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Replying anna brellla

September 6, 2013


Regular commentator, anna brella. left two questions here by way  of comment to the post that carried the ABU War Fund auditors report. I thought replying anna by way of a separate post might benefit others too. The 2 questions : I. What period do the accounts cover – cash receipts and expenditure from 6 […]

ABU War Fund second audit : Auditors report

August 29, 2013


On 23rd May, this year, about an hour after I was arrested, someone or a group of people sent in a bullet payment of one large sum into the ABU account. A week later, that individual or group of persons sent in a similar amount And the following week, a half of the earlier amount […]

ABU War Fund audit done. Now await your auditors report

August 24, 2013


The ABU co-ordinator and I met up with the auditors, Singam and Judy, in Malacca again this morning. We had previously completed the audit of funds received since the last audit in October, last year. This morning, the auditors went through the report of expenditure out of the War Fund. We now await their report.

ABU War Fund audit on tomorrow, 27th July, 2013

July 26, 2013


As with the first audit in October, last year, SV Singam will ably lead this second audit. This time, he will be joined by Judy Ng. Judy, aged 55, hails from Kedah but now resides in Melaka. She is married, has two daughters, is involved In social work, and runs her own company. Great to […]

ABU War Fund : Second auditor, anyone?

June 13, 2013


Accounts should be fully ready to be audited by this weekend. Singam, who led the first audit in October, last year, has confirmed that he is available to undertake this second audit, but, owing to his work commitments, has asked that the audit be carried out in Melaka. Which suits me fine, given how much […]

The ABU War Fund : Our final appeal

April 15, 2013


In my post on 4th February, I had appealed to all of you to  help us at ABU with funds. I had then indicated to you that we would need at least RM500,000 to see through all that is planned. My colleagues and I in ABU are humbled and grateful to you. Since that last […]

The ABU War and Fund : An update and appeal

December 20, 2012


Shakuntala asked, in a comment to the “Oh Ibrahim Ali, beware!” post : “By the way…we have left ABU far behind and are actually in a sense off focus, we are now into IA.(blow him)…what’s happening to ABU, may we know Haris how ABU is faring?” Firstly, nothing, not even this matter of the lawyer […]

The ABU Merchandise Shop is now open for business

November 8, 2012


For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, the ABU secretariat has created  an ABU cyber store where you can purchase  ABU t-shirts and ABU fist graffiti stencils. To go to the store, click on the ABU Merchandise Shop banner in the side bar on the right. Our merchandise supplier is giving thought to […]

Want to be an ABU billboard? Get an ABU T-shirt now

October 24, 2012


I got myself 7 t-shirts yesterday. 4 black, and 3 yellow. For every day of the week. That’s right. This is going to be my daily attire everyday until we take Putrajaya. It’s a sure conversation starter. It led to one for me at lunch time today at the mamak stall a little while ago. […]

Your ABU War Fund auditors speak

October 7, 2012


I make disclosure here that as a token of appreciation for their assistance in auditing the ABU War Fund, both Michelle and Singam were each presented with an ABU T-shirt. _________________________________ “We understand the need for caution and accept the publishing of income and expense totals as sufficient public disclosure.” – paragraph 2 of the […]