the media. Why? They are are the mercy of the government. Only a blog such as your, Harris, that the “oppressed” to speak up!
    Indeed the current situation is worse than Dr.M’s era. Pak Lah promised to eradicate corruption after he was sworn in as PM. What happened all these years? It ia an open secret that the entire rank and file are corrupt. The only difference is the amount and the way the “kopi o” is transacted. Their hands are stunk with the sweat-money of the rakyat! How can we trust these leaders any longer?

  32. One dream, bro. Got your back

  33. One dream, lets make that a reality


  34. OmarKhayyam

    October 24, 2007

    just logged into ur website … cool man, let us do our bits for the sake of this nation. we nid to spread an educate more malaysians before its too late



  35. charmeena

    November 5, 2007


    I just found a your blog thru an e-mail. I am rather satisfied now. I was browsing the net for sometime looking for a site that can share our opinion and ideas.

    I felt this was necessary as i am a Malaysian who is employed overseas and reading these news and seeing how my country has changed from bad to worst has hurt me so much.

    I hope there would be a civilised solution to all these issues and that the country is so divided by so called’race’ and therefore surpressed the intelligents and contribution of other fellow people.

    Glad to help from my end at anytime.

  36. Dear Haris

    Please dont hide the Tamilness in you by stating your Mum is a Ceylonese. Or is it because Cylonese consider themselves more Tamil than the Tamils from tamil Nadu??



    Don’t know who you are, but if your piles is acting up, please take your beef elsewhere


    • Rajoo

      May 2, 2012

      There is nothing here to hide . Saudara Haris is just being right about the facts that he is a mix origin. Whether one is a Tamil or Marathi/etc that only reflects further details and irrelavant to the content of thought. All of us “Malaysiana” at end of the day

  37. I have become increasingly disillusioned with ministers, MPs and judges who have breached the people’s trust and reneged on their oath of office to defend and uphold our constitution.

    There is an inherent problem here that will not be solved by tweaking the system, lecturing the powerful or even by awareness campaigns. As experience and analysis show, elections are inherently anti-democratic and are bound to produce rulers that do not further the interests of the people. There is, however, a democratic alternative.

  38. Great Site!

    I totally agree that we are many colors, we are one dream.

    wot do we do about a gment that divides its rakyat by their races and dissects them into million pieces?

    its time for the rakyat to stand together, silently(?) fight to establish that we r many colors, we are one dream…

    any ideas how?


  39. Way to go En. Haris. Proud of having worked for you many years back. Keep up your efforts in enlightening people of “the happenings” in our rotting government.
    Blogs like yours,malaysian-today, etc are truly an eye opener for “government trusting malaysians” like me.

    Now the vote goes to…..


    Apa khabar?

    Do your bit and vote.

    For change.

  40. You are *so smart*, and I really enjoyed finding your blog today! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


  41. Bathmanathan

    November 30, 2007

    Haris Ibrahim, you have chosen a pretty dificult mission in life but i see that you have the courage and verve to rally people to your cause. You definitely have my support.


  42. Salaam Haris, tell us who should I vote for? Yes, in the next general election? I live in an UMNO vs PAS area and I certainly reject PAS as it is not a Malaysian party but an ultra-communal party. Should I vote for UMNO? I prefer this as UMNO is the lesser evil. A PAS-ruled Malaysia means apostate Muslims (ie ex-Muslims) will be murdered under the Hudud laws. Any party that aims to murder former Muslims is declaring war upon non Muslim people.

    I see PAS as a racist party as it advocates supremacy of the Muslim race. Yes religion constitutes a race and I would like to see racist parties like PAS banned.


    you have not mentioned which constituency you vote in?

  43. Letters Sent by Fax to MP’s of Rasah(NS), Segambut(KL), Pasir Gudang(Johore). Are we required to send a copy to you?


    I would be grateful if you did.

  44. Thumb up!


  45. Idetrorce

    December 15, 2007

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  46. Hey Haris,

    Well done!!!


  47. devilsadvocate

    January 3, 2008

    Dear haris,

    Just curious – are you Haris Fathillah Sam Sathiasingam Bin Mohd Ibrahim?

    cheers bro


    When I went to the Senate House, Uni London to collect my degree, clerk in charge checked and told me there was nothing for me.

    Shocked, I asked him to please check again. He did and again said there was none.

    I asked, and he allowed me to check. Within 20 seconds I pulled out my degree script and put it in front of him.

    ‘What’s this, then?’, I asked.

    ‘Damn, I thought that was your bloody address’, was his reply.

    Yup, you’ve nailed me.


    • Pakatan Penipu Besar

      April 6, 2013

      So you are that Haris aka Sam. If I knew then what you have become today, I would have thrown a stone on your head when you were dating my younger sister. Thanks to Allah! My sister did not marry you or else I would have killed you in your sleep! Bangsat!


      • Another Anak Bangsa Malaysia

        April 7, 2013


        It is with all due respect to your younger sister and Haris’s previous relationship with her that I have chosen not to take you to task for your silly statements.

        You, too, should have more respect for your younger sister’s privacy before dragging her into your political rantings.

  48. One look at your pic tells me you’re ******. Sorry but I’ve a problem with trusting ******. They messed up my life more than once.


    See how easy it is to shut racist bigots up in this blog.

    I’ll agree with you on one thing, tho.

    You do appear to be messed up.


  49. Helen Ang

    January 4, 2008


    Not only are you being cryptic, you’re unintentionally funny!

