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The ABU Merchandise Shop is now open for business

November 8, 2012


For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, the ABU secretariat has created  an ABU cyber store where you can purchase  ABU t-shirts and ABU fist graffiti stencils. To go to the store, click on the ABU Merchandise Shop banner in the side bar on the right. Our merchandise supplier is giving thought to […]

Want to be an ABU billboard? Get an ABU T-shirt now

October 24, 2012


I got myself 7 t-shirts yesterday. 4 black, and 3 yellow. For every day of the week. That’s right. This is going to be my daily attire everyday until we take Putrajaya. It’s a sure conversation starter. It led to one for me at lunch time today at the mamak stall a little while ago. […]

Your ABU War Fund auditors speak

October 7, 2012


I make disclosure here that as a token of appreciation for their assistance in auditing the ABU War Fund, both Michelle and Singam were each presented with an ABU T-shirt. _________________________________ “We understand the need for caution and accept the publishing of income and expense totals as sufficient public disclosure.” – paragraph 2 of the […]

ABU War Fund audit update

October 7, 2012


Met up with Singam and Michelle in Melaka on Friday to get the audit of the ABU War Fund done. Work started at about 11.30am in a cosy work room and was concluded by about 1.30pm, after which we adjourned to an excellent nonya restaurant off Jonker Street for lunch. I will publish their finding […]

People, meet your ABU War fund auditors

October 1, 2012


First in was SV Singam. Then Michelle Yoon emailed me to volunteer. We sit down this Friday to undertake the task of auditing the fund and the expenses. Someone sent in a comment to ask if the profiles of the auditors could be disclosed. I requested both Singam and Michelle for brief resumes and they […]

Auditor No.1 is in. One more please

September 23, 2012


SV Singam of Melaka sent me an email and volunteered to make sure that ABU stays on the straight path. Just got off the phone with him and confirmed him as first auditor. One more person and we can get down to work. Anyone?

Transparency & Accountability? ABU must walk the talk

September 22, 2012


Had dinner with Auntie BERSIH about a month back. Dropped the bombshell on her. Would she co-audit the ABU fund with another volunteer? After much banter, she asked me to give her 24 hours to revert back to me. She came back to me, as promised, but declined. And based on our chat the night […]