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  1. Dear Harris,
    The salvation of this country depends on people like you who can bridge the two cultures by reason of your birth.

    Sorry, change is going to need the collective effort of every person who cares


    Change can only be accepted peacefully if it comes from within the local community. By local I mean the bumiputra community. They will not accept the wisdom of the non-Malays nor the non-Muslims, as they feel somehow threatened. As if the whole local culture may collapse in the face of alien thinking. This is a weakness found in racism – intolerance in thinking for fear of the end of the rights of Malays. It has I believe nothing to do with religion per se. That’s a smoke screen in a larger picture of vested privileges.
    Best Regards<em><em>

  2. Dear Haris,
    There is still hope for Malaysia with folks like you and other far-sighted compassionate Malays.
    As someone who was overseas and mixed around with peoples of all races from Arabs to Jews, and having taken an Islamic course on campus, I have come to the conclusion since coming back that the religious authorities in this secular country are out of control and are constantly pushing the envelope, shamefully and flagrantly from issues like conversion and display of deities in public places to public dressing by Muslim ladies.
    The self-righteous hypocritical bigots, who do not understand the importance of the sacred family unit, are abundant and I say they should all go to Iran and do the work of the sadomasochistic oppressors there. The bigots should leave the rest of the kind and compassionate Malaysian pot-pourri alone to live in harmony and tolerance in this non-theocratic state.

  3. By the way, Haris, I hope you wouldn’t mind if I put up your cool ‘Justice for LJ’ sign in my blog! It’s a powerful supportive eternal message of hope for all oppressed persons whom I empathized with as well.

    Hi Luke,

    Please do so.

    Please understand, though, that support for Lina and Revathi must go beyond putting up signages in blogs.

    If the authorities will not respect our Constitutional rights, we must do all we can to re-take that authority that properly belongs to the people. As Datuk Vaithi of MCCBCHST said recently, the minority non-Muslim are not a small minority. Take account of the Muslims who make up the silent majority who also do not agree with what is going on in the country ( and there are quite a few ) and you may find that the moderate, peace loving Malaysians are actually in the majority.

  4. Hi Haris,

    I like what you are writting and I will be back for more.

    May I add your link to my blog?

  5. I like your writing too.


  6. sara mahon

    August 6, 2007

    dear En Harris,

    I always thought all malays are like our politicians, thank you for proving I am wrong. Now I can sleep better knowing people like you do exist in this beautiful country of ours which I love very much. As far as I am concern this is my beautiful motherland.

    thank you once again and please keep up your good work for better future of our nation. May god bless you.



    August 17, 2007

    Dear Sam,

    I fully support your stand that TDM is responsible for the rot that has set in. However I think that he now realizes it and is I suppose in his own little way trying to make amends. What is good is that he commands attention and a crowd and this should be used to advantage. We are fighting a war of injustice and any means to bring down the enemy of injustice and weaken the foundations of injustice should be welcomed. SEAMASTER


  8. Bodhisattva

    September 1, 2007

    Hi Haris

    Do you happen to know if in Malaysia, those with the title TUN could never be accused of any wrongdoing? Even if they commit murder? Hey, is that right?

    Just wanna leave this statement to all: Make the connection. Be educated. Stay educated. Think for ourselves. Thanks.

    Not that I know of

  9. Hi Haris

    Just a suggestion. There are many people who read your blog that may want to contribute an article relevant to the topic at hand rather than just a brief comment. I believe this will further enhance your site. Hope you can consider a section like “Readers’ Contributions” where only the articles that are well written and edifying to the cause are published. I believe not all of us can be bloggers like you but there are many that can write a good article occasionally. Each of us comes from a diverse background and will have his or her own skill and experience to contribute from for the general good.

    For your consideration.

    Hi Panir,

    The People’s Parliament has a category called ‘Friends’. Interesting articles are posted under this category.

  10. Dear Haris,

    When I went to Merdeka for the celebration, I came to notice that the majority of youngsters out there are somewhat unproductive and could pose a problem to the nation’s future. You can guess it right at first glance judging from their appearance and behavior. I fear that people are starting to get lazy, using the government’s affirmative policy and their own natural rights as crutch instead of working hard to earn what is deserved.