    The “picture” or icon in red & blue depicts Martin Luther King (g-r-i-n). That’s not Haris’ portrait lah.

    But just to share with you, Haris Ibrahim has my trust.

    And see … we do have fun in People’s Parliament. It’s a rollicking ride. As for the destination, Mike, hope to see you at journey’s end, however your travels may take you there.

    God bless.

    Thanks a million, Helen

  50. Bloggers who dedicate their lives fighting for free speech or at least wanting to build their reputation based on it should not be too quick to press the delete button, don’t you think??

    It does make a mockery of free speech.

  51. haris, I vote in Kota Bahru and in the last GE, I voted for BN. Who do you suggest I vote for in the coming GE? BN-UMNO or PAS? Please advise me.


    Firstly, no guarantee that Zaid will be defending his seat.

    I regard Zaid as a personal friend. Even so, if I were you, this round he would not get my vote.

    I would firstly evaluate whoever the opposition is offering. If he or she is ok with me, the person gets my vote.

    Otherwise, time permitting, I would try to get a civil society candidate. Damn, I would consider standing myself.

    My 2 sen

  52. this is a dead blog. malas nak hidup. mati segan.

  53. mampus tara mau


  54. Yeow Eu Ming

    February 4, 2008

    Congrats Haris for setting up this Blog!

    I cannot agree more and it is high time we get rid of this bunch of uneducated, arrogant, bocor politicians who have been polluting our country these past few years with their crabby remarks!

    The situation we face is stark, and no longer a joy to be in:

    ***** The constant attacks by Islamic extremists on the religious sensitivities of the other races makes a mockery of this “freedom of religion” so enshrined in our Constitution;

    ***** The No-Bolah Federal Court does not do justice to the populace, since it keeps shying away from making decisions, claiming that this and that cases are under the jurisdiction of the Syariah Courts! What is most alarming and disturbing is that these Syariah Courts keep intruding into the lives of the non-Bumiputeras by their “speedy justice” – the latest being the poor Chinese bedridden father who died in Klang, and is now buried in a Muslim cemetry, notwithstanding the strong protests of their family members that he is a pork-eating Buddhist through and through! And the eldest son who converted to Islam against the wishes of this father and the rest of the family, lives in Seremban and, it seems, has never bothered to see the father for a long time!

    ***** when you look at the setup of the latest Commissiion to inquire into this Lingam Joke, you wonder why is it so difficult to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of Lingamgate? For instance:

    (a) Who actually paid for Eusoff Chin’s 4 business class/first class air tickets to New Zealand, the hotels, tours, foods etc? Can’t track this down from his bank account, his family’s, friends, associates?

    (b) Nobody bothered to ask the Director of Holiday Tours who paaid these tickets for these answers?

    (c) His tour itinerary is copied to Ms Jeyanthi. Nobody asked her to testify who she is, and why she receive it? But “there are so many named Jeyanthi” is a good enough answer and acceptable!

    ***** As matters stand, there is no way any Opposition can take over the country as the delineation of each Constituency has been deliberately skewed, e.g. a small State like Kedah as 14 Parliamentary seats, Sarawak with less than 3 million population, has 20 parliamentary seats, Bukit Bintang with some 600K voters only 1 Parliamentary seat, and some Kedah ones have less than 5,000 voters!

    ***** Notwithstanding, any changes we can achieve, however small, will be for the better. It will dent the facade of the Barisan jaggernaut, and show them their arrogance and cocktalk can be defeated.

    It is indeed high time and long overdue that we all “Get An MP” for each of our constitutency that will be a breath of fresh air against the halitosis we have all suffered all these years from this bunch of bocor, uneducated, uncouth politicians who continue to pollute our Parliament.

    So to You Haris, Syabas and Best of Good Luck, and I will do my little bit to help clean up our polluted political environment, and hope that the breath of fresh air we all need will arrive fresh and clean!

    Eu Ming

  55. En Haris,

    I hope after 50 years of bullshit Malaysians would vote for a better Malaysia. Your blog, amongst other malaysian blogers are my mainstream source of news 🙂



  56. Junid Saham

    February 9, 2008

    Yours is among the most sensible blogs that I’ve seen. If I may suggest, articles, essays and postings should be made to appeal to everyone (people in power as well as those in the opposition)so that in more ways than one this blog can be a very serious, focused and constructive medium of help to shape the Malaysia that we look forward to.


  57. tkapple

    March 6, 2008

    about a year ago parliment passed an act which was unfair to muslim women.nazri warned women minister to toe the line,paklah said passed the act first ammend later.sharizat miniter of women family n com dev with legal background,could not help defend her sisters in islam.is sharizat able to serve ppl of lembah pantai???

  58. Kepada Encik Haris

    Hi..terima kasih atas ucapan DAP ceramah, saya juga ekses dapceramah.com. Saya adalah keturunan Cina Baba Nyonya dan Encik Haris telah berkata satu yang amat penting sekali. Iaitu orang Melayu adalah orang yang bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa. Hang tak bodek la.. :).
    Hishamuddin tu putih melepak..dia tu ada campur sikit Chinese blood kah?

    Terima kasih.
    Susanah Teh

  59. You have a great blog! I must congratulate you for your all your efforts promoting and introducing Malaysia to the World. Glad I found your site. Mine is nothing compared to yours, I’m not really a good writer but I tried for the sake of the animal abuse. You are welcome to surf and perhaps can give me comments to grow.

