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You want to help build the ABU war chest?

August 7, 2012


Moderator’s note : Commentator lz suggests that those sending contributions by Western Union best sms the details rather than send the same by email. The phone number to send those details by email has been listed below, in red. ________________________ There were 47 comments to my ‘Please help ABU’ post, with many suggestions by you […]

Steering clear of the politics of patronage

November 25, 2010


“The MCLM committee members and officer bearers themselves will not be contesting the general election to prevent anyone from using the MCLM as a platform to further their own political careers” – RPK, in his “The MCLM will enter into second gear today” post. __________________________________ Why has money politics become the bane of most political […]

A Racist Heritage?

March 23, 2008


By SV Singam _________________________   When I was very young, I was blissfully unaware about race. I mean, I knew that others were Chinese or Malay or whatever, but that was a matter for curiosity only. The difference of race, or religion for that matter, was not an issue with us. We made friends, selected teams […]

My corruption-fatigued country

March 12, 2008


By Helen Ang __________________________   Haris,   As lawyer and key member of Bersih, do you figure the continued push for clean elections can incorporate mechanisms to deter party hopping?   In my post ‘Kelana Jaya: Yes, the man matters’, I took exception to Jeffrey Kitingan whose desertion once scuppered his brother Joseph Pairin’s chances of forming […]

Does Pak Lah have what it takes?

March 12, 2008


My buddy, Zorro, asks whether Pak Lah wants to get back his pre-2004 credibility. Zorro then lists out what Pak Lah must do if he does want his credibility back. I said in practically every ceramah that I spoke at that I have lost faith in this man. Nothing’s changed. I’d love it, though, if he […]

Thank you God for giving us the courage to rise and change

March 9, 2008


Yesyerday, we resisted the forces that have long sought to keep us divided.  Yesterday, anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia found the strength and the courage to lay the foundation for a nation of a single people. A single people who will build this country on the foundation of justice and equality for all. All praise is due to […]

The rakyat revolt

March 9, 2008


Helen Ang _____________________________   People Power spoke last night and sent a loud, resounding ‘No’ to the BN.  Next round, the people of Malaysia should be kicking BN out. There is already a government-in-waiting and the writing is on the wall if only the Election Commission can be given a thorough laundering to make it clean.   […]