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When good people, petrified, swallow poison

May 3, 2011


By Farida Ibrahim ________________________ Dear  Haris, Please allow me space on your blog. On March 14, 2008, you ran my article   ‘How Bosses Behave Badly’  – I had felt compelled to write  then because barely had the March 8 Election Tsunami euphoria ended, and Pakatan’s component parties begun working to settle state positions, albeit […]

I’m back

March 24, 2011


Had lunch with a friend yesterday. He remarked that I had not been blogging much of late. I replied that my commitments with MCLM did not leave me with much time for anything else. “No need to write long stories, lah. Just share your thoughts on current issues and create space for discussion. SABM gave […]

Why Khalid should be PKR Deputy President

October 6, 2010


“The people who effected the changes during the 2008 GE are the voters. The change came about because the voters bought the promises of the politicians who won. Yet, the new Malaysian Landscape also demands that unless Malaysian Civil Society takes an active role to bring about the changes, the old paradigm will continue. What […]

Malaysia Day-Dream

September 15, 2010


By Jayanath Appudurai I dream that on 16th September 2010 all Malaysians will wake up to see our beloved land differently! I pray that the all the cosmic forces of the Universe will cast a celestial spell on our people on the night of 15th September 2010. We will wake up and see the world […]

Dear Zaid

August 31, 2010


John Khoo in Australia sent this letter to Zaid. He has authorised me to re-publish it here _______________________________ Greetings from Downunder and I hope this finds you and the family in the best of health. The reason that I am writing to you is to voice my concerns regarding the current shenanigans occurring in PR […]


April 13, 2010


By Jayanath Appudurai “Inclusive” seems to be the buzzword these days in “Bolehland”. The Government wants to be inclusive. The Government Transformation Programme and the New Economic Model documents are replete with the terms “inclusive growth” “inclusive pro-poor growth”….blah…blah….blah!!! The Prime Minister wants to be inclusive! Ergo 1 Malaysia! The Deputy Prime Minister – ‘I […]

Zorro’s date with the cops

November 4, 2009


I got there late. Round about 3.20pm, Ashok accompanied Zorro into the building to meet DSP Mahfuz. We were all out by about 4.45pm. Cops wanted to ask Zorro questions about a posting last year that featured an image of what looked like the PDRM logo altered with the super-imposition of an image of a […]