    I will be truly happy if perhaps you could share with me with one of your Malaysia’s Banner just to include in my site. If you think I deserve it, please e-mail me with the code, so that I can paste it to my site. Thanks again, and I will definitely be visiting your interesting site always.

    My salam, Lily Arbee – Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia

  60. finaly,haris,i read your profile.noble man.you are the lawyer.i did offer some kind of donation,you said no.money is something like lowest in something in your powerfull words.well hope one day i will meet you personally.i do need a lawyer with honesty and guts to sue someone well conected in politic and glc.i am waiting for the day mr.correct3 judges disapear after bn follow suit.until then i wont be able to get proper justice.meanwhile let me pay my doctor for valium and xanax to cool me down rather take the law myself.will meet soon if u permits.thanks.raj raman. ( still blur with this dinasarous IT park more then you..)anyway i addicted to msn but slowly cutting down,my company advertising cutting down,next month try in malaysiakini.then maybe u will read my profile on my website.i dont mix pleasure,friendship with business and i dont advertise my business to friends.my profile.I AM THE MOST STUCK UP PERSON.A SPADE FOR ME IS A SPADE.thanks haris.dont know why i can hook to your blogs.


  61. Zubli Zainordin

    May 8, 2008

    You are a Victorian.

    Salam, fellow Victorian

  62. kembalilah ke jalan Allah.

    anda menyokong lina joy, tak akan membawa anda ke mana.

    anda bangga dgn meminum arak. sungguh malu saya mendengarnya.

    masyallah. anda dah terlalu pandai sehingga hukum Allah pun anda rasa tak cukup bagus untuk manusia.

    insaflah sebelum terlambat.byk lagi cara nak tunjuk pandai. Allah Maha Mengetahui saudara.

  63. Bro Harris
    After we met in prai I keep looking 4 yr blog. Finally.This is cool,truly Malaysian.

  64. Brother, welcome to the club. Keep up the good work and stay in touch.—Din Merican


  65. waily

    May 28, 2008

    You should kick your butt out of this country


  66. raj raman 666

    May 28, 2008

    next time please mention you are also a human rights lawyer.
    now i was question by helen,how do i know u are human rights lawyer.
    Remember after i read your profiles in star i tease u regarding your standing about msn and i posted to your email thinking its for your preview only.
    So,as a human rights lawyer u must defend me because my intergrity at stake with helen.Your profiles today i read 3 times and never any clue u are the famous human rights lawyer.


  67. sambal muncha

    June 22, 2008

    I just had a hunch. Is this Sam Haris from VI? You are about 4-5 years my senior but I remember you playing the drums badly at the hall!!! Ok lah, it wasn’t that bad!

    Either way, I just recently started contributing to your commentaries. Your “jambu tree” article was the first one I believe.

    May the candle of this blog keep burning for a long, long time.

    Peace and barakah, my friend!

    sambal muncha,

    You asked : Is this Sam Haris from VI?

    Reply : Yes

    You said : I remember you playing the drums badly at the hall!!!

    Reply : Never played drums all my life. The only thing I played in school worth talking about was truant and poker in the cultural Union room

  68. Stumbled onto your blog and am quite impressed.
    Sorry to nitpick, but there is a typo – Emmeline Parkhurst should be Emmeline Pankhurst.
    Keep up the good work and good luck.


    Will check re the spelling and if need to, will correct.

    Thanks for the encouragement

  69. Haris,

    Having read your “Islam-as-I-say-tion”, and the other one about Article 11, I’m assuming that you’d have a strong opinion of this case where a woman’s appeal to have her religion changed has been dismissed. The story is here:

    Just want to know what you think of it.
    My own 2sen is here:



    Have read both the Malaysianinsider report and your post. if time permits, will do post of my own.

    For now let me just quote the Privy Council from a decision from New Zealand : one cannot refine the law to the point where the law becomes an ass.

    That’s what the majority of the Court of Appeal did yesterday.

    Effortlessly, I might add!

  70. I think lots of Malaysians feel the same now. I thought our new PM was going to make a difference for the better. We were tricked by Barisan but never again.


  71. Zeitghost

    September 13, 2008

    You are a karoake singer who seems to be liking the sound of your own voice.
    I can setup an anti-Hairs site and bring up millions who would hate you and even expose your stands.

  72. Haris,

    I have written an article serve as a call for action to free RPK. Could you please take a look if you think it worths to be posted in your blog. The article is here: http://malaysiacivilright.blogspot.com/. I try to mobilize a civil action, and so far only have little success. Thank you.



  73. kraznyoctbyar

    September 27, 2008

    Good one Brother Haris

    Keep it up

  74. Keep the light burning. Don’t ever give up! Shalom.


  75. drago2008

    October 16, 2008

    Salute you for having the conscience and courage to say out loud about the bane of racism in this country. Hopefully we are seeing signs that awareness is coming out into the open and all those racist charlatans will be shown up for what they are. Hopefully, the day will come sooner than later for right-thinking people to see the back of these lot who have been imposing their hegemony on us.

  76. Dear Mr Haris,

    I would like to engage your legal services. So how do I contact you? Thank you.
    Best Wishes for the New Year & May we all reach for our full potential in 2009.

    BT Nayagam,

    Send me an email at thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com

  77. GO ! tell it on the mountains,
    to everyone & everywhere;
    GO ! tell it on the mountains,
    let my people GO ( free) !!

  78. wow…strong opinion, great blog…keep on march dude…

  79. Malaysia needs more people like you who have guts and stick their head out speaking for the country.It has been long overdue … a change of government, to rid of corruption, and to flash out these crooks.

