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A nation bankrupted well before 1MDB?

May 13, 2016


I am not referring to the state of the economy. I speak of the state of leadership and in whose hands may fall the fate of this nation. NST online reports my friend, Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming, as saying that ‘Pakatan Harapan is confident of winning the Kuala Kangsar by-election provided that it […]

Little MGR mesmerises crowd for a worthy cause

April 12, 2011


By MCLM’s Roving Reporter KLANG (APRIL 10, 2011): Prabu Sritharan is only eight years old but he has performed in more than 300 shows all over the country impersonating Tamil screen idol MGR. This waist-high lad, with dark glasses, sequinned vest, white shoes and pencilled moustache and goatee, sings and dances to songs from the […]

About MCLM, the Barisan Rakyat Initiative, and the Third Force

December 23, 2010


That was one of the principle objectives of the first MCLM Public Forum that was held 2 nights ago at the Kl & Selangor Chinese Hall. Lay to rest nagging questions about what the MCLM is about, where we want to go with the Barisan Rakyat Independent Candidate Initiative, and the fuss about this much […]

Bangkitlah, Mahasiswa-Mahasiswa

December 22, 2010


Steering clear of the politics of patronage

November 25, 2010


“The MCLM committee members and officer bearers themselves will not be contesting the general election to prevent anyone from using the MCLM as a platform to further their own political careers” – RPK, in his “The MCLM will enter into second gear today” post. __________________________________ Why has money politics become the bane of most political […]

Bringing the Barisan Rakyat initiative to MCLM in London

November 20, 2010


Landed at Stansted Airport, London at about 4.40am London time. Three hours later, I was having breakfast with RPK, Marina and Sara. I’m here, firstly, to get medical attention for my chronic rhinitis. More importantly, I am here to sit down with Pete and work out strategies to take the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement into […]

People, please guide your Barisan Rakyat

November 12, 2010


“It is evident that politics will not save Sarawak. Politicians will not save Sarawak. It is the people who will save Sarawak. We need Spartacus, Mahatma Gandhi and the spirit of the Tiananmen students to lead the charge for change. Yes, it is a long-withdrawn battle and losing is assured, yet history will record that […]