    May I know when will be the PELITAR show in Ipoh?


    Hi Melvin,

    Still planning, Look out for the announcement

  11. Dear Harris,

    I have just started reading ur blog and I am very happy to have “know” u. As all those who hav written in, I am happy to know that there are people like you who are willing to tell it as it is. I do have some Malay friends whom i am quite close with but we never talk about politics or ‘sensitive’ issues. I have not the courage to do so as I was like the lady who was afraid that I might offend them and so lose their friendship. One of these days I will bring it up and see what their responses are. Please keep up the good work and may Buddha bless you!

    Dear Indi,

    May Buddha give you the courage to speak to your friends with kindness.

    The history of Buddha is replete with anecdotes of courage to be found in the inner self to do what is right and just.

    God Willing, you will find it in yourself.

  12. good work.just became ur fan.will b back 4 more.tcare


  13. hangjebat22

    September 16, 2007

    our on going country’s system really needs help….


  14. thegodfather55

    September 24, 2007

    Harris Sir,

    Check out my blog.

    The Godfather

  15. Dear HARRIS,
    We have spoken by phone a few times but have not met you yet. Im married for 10 years now with 2 daughters aged 9 years and 4 years. My wife changed her name and religion through her lawyer 20 years ago(1986) and converted to Indian from Indian Muslim. Her mother was a Christian and her father is an Indian Muslim. Her mom converted to Muslim a few years before she passed away so she can rest beside her late husband.
    We did not face any problem until last year when we went to re-new our IC. Her IC was marked Islam. We went back to correct it but was rudely turned away.
    We approached one of the Parliament representative for his advice whom refered me to you. His assistant told us that when he approached the officers, they warned that he will convert the whole family if we make any trouble due to this matter. I even wrote to LIM KIT SIANG Blog and editor for their views and advice.

    As I am a Malaysian who respect every single religion in Malaysia, was beginning to think why there was no updates made in the JPN system when she already gave all the necessary documents (deed poll dated 26 April 1986) from the court which states clearly of the changes 20 years ago? The name was changed in her old IC. We even showed the documents to the officers but rudely turned away.
    Could you advice what to do?

    Recently we were in the Kelana Jaya Government Klinik and she was called as murtad because she marked her forehead red kumkum. When she explained that she is waiting for the replacement of my card due to the wrongly marked Islam in her IC, the nurse said “kalau Islam dalam IC, jgn pandai2 tukar”.
    What if she is stopped during Puasa? Now im an Indian and she is marked Islam which will be more problems if we were to stay in hotel and etc.. What is my right as a Malaysian?
    The latest problem happened on 25/9/07, where a few religious people came to my house and questioned my wife why she is staying with an indian? She showed then the documents but was told that they were not happy because her IC is marked ISLAM and they will investigate. They even told her that she have many previlege as a muslim then non-muslim. Her children will be hers whatever happens. Could not believe my ears when I heard this, as no religion in this world will ever teach their followers that you join us and we give you bribe(privilege).
    When I was young in school, we malays, indians, chinese, never spoke of our religion differences. Now when my daughter wears baju kurung to school, her school mates approach to say you cannot wear that as you are not muslim. Imagine those innocent children who were born to live in harmony are being thought such negative thoughts by these culprit politicians.
    I am very appreciated that there are someone like you who still voice out the concerns of majority malaysians.


  16. P.S.Nathan

    October 1, 2007

    Hi Haris Ibrahim,
    I was impressed by what you said at the “Citizens Think T@nk” dinner after Raja Petra had spoken.So to do my bit for “Justice” in this country I a senior citizen who is not a Lawyer decided to walk with the Bar Council, to show my support for their cause…which shoulkd be a National Cause for an Independant Judiciary.
    I was most disappointed that all the buses were stopped just outside Putra Jaya,for no Damn rhyme or reason by the Police!!…Don’t Citizens in this country have a Right to Assemble peacefully…excercise their Constitutional Rights…and mind you we were not certainly waving the Kris or anything of that sort!!…
    I hope that the Bar Council will seek answers from the Police as to why we were forced to get down and Walk the distance…Special Police Powers??…are the police going to stop buses on the North- South Highway and make passengers walk to their destinations??…during this Festive season too?
    Incidentally I hasd undergone some surgery just a month ago, and my wife was dead against my particpating in support of the Bar Council…but I felt that I had to play my role,however small, in support of a National Cause.

