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Monday, 6th May, the work starts to rebuild our home

May 4, 2013


Don’t Najib, UMNO and BN get it? Can they not see?

November 25, 2012


Yesterday morning, the NGO gathering,‘Himpunan Barisan 1Malaysia’ at the Putra World Trade organised by the UMNO  “information secretariat and the Umno Overseas Club alumni” at a cost of “less than RM500,000” and sponsored by the government and other organisations took off. Malaysiakini has the report HERE. “The goodie bags handed out to the members of […]

My walk with the Green Marchers

November 24, 2012


Get up from the wheelchair of fear and Walk! Join The Green Walk Now!

November 22, 2012


Even as the Green Marchers are on their final segment of their walk from Kuantan to KL, in the stealth of night, almost 100 containers of rare earth docked at the Kuantan port last night, Transportation of the containers to the plant started after 1am this morning under police escort and was still ongoing as […]

‘Occupy Balok-Gebeng 24 Jam’ pada 23-24 Jun, 2012

June 16, 2012


ABU menegaskan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia bahawa pemerintahan Perdana Menteri Umno/BN yang pekak badak dan bodoh sombong di bawah telunjuk de-facto PM Tun Dr Mahathir ini pasti akan terus berdegil untuk meneruskan projek berbahaya ini demi keuntungan kapitalis dan kepentingan pemodal asing Oleh itu, ABU menyeru supaya seluruh rakyat Malaysia bersatu hati melakukan Asalkan Bukan […]

Why Malaysia is not ready to process rare earth in Gebeng or anywhere else, for that matter

April 12, 2012


I came upon an excellent article written by one Gan Pei Ling in the Nutgraph. I would urge you to read her thoughts first before you continue reading mine here. She opines that the anti-Lynas movement is based on an “irrational fear over radiation pollution from the low-level radioactive waste of thorium and uranium rather […]

April Uprising : Bugger off, Lynas, this Friday, Tak Nak PTPTN this Saturday, and BERSIH 3.0 Duduk Bantah on 28-4-2012

April 11, 2012


These are your rallies, people. Whether they happen or they don’t is in your hands. Organisers can only set the stage. You make or break the event. I will be at Shah Alam this Friday for the ‘Lynas, berambuslah’ rally. And I will be at Dataran Merdeka, KL, to stand in solidarity with our mahasiswa-mahasiswa […]