‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ Online Petition


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The full text of the petition is reproduced below.


Boycott the newspapers!

A cause everyone can support

Anybody who is a consumer has the power to boycott. We are in reality empowering ourselves when we say to the mainstream media (MSM): “We refuse to buy into your lies. Therefore we’re not buying newspapers.”

Newspapers are enablers allowing Malaysia’s ancien regime to sustain its self-serving shaping of our world. We believe that civil society is informed enough to protest against being brainwashed by MSM disinformation.

The newspapers claim Hindraf are violent and racist troublemakers. Well, we know who the real racists and troublemakers are. The newspapers claim police did not use force against Indians at Batu Caves on the eve of the Hindraf rally. Photographs show the Indians herded behind the temple gates, locked in, gassed to tears and doused with chemical-laced water.

When our authorities bully the most marginalized of communities, and newspapers blacken these victims of marginalization, then our country has reached a watershed. Civil society has no other choice but to be morally outraged over this spindoctoring.

The newspapers also misreported the numbers who supported Bersih in our capital city, saying few when there were many; they misreported the numbers who supported MIC’s show of force at Cheras stadium, saying many, many more than there really were.  

MSM have lied too much on too many matters for too long. And they will keep on lying unless we tell them ‘Enough already!’

We are not breaking any law by making a personal decision not to buy newspapers.

We are not causing trouble nor promoting racial or religious disunity by boycotting newspapers. In fact, it is newspapers that are promoting a distorted communalism to keep their political masters – Malaysia’s racist political parties – in power, and us in a climate of fear. And the longer this parasitic power structure remains unchallenged, the more the lowest strata of society will be affected.

Because we are Malaysians with conscience and our conscience is rightly troubled by government mouthpieces spinning webs of deceit, The People’s Parliament is calling for Hartal.

We are all doing the conscionable thing to check the unrelenting and dangerous indoctrination by newspapers. This signature campaign is about how ‘we, the people’, can stand up and be counted. It’s about reclaiming Truth and taking our country back.  

Thank you for your support against the falsehood-mongers. We thank you for caring enough to reform your reading habit.

To find out the truth, please visit us here: https://harismibrahim.wordpress.com

[The People’s Parliament, an advocacy website for civil society aspirations]

69 Responses “‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ Online Petition” →
  1. I totally agree with this boycott. How about TV?


  2. nik271

    March 2, 2008


  3. KelvinChan

    March 4, 2008

    YES, Enough is Enough, I am Not Buying The Newspapers anymore bec. its all Lies and Lies. They does not practice freedom of Press and favour “cronism”..TQ


  4. A.Thiru

    March 4, 2008

    In fact i have stopped buying the STAR and NSTP more than 2 weeks ago. And i have even stopped reading the SUN after its purchase by Vincent Tan and Citizen Nades no longer being the whistle-blower. The bloggers are so much better in updating us. The whole media now really stinks with all kinds of fairy tales by the ruling BN and its underdogs.


  5. YingChua

    March 8, 2008

    I agree with A.Thiru. I used to read only the SUN but no more. We have enough to read online.


  6. Richard Dawson

    March 10, 2008

    Now that the BR has won the 5 states, the state governments should give the National Dailies an ultimatum print the truth or face Circulation Ban in the Opposition States


  7. deborahwong

    March 15, 2008

    50% of the voters voted for BR. This is a formidable group. I did not join the protest earlier, but each time I opened the papers, I just feel so sick and tired of the biasness. I intned to cancel my subscription of the STAR.

    I suggest we rally for a concerted effort to express our displeasure. Set a date for a nation wide protest.

    I am thinking that the protest can be for a week, or for a month. That would cause the advertising revenue to come down, and hopefully, at the next AGM of the STAR or NST, their minority shareholders will give their directors hell!!! Or better still, maybe Haris can buy some shares and present a protest at the AGM??