    Mr. Nathan,

    You exemplify what every caring anak Bangsa Malaysia should be.

    The People’s Parliament salutes you.

    Yes, the Bar Council should look into the legality of the ‘bus stoppings’


  17. Ee Jeremy

    October 6, 2007

    Sorry I got this late, just back from China. I fully support this worthy cause. It is time we do something to let them know we are not dump or stupid. Would like to sign in but I don,t know how. Not very computer savvy…….

    Have sent you an e-mail


  18. thegodfather

    October 12, 2007

    Dear Haris,
    Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya.

  19. People’s Parliament: I have signed. Let us fight for a truly independent judiciary.

    Tan Seng Giaw
    MP for Kepong


  20. Steve Christian

    October 29, 2007

    The world is changed because someone does something that no one else dared or cared to do. We do what we do because someone has to do it and no one will.

    If what has to be done is easy then there is no need to do it.

    That is why greatness is the difference between doing and not doing.

    Someone has to stand in the gap.

    So never be discouraged in doing what you are doing because if you dont do it then no one else will and no one will gain. If we dont give up then we have succeeded!

    Think about it.

    Thank you and all those who have succeeded.

    For not from the EAst or the West comes salvation but God is the Judge. He raises one and puts down another. All is from God and if God is for good who can be against us?

    Be of good cheer and keep up the spirit…you have already won because you have begun..


  21. johnnywong

    November 6, 2007

    Dear Harris,
    What I’ve heard is true!, These criminals do meddled with and did all kinds of things to make the ruling BN wind the elections. I’ve alway voted for the opposition until the last election when I received a letter purportly written by the AB to give him a chance to make true his so called manifestos but even then I was not register to vote in my area. I’ve always live in Seri Kembangan and have never moved out from there although I was out of the country for a few years for my studies in UK.
    Now, they have simply shifted me to OUG to vote! and when I went to the post office to change my address back to my original place, they said that they cannot do it and I have to visit the SPR office in KL!
    This I’ll do so that I will not give another chance to those liars who asked us to vote for them but did not fulfill their promise, not even try!

  22. Dear Harris,
    It is heartening to know there are there are many rationale and intelligent Malay-Muslim like your goodself, Malik Imtiaz etc. I don’t know how many are out there. Regardless, with Malay-Muslim like you, there is still hope for Malaysia.
    I am Malaysian(ethnic Chinese), about your age. Attended SRJK(C) in 1960s, English (partially Malay) medium Secondary school and Form Six. National U of Singapore offered me a vacancy and I decided to settle down after I graduated. I am Agnostic.

    My view is that only Malay-Muslim like you and many many more like-minded Malay can change the course of Malaysia (going down the drain).
    Only Malay can explain to the Malay-muslim masses that :-

    1) Race-base affirmative action (NEP) is no good for the malay in the long run. In fact, the whole program had been ‘hijacked’ by the powerful-well-connected people in UMNO , MCA and MIC to enriched themselves.

    2) Islam-as I say-tion” is the road to ‘down the drain’.
    Don’t be obsessed with how women dress, khalwat and that sort of thing. It is absurd to assume that a child born in Muslim parent is automatically Muslim and not allowed to embrace any other belief (or to become a athiest or Agnostic). Why is the Government spend money and resources on ‘Religion Department’ taking away dead body of a ‘Indian-muslim’ to be buried like a Muslim.
    Leave it to the spouse or adult children to decide how their husband/father should be buried. If they decide to bury him the Hindu way, so what? How does this action affect Muslim or Islam? Why ??
    If Lina Joy wishes to embrace Christianity, why should the authority prevent her from doing so? It is up to her.. I do not embrace Christianity but I would fight for case. It is simply absurd and stupid…

    3) UMNO’s tested formula in winning every election is “It is the protector of Ketuanan Bumiputera”. The actual fact is that many many of them are corrupt. Coluding with the rich Chinese/Indian Businessmen.
    Only people like you can explain to the Malay masses that the political culture needs to be changed. If UMNO is not the answer, they should look elsewhere.. May be Kadiran (I don’t know).

