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Why I disagree with calls for an anti-hopping law

August 26, 2012


Let’s imagine I join PAS, contest PJ Selatan parliamentary seat in the 13th GE, and win. Then, post the 13th GE, unity talks between UMNO and PAS surface again. And central to these talks is hudud and an Islamic state. I call for a town hall meeting with PJ Selatan voters to discuss this latest […]

When froggies do a hop, step and jump right back into the BN pond!

July 11, 2012


In January, this year, I had breakfast with the right-hand man of an UMNO divisional leader who has fallen out of favour with Najib and who therefore feels his chances of being picked as a candidate in the the next GE are now practically next to nothing. Halfway through my second thosai, I was asked […]

Have we learnt nothing from the Bota fiasco?

June 26, 2012


Haven’t a clue of what I mean by the Bota fiasco? Does the name Nasarudin Hashim ring a bell? No? How soon we forget! On 25th January, 2009, the Malaysianinsider reported that Nasarudin Hashim, the UMNO state assemblyman for Bota, Perak, had announced his decision to quit UMNO with immediate effect and cross over to […]