  8. STOP all these paper from selling in PERAK, KEADH, PENANG and SELANGOR..then only these people will learn the lesson.


  9. Hamdan Fuad

    March 17, 2008

    I wish to propose that the New State Governments in the 4 States (Kelantan has been with PAS for 18 years) produce their own monthly bulletins to be given away free to the people of the State. This will provide information to the people f these States as to what is being done by their local and State governments and as a means of feedback to the government. If the Federal Govt will not issue a printing permit then we could resort to the Internet. This will circumvent any attempt by the BN to subvert the good deeds of the new state government.

  10. I stopped buying mainstream media (MSM) more than a year ago, only occasionally buying one for travel and IT articles. MSM papers are heavily biased on political news because the media bosses are betoken of their allegiance to their political masters. This applies too to RTM. The only way to stop this rottenness is to hit back where it counts – just stop buying the newspapers and avoid watching TV media when the presentation is obviously one-sided. In the meantime all of us should write to the politicians, both ruling & opposition, to repeal the Printing and Presses Act Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.


  11. sheila santharamohana

    March 17, 2008

    Absolutely timely call for a boycott. I’ve stopped buying for 3 months now. Couldn’t stand the thought of paying out hard earned cash for hypocritical, sycophantic re-hashed, racist spin/S**t. Think about it folks…There’s nothing there in the papers that you can’t get via TV/radio/Astro/ online news.


  12. JackWong

    March 18, 2008

    I’d like to give my 2 cents here. To start it off, I wholeheartedly agree with this campaign. However, whether I perceived it rightly or wrongly, I don’t seem to feel much momentum with this campaign.

    Saudara Harris, has your campaign been widely publicized in other Malaysian alternatives websites – say MalaysiaToday or the newer MalaysiaInsider?

    Another point is that I think that not only should we stop buying The Star, Utusan, NST or any of the MSM cohorts, we should also target the advertisers that use these papers. Saudara Harris, with your eloquence, why don’t you draw up a template of letter/letters that we your reader could affix our name to, and send them en masse to the marketing departments of the companies advertising in MSM? Also, have a list of companies’ addresses or email contacts that we could direct the letters to.

    Tell them that we oppose the obvious bias in MSM’s reporting and that they as the advertisers are implicitly condoning these practices and that we will stop buying their products or services. Given enough letters being sent in, I’m sure their ears will perk up and they will either start pressuring the MSM or choose other advertising avenues.

    Just my 2 cents, but I think it is worth a try.

    Sincerely, JackWong


    • mycuntree

      January 21, 2011

      Dear JackWong, your recommendations are certainly interesting. But I believe the same objective can be similarly achieved if the majority of the MSM buyers just stop buying them papers.

      I believe a very large numbers of people who actually buy the papers do so not so much for the local political news alone, but for foreign news, articles and or job advertisements.For those who can have access to alternative media, fine and good.There is no real easy way out of this predicament.

      I would like to believe that the better way would be to vote out the UMNO/BN regime. For lets not forget that the regime is at the very top of all these issues.Lop of the head and the body will die a natural death!


    • cecsfabregas

      February 28, 2013

      U hit the jackpot mate. I am from the media industry and I can tell you for fact that 99% of any published, online papers earn from advertising money, and not their pathatic sales of newspaper. Check the print run and your basic maths will tell you the answer.

      Boycotting the paper will not work. Guaranteed. Trace back to your business101 how a company will go bankrupt. For sure, I can tell u is, no revenue=no continue.

      When advertisers stop spending money with them then we’ll have a LESS biased msm.

      So what will happen if we have a new government? The Star close? 🙂 nope, it won’t. Story will change, business as usual.

  13. Just do it!

    We dont need any more lies and deception from the MSM. Maybe Malaysiakini should apply for license for printing so that people who do not have computers.


    • truthseeker

      February 16, 2011

      malaysiakini biggest liars. they are thriving on stupid people like u who could not differentiate the lies and the truth. u guys no nothing about responsible reporting.

