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Dear Anwar, Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, how many more must die?

June 27, 2021


God’s peace be with you. I write to you because I do not have any friends on the other side of the political divide and hope that with the 3 of you, one or more might heed what I have to say here. I am quite sure that like most other elected reps, you, too, […]

Please, Maria Chin, can we have some Ivermectin?

May 23, 2021


God’s peace be with you. I last wrote to you on 27th April to ask, amongst other things, that you put the following questions to the minister of health : “Is the health ministry conducting clinical trials of ivermectin? If so, what stage are the trials at and when can a report on safety and […]

Dear Maria Chin

April 27, 2021


God’s peace be with you. Sorry, no more YB prefixes for elected reps. And I dont mean Yang Berhormat, which we abandoned a long time ago. I mean Yang Berkhidmat. Post Sheraton, we are just not too sure, with few exceptions, who our elected reps actually serve. I caught Ong Kian Ming’s and Kelvin Yii’s […]

Do I? And what do I tell the kids?

February 25, 2021


I am speaking of the Covid-19 vaccine. Since last April, I have been distributing sanitisers and disinfectants, going down to customers’ premises and teaching cleaners how to use what I supply. I have made it a point to try and keep abreast of developments of anything and everything related to combating the virus. I am, […]