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Restore public confidence in the judiciary by serving old wine in new bottles?

June 15, 2018


I want to start this post by reproducing what I have written in an earlier post. That post was written on 23rd November, 2010 : “…in the arena in which the gladiators of the law sought to right the wrongs of the land, one component was indispensable. The impartial judge. The judge who could rise […]

What’s up with the new national car, Doc?

June 11, 2018


The media are all reporting today that the PM, in Japan, is talking about the possibility of a new national car, given that Proton is no longer ours. Please, just reform the nation. Forget a new national car. Improve the inter-state public transport. Improve public transport within the major towns and cities. We don’t need […]

In your remaining days, hang your heads in shame

May 23, 2018


MACC chief, Mohd Shukri Abdull, at a tell-all press conference yesterday, disclosed that when he was in Washington in July, 2015, and his men back home who were involved in the 1MDB investigation were either being arrested or transferred, he turned to ministers in the PM’s department, Shahidan Kassim and Paul Low for assistance. Paul Low […]

9am – 5pm? Would that be convenient, sir?

May 17, 2018


As law enforcement agencies in other jurisdictions embarked on forensic investigations and, in some cases, in particular the US Department of Justice (DOJ), court proceedings, in relation to what has come to be referred to as a case of “kleptocracy on a scale hitherto unseen”, back here in Malaysia, where 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the subject […]

Returning the institutions of state to the Rakyat : The way forward

May 16, 2018


First, I want to congratulate the Council of Elders for very quickly putting in place a Committee on Institutional Reforms, as reported in Malaysiakini. “Economic reforms on its own cannot bring about the desired change unless accompanied by institutional reforms. Towards this end, a committee on institutional reforms has been formed…,”, the council is reported […]

Restoring public confidence in the institutions of state

May 15, 2018


“A fish rots from the head down” – used to express the idea that all problems in a company or country can be traced back to its leadership. The buck starts and stops at the top. Lets say it like it is. The constitution has put in place many institutions of state to ensure that governance […]

Forum Aspirasi Rakyat

May 5, 2018


For a long time, many in civil society spoke of organising a Kongres Rakyat. Where civil society leaders, and the citizenry in general, come together and present their thoughts and ideas on how this country should move forward. Ideally, politicians would be on hand to hear first hand from their bosses, the rakyat. Why has […]