  14. Hello Haris,

    I support your cause and have hightlighted it in my blog at http://takenotetakeheart.blogspot.com/2008/03/what-day-is-today.html


  15. Sick n Tired

    March 19, 2008

    Very well said and i agree 100%. Say NO!! to MSM


  16. The Fact Is This

    March 19, 2008

    The Star including RTM 1,2 TV3 plus other local TV station is past tense for us for 10 years over. Nobody bother to view or read this one sided info as it tells us nothing but all LIES!!! So What? There is ASTRO and DVD around. Who needs old fashion and lies news? Let us all make sure the new present BR maintain the 5 states get all remaining states in the next election.


  17. bloghead

    March 21, 2008

    Thank you for your noble cause in setting up this blog. We support you 101%. The MSM shoe polishers can go on polishing and very soon loose shine.The best media now is the People’s Parliament. Yes, the bosses up there are the bosses but the real boss is the Rakyat – the real customers. Customers are the real bosses! Heard that? “Customers are always RIGHT”!!!
    Well done, Harris. We are the real customers and we are always right so the “bossess” must now please the customers by selling good and reliable products and services.Right? We have 20Million customers here.Sure boleh.


  18. The Fact Is This

    March 22, 2008

    Cause of disunity and most lies are coming from The Star and other local newspaper including RTMs, TV3 plus other local TV stations. They assist in creating havoc to our country by writing nothing but lies and rubbish!!! The BR must take steps to boycott those culprit.

  19. You got my support. I’ve stopped buying any mainstream newspaper and just subscribe to Malaysiakini. Now I’m in the process to cancel my ASTRO account – that will save me RM68!!. I’ve changed my Max(i)sHIT account to another provider.

  20. I remember those good old days, the reporters in MSM go after the Ministers and pressure them until truth is revealed, for the sake of the people or readers. But, nowadays, during the Mahathirism era, the reporters or editors write what the Ministers ordered them to write, to paint a flawless government and sweep all the dirt under the carpet, thus deceiving the people. People have been misled by the reports in MSM. The MSM are indirectly and slowly killing the country with all the corruptions unpursued and unreported because threatened by the keris (Malay sword).So, why ask for trouble..just write what their “Clients” want.No more challenge in MSM news.All rosy all covered up new all pro-BN-Umno and pro-Dr.M.Shame on you MSM to cheat the people and your country and your own future generation will suffer.Think about it.


  21. David Lee

    April 18, 2008

    I support with Haris’s cause to reject the mainstream of National Front government’s media. Haris, what about those public listed company owned by National Front cronies? It is imperative that the public is aware of those companies owned by any member of National Front or any coalition parties.


  22. Martin Brown

    May 6, 2008

    Until you get rid of the nonsense of having a state sponsored religion, you will not be truly free. Your government wants you all to be Moslems and doesn’t tolerate those who change their minds and take on another religion. Me? I think religion sucks, but if I had to give myself a label to survive, then I’d be very tempted to pay lip service to it. But maybe I’m a coward

    I’m afraid you either have to fall into line, get out of the country or stage a revolution. There’s no other way. You will find that if you can eliminate Islam from the coridoors of power all your problems go away.

    But it is a big step to recognise that people may have to die to overthrow a primitive regime. My response would be to take my talents elsewhere, but I know that is not open to everyone


  23. james' whatheblog

    August 24, 2008

    Rah! Rah! Go Haris

    We support u all the way…. save RM1.20 more than oil price reduction!


  24. jellybean

    August 25, 2008

    I have boycotted the MSM too. Not good for much more than wrapping up fish and even then the ink is probably poisonous.
    Bloggers, keep up your great work. We need you to help us tread the landscape of political injustice.
    I am saving a great deal of money by boycotting their news. I am much more in touch than I have ever been thanks to bloggers.
    We just have to be careful as certain quarters have latched onto the viability of the blogsphere in forwarding their narrow propogandist ideas too. Read between the lines and stay informed and alert, Malaysia readers!

