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SABM-HAKAM Dialogue with Political Parties on the proposed Social Inclusion Act (SIA) 2012

September 29, 2012


It was a most successful dialogue and ended on a very positive note. More of my thoughts on the SIA, the dialogue and what we can do to try and make this a reality once we have a new non-BN government post the 13th General Election, in a later post. For now, I will reproduce […]

A glimpse of what might have been, but for UMNO/BN, Mahathir, Pak Lah and now Najib

September 29, 2012


9th August, 47 years ago, Singapore was expelled from the newly formed Malaysia. Blogger KTemoc reports, and many have confirmed this, that “When LKY had no further choice but to accept the expulsion he actually broke down during a televised press conference, stating emotionally: “For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, […]

We need you on 308

August 27, 2012


My fellow Malaysians, we need to take ownership of our nation and we need to unite as one people and in so doing craft the nation that we so desire and in taking it another step forward, let us all gather this 30 August 2012 in showing these politicians that we are united and we […]

What Janji Demokrasi means to me and why I will be at Dataran on 30th August

August 26, 2012


Democracy : derived from the Greek demos (meaning “people” ) in combination with kratos (meaning “power” ). People power. It envisages the fullest possible number of eligible citizens having an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives and participating as fully as they choose to in the self-determination of the policies and direction […]

Trapped in the inter-generational cycle of poverty and inequality?

August 16, 2012


Damn! Is there no way out of this nightmare for the 40% marginalised and long neglected anak bangsa Malaysia? The Social Inclusion Agenda? What’s that? “It is an idea which we are floating. Somebody has to start the ball rolling but we don’t own this document. What it becomes is what people make of it.” […]

Election Commission must resign

April 27, 2012


The Bersih steering committee has called for the resignation en bloc of the entire Election Commission. If there were any reservations as to the justification for this demand, Malik Imtiaz in his posting today, has surely laid them to rest. The Election Commission must go!

Is this the death blow to the right of our children to pursue the best education overseas?

April 6, 2012


The local universities are the butt of jokes amongst the international academia. If before, Universiti Malaya was not too far adrift from Singapore University, the gulf between the two now is so wide, it almost seems unlikely that we will ever catch up. So, for those who had the means or were willing to sacrifice […]

Is this Amanah’s stand, Kadir? We need to know

February 10, 2012


Malaysiakini reports Amanah’s Kadir Sheikh Fadzir as urging banks to have special units to cater to bumiputera entrepreneurs. Damn, he even suggests that every minstry create a special unit to cater to bumi entrepreneurs! Now, this bumi/ non-bumi crap is nowhere to be found in the constitution, and Kadir must know this. He acknowledges that […]

A national history founded on lies?

January 19, 2012


Yesterday, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan issued a press statement in which he contended, amongst other things, that Sabah is now ruled and colonised by UMNO. I had said in that post that I agreed with this statement, but Sarawak, too, and Malaya, had suffered the same fate. This post is a reproduction of something I posted […]


June 18, 2011


Date    :    19 June 2011 (Sunday) Time    :    8.30 p.m. Venue    :    Main Hall, KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall 1 Jalan Maharajalela Kampung Attap, 50150 Kuala Lumpur Tentative Programme: 8.00 – 8.30 p.m.    Registration 8.30 p.m.    Welcome and Video 8.45 p.m.    Short speech from NGOs 9.30 p.m.    Short speech from all political parties 9.50 […]