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Sure, keep the activists out, but you cannot stop the wind of change from blowing in

April 14, 2011


The immigration staff who attended to my detention and eventual deportation from Kuching back to KL last night were generally courteous. The AirAsia staff who were detailed to ready my return ticket and escort me on to the plane were most pleasant, despite my making life difficult by refusing to have my return ticket pre-booked […]

DNBN Kuburkan Taib & BN

April 11, 2011


Never too late to do the right thing

April 11, 2011


Last Saturday, I had lunch with someone from the SNAP corner somewhere in PJ. He laid before me his reasons why I was wrong in the recent conclusions and public statements I had made of and concerning SNAP. I gave him my reasons why I remained unconvinced by his attempts to persuade me to his […]

BN-ning SNAP : The Ex-PKR Unholy Trinity

April 6, 2011


Last night, I was interviewed again by Radio Free Sarawak. Papa Orang Utan asked me for the latest on SNAP. Split into three factions, I told him. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, there are still good men in SNAP, albeit few, who are oblivious to the BN connection. Who’re the ugly in […]

Say something, Tajem

April 4, 2011


FreeMalaysiaToday reported yesterday that PKR’s Tian Chua confirmed that negotiations with  SNAP to work out an agreement on seat allocations for the forthcoming state elections had reached a fruitless end and a parting of ways, and speculated that SNAP’s “unbending insistence on contesting no less than 27 seats” was the result of “peninsular based forces […]

Dear Azmin

March 24, 2011


FreeMalaysiaToday reports that negotiations between DAP and PKR in relation to overlapping seats in the imminent Sarawak state elections have broken down. DAP, represented by its Sarawak state chief, Wong Ho Leng, it seems, wanted to contest 18 seats, but PKR, represented by you, insist that DAP only contest 13. DAP, it is reported, were […]

Sarawak : Tanah, Adat & Pilihanraya

March 18, 2011


Will the opposition do a ‘Batu Sapi’ in the Sarawak state polls?

March 8, 2011


I don’t know how many seats PKR contested in the last Sarawak state elections, but they won 1. Now they are gunning for 52 in the soon to be called state election. Out of a total of 71. I understand from the Sarawak National Party that they intend to offer candidates in 28 – 30 […]

Petition : Stop Timber Corruption. Freeze Taib’s assets now

March 1, 2011


Since 1981, Sarawak has been governed by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, one of the most corrupt politicians in South East Asia. While Taib himself has personally profited immensely from the destruction of the Borneo rainforest through logging and oil palm plantations, Sarawak’s indigenous communities have lost their land, the source of their livelihood, and […]

Rejection by the Melanau spells Taib’s slippery slide into the political toilet bowl

December 23, 2010


“We disassociate ourselves from Abdul Taib bin Mahmud who has deeply shamed us and done a great disservice to the Melanau people with his wanton greed, despicable deeds, dishonourable conduct and complete lack of conscience. We reject Barisan Nasional because of its 47 years of abuse of power, injustice towards the marginalised peoples of Sarawak […]