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Treat the symptoms or rid the cancer?

May 13, 2016


A cancer blights the nation. Stage 3. Najib? 1MDB? These are the symptoms. I reckon the first signs of this cancer showed up some time in the 60’s, when the unconstitutional  notion of Bumi / non-Bumi was introduced into the national psyche. Divide and rule, remember? Then, round about 1973, the Alliance morphed into Barisan Nasional, bringing on board, […]

ABU, anyone?

April 22, 2016


Yes, yes, it still means the same. Anything But UMNO. Asalkan Bukan UMNO. Getting rid of robbers and thieves now residing in Putrajaya. Methods have necessarily changed, though. Yes? No? I would like to hear from you

Dr M to lead? Nah! We need a reformist, not an opportunist!

April 15, 2016


A  little over a week after the Save Malaysia initiative and the People’s Declaration had been officially announced, I was invited to attend a forum at the KLSCAH organised by activists who had concerns about this latest initiative. I, too, had concerns, and so I said I would attend, not to speak, but to hear out […]

Convicted. Down? No! Out? Never! With you always

April 14, 2016


On 5th September, 2013, I applied for a visa to enter Australia. That application was refused. The stated reason : “The outstanding criminal charges concerning Mr Ibrahim in Malaysia, combined with his lack of employment in Malaysia, lead me to the finding that Mr Ibrahim does not genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for […]

What now, after Bersih 4.0? Mahathir? Or we, the RAKYAT?

September 5, 2015


I was going to write and update you on the status of The Rakyat Times, but I will defer that to touch on something that I feel is more pressing. Let me take that up in my next post. Over the 2 days at the rally over the last weekend, I was again and again asked […]

Lets clean up KL this weekend. Putrajaya next!

August 26, 2015


On 14th April, 2007, the day this blog was launched, I wrote : “This blog, then, is about civil society reclaiming its power to determine who are the law-makers in Parliament today who are worthy of the trust reposed in them by the people and if, sadly, we discover there are none presently, to make an […]

Phase 1 Step 2 of the 52% Strike Back : Dear Pakatan

December 12, 2014


Maria Chin Abdullah of Bersih 2.0 has come out and publicly said to Pakatan Rakyat : No  seat increase. Tindak Malaysia has publicly said the same. You and I have written to our MPs to tell  them to vote down any bill in parliament that seeks to increase the number of parliamentary seats from the […]


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