  25. U have my total support. I am cancelling my Star subscription wef tmr!!

    I have also stopped buying petrol fr a particular petrol station in Penang.


    • truthseeker

      February 16, 2011

      i bet u stop buying from that particular petrol station because it is own by non-Chinese. u huys are racist pigs

  26. I am totally boycotting all MSM newspaper since they are not worth the price of the paper they’re printed on. Save the environment at the same time. Besides I can read whatever news they have online & then switch over to Malaysia Today to get the real deal. I’d rather spend the money saved from buying paper to subscribe Malaysiakini. The internet is the way of the future let us not be brainwashed any further by this govt.

  27. Hi All
    I have targeted one new person each day and tell them it is their responsibility to own up, defend our constitution, boycott the papers, support our dear brother rpk, pick up news from MT, Kini, Harris and so on. This is our country and it do not belong to UMNO or MCA or MIC.
    Please believe in the powers of prayers. The evils shall be banished and punished. One suggestion for a prayer hartal can be carried out by everyone on a particular day of the week.

    Rene Gan,

    God bless


  28. Roy Sirimanne

    October 2, 2008

    I support the movement to abolish the ISA and to free our beloved Raja Petra Kanaruddin. Immediately

  29. i have started boycotting ages ago


    • truthseeker

      February 16, 2011

      no wonder u are stupid – u do not keep yourself updated with facts from reliable sources


  30. Common Man

    October 7, 2008

    Have not bought any newspaper for mmmmm……..mm…..
    bout 7 years…
    Am not educated, can’t write well…but ain’t dumb to know that they been lying to me for years…..
    anyway…one can get all the news one wants on the net..and ITS FREE…
    And can’t resist this, beg everyone pardon…

  31. Not all newspapers are bad! Especially smaller newspapers still print good news. Tabloids like the boston herald have always been and always will be misleading. I read the boston globe, newsweek, time and other respectable publications I come across, then I research anything that intersts me using the internet. Once I have exhausted useful resources, I make my own opinion about the topic. Much news is spun to favor one side of an arguement, but if you use your brain and resources, nobody can totally pass of lies as truth. Besides, without a newspaper I’d probably go blind from all the computer screen reading, and what would I read with breakfast?

    • Main stream Media in Malaysia really sucks


      • truthseeker

        February 16, 2011

        he who does not want to see the truth are the dummest of them all.
        by not keeping yourself updated with news from accredited sources, u will continue to be blinded by stupid pr politicians who want nothing else but power for themselves. they have already ruined selangor environment.

  32. chan hoe ann

    October 11, 2008

    it’s been more than a year that i unsucsribe from the star after all the years. they are really too much, all lies lies & more lies. wake up all right minded citizen don’t be fools anymore.hartal all msm.


    • truthseeker

      February 16, 2011

      go ahead if u want to listen to spinmasters’ lies in alternative media. educate yourself to be stupid, no one can stop u

  33. how to forward this petition to my friends?

  34. LIES, LIES, LIES, If ever one of my child become a journalist of the current regime, I will be glad to commit suicide, rather than reading THE LIES OF MY OFFSPRING. AND I will be GLAD to do that, rather than watching,reading and listening to the lies, lies lies.

  35. the newspapers are LIES.people who read them are like ostrich, burying their head into the sand. ha ha ha

  36. Totally agree with you. We stopped buying them during the 12th GE. Got really tired with the propaganda.

  37. My family has not been buying newspapers for the last 2 years … and trust me, it actually is quite liberating! We save almost RM1,000 a year because we use to get more than 2 or 3 different newspapers a day.

    Haris, it’s time to spread the word and remind people again that it’s time for more to boycott our PRESS and to try to stop shopping and eating at businesses that obviously support and gain from the corrupt BN government.