    4) The judicial rot
    This is all about corruption.

    5) The quality of our education.
    Only people like you can explain to the Malay masses that it is advantages to use English as medium of instruction in all school. Such National Schools (not the present SRK National School) would attract parents of all races to send their kids there. School must hire principals teacher base on merit, not race or connection. Religion must have no place in such school.
    If India (with population of 1 billion) and Philippines can use English as Medium of instruction, why not Malaysia?

    Finally, only people like you can explain to the Malay masses that Malaysia is going down the drain. 10-15 years ago, it was regarded as one of the tigers (behind the 4 little dragon). But today, it is far behind the 4 little dragons… and with China, India , Thailand, Vietnam catching up, Malaysia economy would goes down further. Well, may be Malaysia continue to rely on Petronas Money, that I am not sure.

    Keep it Up … Sir.. Keep it Up..

    Ted, thank you for your words of encouragement.

    Imtiaz and I are just that. Imtiaz and I.

    This country needs a completely civil society wake-up.

    Imtiaz and I are making that call.

  23. Dear Harris,

    I watched quite a few U-Tube video on Malaysia Parliment sittings. I was shocked with the quality of the “debate”.
    I saw a couple who shouted ‘Bodoh, Bodoh’.
    Can they not debate like a gentlemen?
    Tell me why the masses continue to elect such MPs from BN?
    I did not bother to vote in last few GEs… In the absence of credible opposition in my constituency, my vote is not going to make a difference. I would never vote for PAS, no matter how frustrated I am. To me, any political party with Religion as the platform is worse than one that is base on race. UMNO/BN, through corrupt, is more acceptable to me than PAS. I am not sure Adirlan is the answer. Hence, I am advocating casting “PROTEST VOTE’ in next GE, as a show of protest..PROTEST !!

    Dear Ted,

    The quality of debates. What do we expect when we give the mandate to morons?

    We have only ourselves to blame.

    I, too, use to think that I would not be able to see myself giving a vote to PAS.

    Now, I think it has become such an imperative that BN be removed that I would be prepaed to give PAS a calculated vote, premised on a working arrangement that involves the opposition parties and civil society.

    By calculated, I mean that there is no likelihood of PAS forming a government on its own even if it wins all the seats contested.

    Calculated means that even if BN fractured, all other parties leaving UMNO, and even if PAS & UMNO were to tie up, they would not be able to muster up a 2/3 majority sufficient to amend the constitution to make this talibanland.

    I am not in favour of the protest vote. It has the effect of putting BN back in office. I would rather explore the possiblity of trying to offer a candidate from within the constituency as an independent.

    Never know until you try.


  24. Noor Aza Othman

    November 24, 2007


    This corrupted, coward and vicious Malaysian government is so afraid of ordinary people especially from the working class, expressing their discontent through democratic rights and means, that includes through peaceful protests. The main ruling party UMNO’s elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who professed falsely to be devoted Islamic followers have indeed hijacked the religion so as to be barbaric, uncivilized and abusers of human rights! Being a Malay myself, I’ve only contempt for this elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who actually manipulate racial-religious capitalist ideology of “Ketuanan Melayu” i.e. Malay-Islamic racial-religious (male) supremacy. To brainwash the (imaginary) united Malay/Islamic communities especially from the mostly brainwashed Malay/Islamic masses, to go on supporting them uncritically despite of these leaders’ betrayal to the whole Malay civilization and Islamic religion! And ashamedly, despite of my high education but due to my ignorance and uncritical consciousness and activism, I myself fell into the trap of such brainwashing strategy of defending such ideological racial-religious supremacy out of a sense of false loyalty and patriotism almost my whole life (Thus this is why we need to learn and educate ourselves with critical-thinking education throughout our whole life in order to be a true human being).
    Thus, the whole Malaysian (and hopefully, global) communities should move towards true socialist politics based on true Marxism – see (not pseudo ones like Maoism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ism and so on), to fight for true social justice for the poor and oppressed from any background, ABOVE race, religion, gender and nation-hood. That’s where loyalty & patriotism should be for – that is for true social justice consciousness and activism that encompass true equality, true freedom and other universal & secular-based fundamental human rights principles.
    Hopefully, the opposition parties in Malaysia such as the Hindu-based new party HINDRAF, despite of its good intentions, will also move away from such divisive racial-religious politics towards such socialist one; in order to fight for the oppressed and poor Indian communities. And to fight against the real enemy – the corrupted & greedy criminals from the ruling elite & capitalist class, be it from UMNO, MCA, MIC & so on, although UMNO leaders are the main and most deceitful culprits. That is what & where the opposition parties in Malaysia should be moving towards, in the new era of Malaysian politics, based fundamentally on true social justice consciousness and activism especially for the poor & oppressed from all backgrounds; and for the preservation of our natural environment. And hopefully, where opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards, especially against the extremely corrupted and vicious “Third World” governments and ruling elite/capitalist class.