    Though I no longer live in Malaysia, my family and friends still do and it is my heart’s desire to see a true democratic Malaysia. Condemn the crooks and bring justice to those who have fallen victims or murdered by their actions.

    I praise and respect you for having a conscience and courage in hoping to bring a change for the people of Malaysia. Many people talk the talk but whether walk the talk is entirely a different thing. Cheers!!!


  80. Eurasian1964

    January 13, 2010

    I recently found out that a childhood friend of mine (Lina Joy) had the guts to fight for her rights in Malaysia. Today I came across your Blog. Sam, I am proud to say that I knew you in my younger days. I left Malaysia in 1985 for various reasons, one of which was because I could not stand the hypocrisy. I salute you and others like you who have the guts and courage to stand up for your rights and the rights of others. Saddened to hear that your mum and dad are no longer with us. Your mum has always been in my heart and I will never forget her kindness and the beautiful plates she painted among her other artwork. Good Luck and all my respect for what you are trying to achieve!!!


    You have me at a distinct disadvantage as I cannot recall who you are from the little detail here.

    Send me an e-mail at thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com and tell me more, please.


  81. temasik

    March 25, 2010

    Great blog bro!! Proud that you didnt get bought over like the other datuk blogger who sold out.


  82. Gabrielle

    April 6, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for fighting the good fight. It’s people like you who keep my faith in this country.

  83. Dear Haris,

    By your admission you are not a “true” Malay. A true Malay is one who belongs to the Malay Archepelego Region, the Nusantara or Pulau-pulau Perca as it was know in the old days. This region, like China, India, Europe, Africa, America and Australia have their own “kind” of people. Hence, they are entitled to and should have the rights like the Europeans, Americans, Africans, Indians, Chinese,and Ausralians where they belonged. The Malays belong to the Nusantara, or Malay Archipelego, of Malay stock of Bumiputras; like the peoples of Borneo,the orang aslis (aborigines) and others living in Indonesia, the Phillipines, Brunei, Singapore,parts of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and even Taiwan, to name a few. They are ethenically, historically and culturally SERUMPUN;of the same stocks; just like peoples of the regions I mentioned earlier. In number they are roughly more than 500 millions. You, Mr. Haris,do not seem to “truly” belong to any parts of this region. You are just like Tun Mahathir, whom you singled out for “attack”. Thus you are not qualified and cannot claim to speak for the “original” people of this Nusantara, the Malay region.

    The fact that you, like the Tun, was graciously accepted as part of the Malay community shows generous they are towards others, including those who came to the country, ecouraged by the colonial powers for their own selfish economic and social ends.

    My point is, if you accept the fact that you are not a “true” Malay, why do you want to deny people of this Malay region their rights to call themselves Malays and to claim this part of the region where they now occupy as “their” land? By virtue of their Islamic faith, Malays generally are more tolerent of others, unless provoked and denied of their rights, just as natural as other peoples would react to such a situation. They are never racists. But they are as human as others.

    You must also admit that before any of not “true” Malays came to this part of the world (opened by the British Raj) Malaysia had its own Malay de facto ruler known as Tanah Melayu! Malacca and Johore-Rhiau Sultanes were the two best known Malay States, besides Kedah.


  84. sharin

    June 21, 2010

    ur traitor 2 ur father race,i hope u die erly,stupid mamak ashole 2 the cinis n indian.


    My father’s race, like yours, is the human race.


  85. vasantha

    June 21, 2010

    I have only in recent times discovered your blog.Have touched a chord in me. I like you.

    Thank you, Ma’am


  86. Rizwan

    July 26, 2010

    oh my, u sucks big time… 🙂

  87. Only the beguiled some are singing the lyrics and tunes of the few racial and religious bigots who have no qualms about peace and harmony. I’d say bring them on. If not now, when? If not us, who? Thank u for standing up and be counted; and for being a true Malaysian.


  88. John Matupang

    June 23, 2011

    Haris Sathiasingam? Oh, I see…..Heard alot about you in my younger days…


  89. Carole

    July 11, 2011

    Good job bro! Participants should standby their rain coat with hood the next time around

  90. Many-many heartfelt thank-yous for your courage, struggle and above all, your sacrifice. May God bless you richly, and sustain you in your struggles all the way to the end.


  91. Shazali bin Anuar

    July 14, 2011

    I am interested to know your religious background..you NEVER mentioned any. . I asked because I have been following your rhetoric, it is largely about ‘How to divide the Malays’.Being a Malay in Malaysia, you are by law a Muslim. But then again, a half-breed like you, well as they say, could be caught between two religious worlds. The scary part is ‘which World’.? It seems to observers that your mother’s religious background dominates your idealistic tendencies. Hence, your crusade to split the Malays and consequently the Muslims as much as possible to achieve your depraved objectives….

    Dear Shazali,

    Please go and get a life

  92. Harris , you are my man !! You speak the truth. I will support you all the way.


  93. anne ooi

    August 16, 2011

    this land has to give us citizens equal rights, freedom of religion in its truest sense:which is to say that anyone involved with a malay still practises his faith.Is this so hard to do? All Malaysians love this country.Erase the term bumiputera,knock off all privileges, a lot more programs for the poor,sick, marginalised,and welcome whoever comes to our land. Why? If many are gracious, we shall changes for this homeland.


