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Vote BN in Tg Piai = Cutting your nose to spite your own face!

November 12, 2019


Am I completely happy with the performance of the government post-14th GE? No. With the PM post-14th GE? I don’t have to answer this, now, do I? Should we make our unhappiness known? Absolutely! How? Seems that some of the Chinese voters in Tanjung Piai think voting for the BN candidate this 16th November is […]

A breath of fresh air, Lau is

October 3, 2018


Independent candidate in the PD by-election, Lau Seck Yan, unlike the other candidates, it seems, has not presented a manifesto. Instead, she has been going around to meet voters with a blank piece of paper. Why? So she can have voters list down what they want addressed. Again, why? She says she does not want […]

PD, is Anwar the man you want to lead this nation as the 8th Prime Minister?

October 1, 2018


Could there be an outcome other than Anwar winning? Realistically, I can’t see Anwar not being first past the post come 10pm on 13th October, 2018. However, given what this by-election represents, Anwar just winning may not be enough. He cannot drop below the 60% of the votes garnered by PKR on 9th May. Let’s […]

The precious gain and the painful loss the rakyat took from the 14th GE

September 29, 2018


This is a prelude to my post to share my thoughts on the PD by-election. What was that most precious gain we took from the 14th GE? As an ABU activist since 2011 until the day after the 14th GE, at first blush, the answer seems so plain. UMNO / BN had been brought to […]

Salam, pengundi-pengundi Bentong

May 1, 2018


Masa untuk rakyat buang undi untuk menentukan masa depan negara dan anak-anak kita sudahpun sampai. Pada 29hb April, 2018, saya telah berpeluang untuk berceramah dan bermesra dengan pengundi di kawasan Parlimen Segambut. Malam semalam pula, saya telah berceramah di kawasan Parlimen Kelang. Saya telah bertanya soalan yang sama kepada pengundi-pengundi Segambut dan Kelang, di mana […]

A call to PJ Selatanites to take charge of their constituency

May 14, 2012


DAP written to on the ‘Get an MP’ / ‘Keep your MP’ initiatives

February 15, 2008


On behalf of those involved in the ‘PJ Utara get an MP’, ‘Klang get an MP’ and the ‘Serdang get an MP’ initiatives as well as the ‘Keep your MP’ for the Kepong, Seputeh, Cheras and Bukit Bintang constituencies, I have written to DAP for an urgent get-together.  That request also relates to the possiblity that […]

Klang get an MP : Charles Santiago is your man!

February 15, 2008


 On 1st February this year, Charles Santiago finally leapt head-on into party politics and joined DAP. If you do not know anything about Charles, I really should ask you which coconut shell you have been hibernating under. But I won’t. Just google search ‘Charles Santiago Malaysia’ and read on.  Or drop by at Charles blog […]

Get an MP (1)

February 15, 2008


5,035 of you joined me in petitioning for the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the Lingam video saga. That Commission has been sitting since 14th January. You’ve all been reading about those proceedings in the papers. I’ve been involved there holding watching brief for NGOs. That’s why I have not written about […]

Toni Kasim for PJ Selatan

February 11, 2008


Two months ago, it seemed like it was settled. PJ Selatan would be contested by a PKR candidate and that candidate would be Sivarasa. Now, the word is that Siva is going to Subang. And rumours abound about who PKR might field in PJS. Add this to the rumours that Parliament might be dissolved this 13th, […]