    Noor Aza Othman,

    Selangor, Malaysia.



  25. Esther Yew

    November 28, 2007

    I’ve constantly heard complimentary comments about you and your views on Bangsa Malaysia. The sad truth is how deeply racial polarization has sinked into our society. There are too many examples on how Islam is being forced onto the daily lives of non-muslims and yet we are constantly reminded that Islam respects other religions.I yearn for the days when students mix freely in schools back in the 70’s and early 80’s. My close friends then and now include Malays and Indians. In fact we still keep in touch until today. We have no reservations hugging each other in public places nor visit each other’s home. We were certainly not forced into listening to a certain religion’s prayer every day during the morning assembly, as all of us were encouraged to pray in silence with our own method of saying thanks to God. My only hope is Bangsa Malaysia will emerge one day, even if not in our lifetime. You have given me and many other true Malaysians that hope. Thank you and May God bless you.

    Dear Esther,

    If truly I have in some way given you reason to hope, then that hope needs be translated into constructive action.

    Hope, by itself, will not bring about the change you, I and so many other good people desire.

    The silent majority must no longer remain silent.

    And we will remain the majority if we stay united on issues of justice and equality.

    May God guide and bless us all.

  26. May the good Lord bless you and your family—–have noted how you have helped the down trodden and not from ur site.
    i am from singapore as you can check
    (need to learn how) lol —-i am 56 years old.
    again i say may the good Lord bless you and your family

    Dear Julian,

    May Lord God bless and keep us all safe

  27. Just something offtrack. Your reservation (and mine) about Hindraf’s wrong way of getting attention has proved to be true. Now the authorities are saying they are linked to terrorists and threatened to use the ISA.
    What do you think is the way out for Hindraf?
    PS- Thanks for sticking your neck out for fellow Malaysians like LJ and Rv.


  28. Din Merican

    December 13, 2007

    Dear Haris,

    Good to see you yesterday. I was down with a bad cold and was not sociable. Let us meet at your convenience for a cuppa coffee and enjoy a good chat.

    Keep up the good work.You and I know how difficult it is to change things. But giving up is not an option for you and me, and others of our kind. Let us stand for justice. Take care, Din

  29. Date: Dec 12, 2007 1:18 AM
    Subject: Disappointed.

    Dear MP of Petaling Jaya Utara, YB Dato’ Ms. Chew Mei Fen,

    I am disheartened to receive from the National News on television today that the Parliment had passed the amendment bill (Article 114), after 2nd and/or 3rd reading for extending the Chairman of the Election Commission’s (Tan Sri Abdul Rashid) tenure from age 65 to 66 until June 2009, in a rushed bull-dozed manner despite numerous attempts from the voice of the rakyat – represented by many non-political quarters, Suaram, Writers Alliance for Media Independence, Centre of Independant Journalism, Pusat Komas, Citizen Thinktank, and most of all – Bersih, without a proper debate with the Wakil Rakyat.