  94. anne ooi

    August 16, 2011

    this land has to give us citizens equal rights, freedom of religion in its truest sense:which is to say that anyone involved with a malay still practises his faith.Is this so hard to do? All Malaysians love this country.Erase the term bumiputera,knock off all privileges, a lot more programs for the poor,sick, marginalised,and welcome whoever comes to our land. Why? If many are gracious, we shall see Malaysia changed.


  95. You may be right or you maybe wrong. But a person yearning to actively achieve something that he believes in is truly inspiring. May you reach the truth.

  96. Hi Harris;
    I caught ur video on the Pakatan Rakyat efforts – grt job.
    I just stumbled on to ur blog – thru ur recent post. I liked ur straight talk.
    Couldn’t help noticing some posts whr ppl question ur background, religion etc and I juz luved ur response to them. Way to go man.

    Appreciate what U hav set out to do for the nation.



  97. Malaysian

    December 16, 2011

    Thank you and I salute u !!


  98. Orang People

    January 2, 2012

    You are worthy of people’s support.


  99. Magellan

    January 3, 2012

    Haris, you are a good man! God knows it! You place race after your citizenship! That is the way it should be! I am Malaysian first and my ethnicity is second, period! Noticed a lot of negative comments from the malay readers, sad but this is what Malaysia has become today! It is all about divide and rule! A reason for some to stay in power!

    I don’t get what the fuss is all about if a chinese or indian represents Malaysia as a PM. Even the US now has a “black” President. All the best in your quest for a better Malaysia, you have my support! Forget those negative and childish comments! A true man would not be afraid to be judged on merit and equality, it is those that are afraid and cannot perform on merit that hide behind the Ketuanan issues! Cheers! Bro Haris!

    Cheers, bro

  100. Man, I salute your honesty. It takes guts to admit you once voted for BN 🙂 My confession is that I never voted until after Operation Lalang… even then I took my own sweet time to get registered!


  101. zulkarnain

    January 31, 2012

    Some of Those politicians out there must sit for a week with you,to know what politics is all about,before conning the public who are victims.For years the poor people are given stories after stories to become their so call MPs,Assemblymens etc.Its time you are the right MP who can bring about total changes in the country.

  102. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!


  103. Noel Ho

    March 14, 2012

    Hi Haris,

    Did you really write this article?

    I tried to find the original but can’t find it anywhere. =(

    Hi Noel,

    Guilty as charged.

    The title, as appears, in Borneoherald, though, is not mine.

    You can read the original here : https://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/dear-mahathir/


  104. shakuntala

    March 19, 2012

    The time has come, it is Now…….read into this blog where Haris says, “Damn I would consider standing myself.”

    We would all support you and people like you Haris………….incredible the amount of intelligent people around us, who would do so well in the new cabinet, yet we do not know them better.

    It’s not a long way to PJ…………what do you have to say NOW!!!

    You always want us to go for Change, can we champion you Haris?

    You have only two possibilities for an answer. It is either Yes or…….. Yes!!!!


  105. zaidaniel

    March 20, 2012

    I would give my fullest support to any candidate which is champion ‘our rakyat’ not their ownself, family or cronies. And the candidate must be carrying ‘pakatan flags’ none then other coz I’ll ABU!

  106. Why is it so dificult to get o your home page.???
    Please put a home button on top of your blog.


  107. elizabeth rogers

    April 15, 2012

    Hi sam this is great I truely am proud of you no one had the guts to do what you are doing to bring justice to the country .My support,good wishes and prayer for you.Just a old friend from Stamford.


  108. abahain

    April 15, 2012

    I too have become disillusioned with the present government. Too corrupted and does not take the welfare of the common people. Keep us informed please. Thank you.

  109. Excellent Harris…Yah…they suddently become Malaysian coz hopping to get extra benefit and to eleminate Bumiputera benefit…that the simple game that DAP and PKR playing…..Will they all agreed to use only Bahasa Malaysia,Budaya Malaysia,Only satu school…where by Chinese company will employeed Malay as CEO, and all malaysian will have similar name…like Indonesia regardless race…than we are anak Malaysia…Do you ready to only have ONE MALAYSIA SCHOOL, why DAP still need to speak in English and Chinese during their meeting, even their Backdrop devided to 4 languages, even majority of DAP members can’t speak Bahasa Malaysia well, Bangla speak better Bahasa Malaysia than DAP leaders.
    When come to extra right…WOw…everyone suddently become Anak Malaysia..but still have name according to ethnic…still go to Sekolah Jenis kebangsaan…Im looking forward for Mr Harris to shout and campain for ONE SCHOOL,ONE language…DARE U HARRIS…It just politic games…..DAP is the most racist party in the world…even China Communist not racist….So this just a game…..the chinese Indonesia, the india Indonesia,….the reall Indonesian concept…So is Malaysia chinese and indian Malaysian ready to be truly Malaysia in all espects……not just screaming about Im malaysia when come to extra benefit…but come to own race benefit….suddently need…chinese school,chinese language,chinese road side….All this just politic


    • Malaysian

      February 18, 2013

      Switzerland has 4 national languages – German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Rumantsch (Rumantsch). For this modern civilized society, every citizen is constitutionally equal, For those who champion religious ethics, ironically, modern concept of equality is consistent with Abrahamic religions that we are all descendants of Adam and Eves. But some of us created divisive ownership, lordship, out of our own greed and corruption… I don’t think its God’s will or direction to discriminate. Just my one cent opinion..

      Hear! Hear!


  110. Kenny

    May 26, 2012

    I heard your speech during Tony Pua’s ceramah in PJ during GE 12. I am impressed. Keep it up.