    We can’t do it 100% BUT we all still can contribute by being part of the change by changing some of our habits.

    Good luck and thank you for continuing to fight for a Malaysia for all Malaysians.


  38. Christy Loh

    July 29, 2009

    I have stopped buying papers after 8 March 2008.

  39. Why the BN papers never write the whereabout of the Najis and the Women’s PM of Malaysia, if not you see them both everyday, every hour on TV and in the media of BN.


  40. John Pak

    August 20, 2009

    Start a campaign to boycott Just one well known product that often advertise in Utusan, NST or Star.
    Or boycott a product or establishment owned by Berjaya Group (#1umno crony) Show them people’s power.

  41. I have stopped buying the Star & NST. Only read the Sun as it is free & also slightly less biased.

  42. I have stop buying MSM papers regularly since 1998 unless there is picture of sexy gurls.

  43. I have a close friend who keeps complaining about how bias STAR newspaper is and yet he gets a copy every morning from his newspaper man! I asked him why? he said he fears that the news paper man may not have a job! Damn I said to him if he continues to support a mainstream media that continues to support a bad govt, soon we all may not have a job !!!


    • mycuntree

      January 21, 2011

      That’s a very good one,sigi.

      Probably he must also keep his eyes and mind occupied during his loo calls.


  44. tokkingkok

    August 23, 2010

    agree 100% n not just the newspaper, stop listening to radio too, save electricity. see what happened to DJ jamal of 988FM


  45. Rakyat Sabah

    August 29, 2010

    Already started in 2008, to boycott all mainstream newspapers, mainstream news media(TV3,RTM,TV8,etc..).
    In fact I hardly even turn on the tv nowadays, movies, hollywood tv dramas, documentary, variety shows, HK-TVB drama, bollywood, all can be downloaded in rmbv format online for free, and with a cheap hd-media player you can watch these movies on your 32’lcd tv. I also boycott ASTRO(bcoz of the tauke’s connections with BN-UMNO), and also boycott anything to do with Berjaya Group(also bcoz of the tauke’s connections with BN-UMNO), retail, gaming, restaurants, donuts, etc…(go to berjaya corp website for the rest).


  46. truthseeker

    February 16, 2011

    the alternative media are the biggers liars


  47. truthseeker

    February 16, 2011

    the laternative media are the biggest liars.
    and stop propagating lies through the alternative media and internet.

  48. I have not being watching TV3 and other pro-government channels. I have totally stopped buying MSM newspapers. I can still live without them.

    Hope all Malaysians boycott the MSM. You lose nothing.

  49. I stopped buying MS news papers since 2004!!


  50. shakuntala

    August 25, 2012

    Some of us are plainly disgusted with our so called newspapers. Right… we have stopped buying lies. Good thing that, we can fill the gap for spreading useful information and awareness by wearing the relevant t-shirts,bearing messages on the main issues.

    Who can say, today, that they do not own a good collection of such t-shirts.

    Strangely enoughT-shirts are the thing today, looking around nearly everyone is in a t-shirt.They make one feel comfortable and happy!
    Recently I wore a RACISM t-shirt. which has as its message, “Kick Racism, Racism ruins lives, where there is division there must be conflict.” I felt really smart when someone tapped me on the back in a lift and said, “Good one, your t-shirt.”

    Most people refuse to buy the MSM papers anymore. They are familiar with these papers giving out twisted information,whose deliberate intention,is to primarily unsettle our usually peaceful society. Malaysians are now aware.

    No less attractive is the t-shirt Haris made popular, when the newspaper hartal was being advertized This particular t-shirt says, “No buy, No lies.”….a bold hit you in the face message. They are still available, I guess.

  51. I have not only stopped buying and reading them, I discourage my employees from bringing them to their work place.

  52. I have stopped buying mainstream newspapers for a long time. I have even stopped surfing their website. Recently, my dad who has been reading The Star for 40 years, STOPPED too.

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