    Even the ‘Memorandum of Petition against the bill (with reasons and historical facts of Abdul Rashid’s discredibility & proof of previous rigged election processes), merely to be passed to the members of the parliament this morning was halted on the pretext of ‘public safety’. This is utter nonsense. Traffic jams were created by the police themselves, not the members of the parties above.

    I have lost confidence with the so-called ‘democratic’ parliamentary and judiciary system.
    The government no longer hears the rakyat.

    I am disappointed.

    Ms. Cornie Wong

  30. I have been humiliated and toyed-around by SUHAKAM since 24-7-2000 when i was called to KL, 500km to-fro ipoh , to attend its very 1st historic INQUIRY on my ‘quest for justice’ !!


  31. K.R.Pramila

    February 5, 2008

    Unity is strength. Diversity is unique. Both are needed to maintain the beauty of a nation, race or community. This is the universal truth.

    Unfortunately it’s sad to note that we are losing our unity which suppose to be our strength because our minds are so engrossed in our diversity which instead of looking it as our exclusivity, we choose to regard it as rivalry and divisive. That explains why we can never be united under one roof called Malaysia and proudly calls ourselves as bangsa Malaysia.

    To aggravate the situation we have our political, educational and economical policies which stress on the difference more than our uniformity. The racist remarks and political biasness of our vote hungered politicians further add fuel to the already suspicious minds. Our national schools which supposed to bridge our differences together set them wider apart again by introducing the difference between one religion to another to the naïve minds of our children. Then we have government policies which are very discriminative towards one and practices favoritism to another.

    Instead of relying on external influences to form our views and opinions, it would be wise if every individual start looking within and questioning her or his conscience. At the end of the day, aren’t we all one regardless of our mother tongue, class, race or religion? Aren’t we having the same core needs as human? Love, compassion and divinity are the nucleus of our being. Then why are we forgetting our deeper selves only because someone else is different outwardly?

    Let’s not dwell on to long on our differences and gulp down our core values which are the same. Its time to forge our relationship with one another based on our true selves and not based on what we speak, do or practice. We need to go beyond our conditioned minds to see the oneness in everything.


    It is a privilege and honour to know you.








  33. Hi there,

    Just informing you that I’ve linked the article by SV Singam (from your blog) to mine. Thanks for posting it. It gives great insight to the current situation.

  34. I have been concerned that my Dad who had passed away 16 years ago may still be on the SPR register, and took it upon myself to check the same. Fortunately, he is not in the register.

    But this does not mean that the SPR register is clean. So, let us spread the word around, to get fellow Malaysians to check if their deceased family members and/or relatives are on the SPR register. All you have to do is to find their IC Nos, and go to to check it.

    Do it right now! We must have a clean register and fair elections!!!

  35. Haris

    People Power in the Philippines, South Korea, Kenya and Spain through SMS made a big difference; it helped change governments.

    We should use this technology RIGHT NOW, as we only have 4 days to go. Though I have received some SMS messages (all of which were in favour of the Barisan Rakyat), I personally feel that the SMS is not being used enough. This is in part, I believe, attributable to the fact that Malaysians generally prefer not to state their political views openly for obvious reasons (eg sabotage or punishment by the ruling coalition).

    Hence, one best way to get this going is to get the Barisan Rakyat candidates to start and push the campaign. It is only when people feel that there is a MOMENTUM building that they will be BRAVE enough to forward the SMSes, and vote the right way.

    Given that there are easily 200 ceramahs (for the 222 constituencies) going on every night / day throughout the whole country, including those in the day time, and assuming that at each ceramah there is at least 500 Rakyat in attendance, and if each of the candidates and speakers ask the Rakyat to create and/or forward received SMSes to at least 2 friends, we will be able to reach out to at least 800,000 Rakyat (= 200 ceramah x 500 Rakyat x 2 friends x 4 days). This is assuming that the SMSes messages stop at the first level, which I believe it will not, especially if one were to receive say 5 SMSes a day. I believe that once each concerned Rakyat receives 5 to 10 SMSes a day, he or she will become bolder and will believe that the time has indeed come for a change.