  111. Hang tuah

    June 1, 2012

    Haris Ibrahim, your action speaks louder than words. You and RPK have problems with people in Keadilan. And, you and RPK are alike, choose who and when to hit and target. What’s your intention to question Azimin? Isn’t MACC wants to reopen file to investigate? Did not see you defend Ambiga and question “cow case”? Are you really that clean in your past?


    • m@xEEmiLLi@n

      August 17, 2012

      HI – you are one rare species of a human race. I believe in your ideals and call me anytime when you’re doing Labuan or nearby those areas. Will be glad to assist anyway i can. God bless you (and people like you).

      Humbled. God bless us all

  112. Great to have and able to read your blog, malaysia got bright future and hope with a fighter like u and PR .
    rakyat merdeka and rearrange our country system of apartheid !


  113. Shormcholycle

    October 17, 2012

    First-class info it is surely. Friend on mine has been seeking for this information

  114. Dear Mr Haris, in recent time I noticed that the ABU facebook page has been posting comments in support of hudud law. Is the ABU facebook postings are in accordance with the ABU committee? I know you are committed in maintaining our countries’ constitution has a secular one. So am I. I don’t want your ABU efforts to go to waste, once the new government comes in, a new government that might have more talibanistic nature. Hope you will look into this matter. thanks.

    Thanks for the alert.

    Will certainly look into it

  115. Great Job Haris, ABU, ABU, ABU

  116. Malaysian needs persons like you – daring enough to tell the truth
    as it is. It may hurt the authorities we do not care.

    A lot of illegal things are happended before our eyes; but we are
    helpless because the entire press, except a few is with them –
    the ruling party.

    Opportunity is coming in their way, but people in are throwing money
    – PEOPLES MONEY – like water on a certain section of the people
    and the not very clever INDIANS. THEY ARE BEING BOUGHT OVER



  117. The Taliban

    December 8, 2012

    bravo to all who wants changes in the upcoming PRU13


  118. Ignatius OOi Joo Pin

    December 19, 2012

    Harris, appreciate that you give me the the Malaysian Election Commission’s internet
    so that I can check whether my name is still in the list of Penang Voters. Hope you can help
    with a reply to jtayooi@yahoo.com.sg

    Check your email


  119. manian raju

    January 19, 2013

    of the people, for the people ,by the people.

  120. Good Start,… we must, we can !!!


  121. ROCK N ROLL

    January 28, 2013

    When are u Malaysians going to realise that whether u vote for the PAP or WP in singapore or u vote for Umno or PAS or Dap,it’s all the same gang!!!. Today they are standing on this platform,tomorrow they will be standing on another platform. that is why they are call “Politicians”. We malays in singapore are also suffering the same thing as u chinese and indian are suffering. that’s b’cause we are the minority. get it! WE malays in singapore had “wise up” so u should do the same. it’s all WWE WRESTLING!!!


    • Malaysian

      February 6, 2013

      Rock n Roll, you should be happy in Singapore. At least your government is less corrupt. If you don’t like Singapore, why not you exchange your place with someone in Malaysia?


  122. ROCK N ROLL

    January 29, 2013

    Look!! Whether it’s Democracy,Communism,Fascism,Socialism,Capitalism,Liberalism,Secularism or whichever race is in power,all of this only translates into one thing=OPPRESSION!!! This voting system or political process is just an illusion to make you think that you have a choice!!. That you can get your “FREEDOM” and ”JUSTICE” through the political process!!. That you can change something!! Our leaders, whether it be the “Chinese Elite” in Singapore or the “Malay Elite” in Malaysia,all of them have political ties with the “Western Elite”.Do you know what does “GLOBALIZATION” really means? It means that all of the “Elites” from all over the world will converge and form a single “GLOBAL ELITE”.What that means boys and girls is that you and i will become the ’21st Century” modern day slaves.You think our leaders are working for us,no way,we are the ones who are working for them.This is your “Abang Melayu” talking to you straight from the heart “LIVE FROM SINGAPORE” to those who don’t have a clue to what is really happening in this world.Even if you vote in a new clean goverment,that goverment will sooner or later be corrupted by the “Global Predatory Elite’.That new clean goverment will have no choice but to make deals with the “Global Predatory Elite” in order to survive politically and economically,so in the long run that new clean goverment will also become corrupt.You will be back to square one!!.When you asked for “Multiracialism”,be careful boys and girls because they will turn it into “Multiracial Oppression”.Think boys and girls,”JUST THINK”,is there really a “REAL OPPOSITION” out there or have we been taken ‘FOR A RIDE”.All this strange ideological and political system is not there to benefit you but is out there to “GET YOU”.Now,do you still want your secular state? THINK,JUST THINK!!!

  123. Haris means Guardian / Protector. I named my 3 days old boy by this name with you in mind. Hoping that my boy will be a great man that protect his generation from evil and corrupt. You are sir, is a great example to follow. I hope my boy will be as wise as you are, InsyaAllah.


    Deeply humbled.

    May God give us strength to rise together and free this nation so that young Haris may grow in a land that embraces justice and equity for all.


  124. shakuntala

    February 24, 2013

    The largest number of well-wishers are on Haris’s blog, what a tribute. Just wondering is ABU alright?

    Where are Haris and ABU……it will be nice to have you both back on the blog,, where you belong.

    A friend of mine, complimented yesterday, he said, “Nice name ABU, you see him everywhere.” I thought, how great!

