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Why we need the Social Inclusion Agenda

March 18, 2014


Why? See the graphic below? If these government figures are to be believed, then all is well with Malaysians. Poverty and deprivation of basic needs, like food, education, health and economic opportunities are alien to Malaysia. Only 108,000 households out of a total of 6.3 million are poor? If true, then the government has done […]

Tell the truth and shame this Pinnochio BN “no moral authority to govern” government

March 5, 2014


If government statistics are to be believed, there are just over 419,000 households in Kuala Lumpur. Assuming each household has 5 members, that’s over 2.1 million people. Government statistics would have us further believe that only 3,354 households, or 16,770 people, in Kuala Lumpur, live in poverty. They achieve these figures by using a poverty […]

Reaching out to our street friends

February 8, 2014


Just got home a little while ago from a night out in KL with my family. We joined a group called Reachout  ( check them out on Facebook ) who are out on the streets in KL every night to bring food, friendship and hope to our friends who, for a variety of circumstances, are forced […]

Press Statement : The massive economic empowerment agenda for Bumiputra

September 17, 2013


Note : The moderator of this blog fully associates with the views expressed by Saudara Dr Jayakumar here. ___________________________ On 14th September 2013, the Prime Minister announced a RM 30 billion package of programs to “empower” the Bumiputra population in the country who are still lagging behind economically. The data quoted by UMNO leaders is that the mean […]

Whither the “Rukun” of the “Negara”?

September 8, 2013


By Jayanath Appudurai _________________________ We are far from realizing the vision set forth in this historic document proclaimed by Parliament on the 31st August 1970. OUR NATION, MALAYSIA, being dedicated:- To achieving a greater unity of all her peoples; To maintaining a democratic way of life; To creating a just society in which the wealth […]

Monday, 6th May, the work starts to rebuild our home

May 4, 2013



April 28, 2013


Moderator’s note : In May, 2007, in a posting on this blog, I apologised to one Dr Vanaja and every Malaysian who has been marginalised by the NEP for the benefit I received therefrom. Today, I reiterate that apology to Gunslinger and every Malaysian who has been marginalised by the NEP, and renew my pledge […]