    Meanwhile, Haris is ABU growing stronger cashwise?


  125. CinaTanahMalaysia

    March 18, 2013

    Bro, kita orang support u!

  126. R u nuts or wat? Get a life dude…

  127. Nama ABU tu jer dah prejudice. Macam mana nak perjuangkan kehendak dan keinginan rakyat. Personel agenda…sama jer.

  128. Excellent movement.. Will certainly be there to support ABU, especially to stop/deny those immigrants with Mycards, who are brave enough to come to the polling stations.. Mail me on how I can help.. Godspeed!


  129. Vaseau

    April 9, 2013

    Haris represents the best of Malaysians – firm, forthright, incorruptible and a fighter for truth and justice. Wherever and whenever rulers deviate from their duties and serve themselves (as has the present corrupt regime) there will arise leaders like Haris. They will succeed. That is the natural order of things. Goodness will vanquish evil. Right will triumph over might. Always.



  130. Invictus

    April 9, 2013

    I’ve met Haris only a couple of times (the “Hi” Bye” type of meeting) so I cannot claim to know him. I can however, judge his character and strength of resolve by his words and deeds, and specifically in the relentless pursuit of truth and justice, I do not find him wanting. His dress sense – now, that’s another matter.

    The tragedy of our country is that Najib is no Haris, but this matters little to many Malays. I speak from personal experience – many in my own family are UMNO supporters while others are apathetic about who forms the next government. “Kenapa Kit Siang nak tanding kat Johor? Pasal lepas tu, orang Cina Singapura senang masuk.” A friend of mine recently said: “Because of UMNO (the sub-text of this is that MCA and MIC are mere hangers-on), we have good hospitals, religious institutions – kalau Pakatan menang, entah ke mana Islam”. Etc – you get my drift.

    The common denominator here is that none bothers to read the alternative media; thus, the task for those of us who no longer trust the MSM is to circulate selected articles from the online media, and trust that something, anything, filters through to minds imprisoned by decades of Mahathirism. You see, what Chegubard, Haris, Rafizi, and others are doing, in the minds of many Malays, are treacherous to agama, bangsa, dan negara – witness the comment above by the guy who thanked Allah that Haris did not become his brother in law.

    I want to also stress in the strongest possible terms to those of you who lead Pakatan parties. I was gassed at Bersih 3.0, and I sat for 4 hours in the hot sun on 112. Should you win, you have promised us good governance and a just, equitable society. But if you fail us, I will not hesitate to join other Malaysians in protesting against you. The rakyat must come first, whether it is BN or Pakatan which occupies Putrajaya.

    Pardon my ranting and raving. After a long day, I drove home only to see my area festooned with BN & UMNO flags, and Najib’s insincere grimace flashing from every lamp post. Had he and his BN worked selflessly to earn the trust and respect of the rakyat, he would not need to be bribing, pleading, and nambikei-ing for votes.

    Bro, you have my word on this.

    When this nation starts to effectively address the needs of the 40% marginalised anak bangsa Malaysia, I will give some attention to my attire.

  131. good job,you are malaysia hero.


  132. maiosaurus

    April 10, 2013

    Dear Haris, Vou have mv support (small cash too in CIMB # a moment ago) and that of all mv friends. God Bless vou and keep vou safe for vour courage and love of Malavsia.

  133. Harris, get the **** out of this country, if everything you see with the current government is wrong. What have you contributed to this lovely nation other whining and badmouthing. A TOTAL LOSER! SHAME TO YOUR FAMILY AND COMMUNITY!


    • Another Anak Bangsa Malaysia

      April 15, 2013


      One of Haris’s contributions to his country has been his ability to inspire others to share his vision for a better Malaysia.

      You, Johari, on the other hand, have not really impressed me at all. Could you please try harder next time?


    • annabrella

      April 16, 2013

      JOHARI, get the **** out of this country, if everything you see with the current government is kosher and not wrong. What have you contributed to this lovely nation other (than) whining and badmouthing. A TOTAL LOSER! SHAME TO YOUR FAMILY AND COMMUNITY!

      You see how easy it is, JOHARI, to rebut arsewipe nonsense when it comes from self-professed retards and ****wits who clearly don’t have a shred of decency or grey matter any where in them where it counts.

      “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  134. Johari, you go get the f*** out of this country. You are stupid and ignorant, a total loser and a shame to your family and community. People like you, and all the other racist losers who rant and rave their hatred, should be shot. Go, git!

  135. Hi Haris…. You ll get my full support..BN is in alot of fear…. They are the DESPERADOS… Desparate people (BN) will do desperate things. Najib dares sell Maruah Negara to these foreigners. What is ‘1 Malaysia ” for him…Malaysia/ns …. does that include these foreigners , najib??????


  136. Freddy

    May 3, 2013

    Hi Pak Haris,

    Was wondering where’s ABU’s registered address/office?


  137. Gogula

    May 8, 2013

    Dear Haris, what is your plan now, as i watched your youtube posted on our FB’s you have clearly said you are going to …………………, please keep us posted what is your next action towards the corrupt government. we all are behind you

  138. Salute to You !

    Thank you for giving us Hope !

    We are ONE !!!!

  139. Hi Harris,
    Have been reading a lot about ABU.
    When I woke up on 6/5/13 morning & learned that B END won GE13 😦 my heart ‘Bled’ & I cried for a long time 😦

    My husband exclaimed : How come ?????
    Like me 😦 😦 😦
    He was much Dissapointed & did not have the mood to work eventhough he had to go to work 😦

    Our devastation still lingers on …… …… 😦

    Will contribute to your war fund soon .

    INI KALILAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. trust me. ur nothing but born-loser.
    Ever watch OMEN (vol 1-4)?


    • annabrella

      May 19, 2013

      safley admad:

      Here is a relevant quote for you from a wise sage leader:

      “Man has reason, discrimination and free-will such as it is. The brute has no such thing. It is not a free agent, and knows no distinction between virtue and vice, good and evil. Man, being a free agent, knows these distinctions, and when he follows his higher nature, shows himself far superior to the brute, but when he follows his baser nature can show himself lower then the brute.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

      Winning election races or any game for that matter by cheating through rigging the rules or through fraud in collusion with others is an empty pyrhhic victory that offers no honour or legitimacy or pride in that win for the false “victor”. So I am sure we’ll see in the end if it is the confirmed dishonour and tyranny of the UMNO/BN brute that fails and falls in the end at the ordinary feet of a decent and common humanity or if it’s the other way around. So I guess we’ll know who the real “born-loser/s” will be once that is written into the annals of Malaysian history for all posterity.

      So please carry on gloating for as long as you care to since that inevitable end for all brutes and tyrants always comes in the end as we all know which conviction then only leaves the question of when that end will be.

      “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


  141. Kamarol

    May 17, 2013

    Great……Is high time we throw this government of the day…….they make laws, pass laws but never respect for it. they lie, they rob, they break every laws yet we keep silent….. There are NO enforcement if they break the law. No investigation if there are reports on it. The present government has gone too far….they don’t actually know what they’re doing and saying. Its typical of them “cakap tak serupa bikin” “No body is above the law” – very familiar words. They break the law and the police is silent on them. There are laws but it is mend for the oppositions……they lie, they rob, anything under the sun name it nobody care to catch them, investigate them, charge them. They pass the law and have no respect for it. It is high time not to have Parliament…..cos’ the makers don’t have respect with it……ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…..THROW THEM OUT!!!!! They’ve license to assault people,


  142. Elson Yap

    May 18, 2013

    My hero,
    May I suggest a maybe workable way A show of peoples power for your consideration.
    Choose a certain date. ALL supportive to PEOPLES POWER to stop work for no of days demanding the Govt to vacate Putra Jaya to its people or PR. State after State in momentumly spread the voices of the people. No bloodshed is important.


  143. slingshot

    May 21, 2013

    for me you are just another breed of Anwar ibrahim,lim kit siang ,karpal singh and the list go on…we keep lying to ourselves by saying that we’re malaysian as the matter of fact we are not…how can we say we were malaysian when the fact we spent almost 70-80% of our lives by reading,writing and watching using our so called mother nature language and wreak in havoc when there’s a call to revoke our vernacular school.By practicing this double standard you dare to call on others to join your group and would like to crush on UMNO…wake up man…by looking at the logo itself it’s enough for me to say that you are just another ordinary guy who opposed the UMNO/BN lead govt..keep this in mind Haris…as long as the vernacular school exist,people still stick with their mother tongue language and can’t use proper Malay language,your dream of Malaysia for Malaysian is just another dream…don’t expect the Malays in UMNO will sacrifice their rights which is cannot be altered in the constitution just to satisfies the needs of people who unwilling to pledge their loyalty to this country and question their small sacrifices in order to live peacefully.

    • People like you who is not willing to off load our luggage will keep Malaysia where we are for the next 3 generation.

  144. haris, may i use your many colours image. very poignant and perfect for malaysians!
    thank you for wise words and pertinent points. we need more malaysians like you!!!


  145. partipan veloo

    May 24, 2013

    maju setapak lagi siapa tidak kenal haris imbrahim yang lantang menegak kebenaran

  146. one of the best blogs I ve read so far. but why the angry face?


  147. Michelle

    March 31, 2014

    Becos of you I feel so blessed to be aMalaysian.

  148. Get out of our country fast!!! We Malaysian wants to live in peace and harmony, one less negative influencing maniac once you’re gone. And don’t bother coming back, good,riddance.

  149. You once go round telling, don’t worry about Islamic state (lowercase) or was it don’t worry about PAS. Zaid said “have faith in Zaid Ibrahim (your brother?) to cure Malaysia’s ills. What would you say now? Hope you let all of us know, with a disclaimer of course if you want. Blogsmith

  150. So true!
    We would have been doomed

  151. Agree with you. The malay leaders, in enriching themselves have damaged the dignity of the malays by taking that normalcy to be corrupted, stealing from others (listed share stocks)

  152. Before elected, promise the world, after being elected because of your promise, hide from the world!!! These are the way of the world. What can we do? Get as many people to shout them down, do it as often as possible. Say it often enough, it becomes the truth.😘😘😉


  153. Cheng B

    May 2, 2020

    We have been cheated by a Government that stole a government. What a start? Democracy at its worst.
    Sometimes, I wonder … to overthrow a giver envy of the day by a backdoor approach in a democratic environment does it. It tantamount to treason? Of course and unless, “I knew and was a part of a big picture”


  154. Sam Khalil

    May 23, 2021

    Would it be constitutional allowed to replace method of selecting prime ministers and ministers via PM’s recommendation to sortition technique. A list of potential candidates will be generated based on agreed requirements and characteristics (basically merit based). Then, selected by rakyat and approved and appointed by YDA. Sortition helps to oust bad politics, reduce public expenditure etc.

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