    So far, I have attended 3 ceramahs, and I have spoken to 2 of the candidates, and they told me that the SMS strategy is part of their strategy. Perhaps they have been too busy to catch my point, in that, as speakers, each and every one of them should tell the Rakyat present to start a MAKKHAL SAKTHI / PEOPLE POWER SMS CAMPAIGN, which will give us hope to change the government, if not, to deny Barisan Nasional of its 2/3 Parliament control.

    Haris, if you and fellow bloggers have direct access to the Barisan Rakyat candidates and other speakers, give them a call or SMS them to ask them to end their speeches by reminding the Rakyat to join in the SMS Campaign. I have prepared a SMS (below) which you can use to forward to the Barisan Rakyat candidates and speakers whom you know.

    The country has never experienced such an opportunity to ensure a possible change in government, and let us continue to push for this change.


    Proposed SMS Message to be forwarded to all Barisan Rakyat Candidates
    “Pls fwd to all BarisanRakyatCandidates n speakers: D SMS is verypowerful n was used 2 change d Filipino SKorean Kenyan n Spanish Govt. D PeoplePowerMOMENTUM can b built thru SMSCampaign; once MOMENTUM built, d Rakyat will b BRAVER 2 vote d right way. Build MOMENTUM by ASKING RAKYAT AT ALL CERAMAHS TO FWD BARISANRAKYAT SMSes TO 10 FRIENDS eg VOTE FOR D FUTURE OF MALAYSIA N OUR CHILDREN, VOTE OUT BARISANNASIONAL, VOTE IN BARISANRAKYAT!”


  36. SV Singam

    March 4, 2008

    I support your idea, except I’d like to suggest a simpler message, easier to read, costs less.

    50 yrs BN crony corruption enuf. For ur children future vote OUT dacing n vote IN Barisan Rakyat. Fwd dis msg 2 all frens n famly.

    131 characters = single message.



    March 5, 2008

    DSAI will be in Bilik Greakan Keadilan Parlimen Rembau (behind Majlis Dearah Rembau) on 6th March 2008.

    We need to get interested groups to join the convoy to Rembau.

    Tolong sebarkan

    terima Kasih

  38. Hi SV Singam

    I am glad that you support the idea. However, please note that my proposed SMS message is to be sent to Barisan Rakyat candidates. I felt that it was most necessary to explain clearly so that the candidates can understand better.

    Hence also the proposed message of “eg VOTE FOR D FUTURE OF MALAYSIA N OUR CHILDREN, VOTE OUT BARISANNASIONAL, VOTE IN BARISANRAKYAT!” which is for the candidates to subsequently send out, or for the Rakyat and/or bloggers reading this message to send out.

    Anyway, your brief message is also good, and so let us send these messages out quickly so that the MOMENTUM can be built for 838!



  39. Kepada Encik Haris

    Hi..terima kasih atas ceramahx2 Encik Haris. Saya juga ekses Saya adalah keturunan Baba Nyonya dan Encik Haris telah berkata satu yang amat penting dan betul sekali. Iaitu orang Melayu adalah orang yang bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa. Hang tak bodek la…cool 🙂

    Terima kasih.
    Susanah Teh

  40. Haris

    I have just returned from polling in the Kelana constituency this morning, with my family, of course.

    I feel a measure of satisfaction not just because my family and I (4 votes) voted for the cause of Bangsa Malaysia, but more because I have two children in their 20s and we discussed why we should vote the way we did, for the future of all the Malaysians. Patriotic awareness begins at home, like charity, and it would agur well for our country if all our children are aware of the reasons of why we choose the path we do. All for the love of our Motherland – MALAYSIA!

    Pride is belonging to Malaysia, being an Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

    Thank you, Haris, for the role you have played in bringing about this awareness. I am sure what all of us are doing will go well beyond this election. My family and I are positive what all of us are doing will be the norm of the country one day.

    All because we love Malaysia!

    All praise is due to God

  41. Terima Kasih for your selfless crusade for a Bangsa Malaysia.

    Sincerely yours


  42. The Seets

    March 9, 2008


    thanks for yr relentless efforts in helping us rakyat Malaysia to realise the dream. Malaysian is proud to have anak rakyat like you who without fear and favour stand on the line to fight for our legitimate rights. Kudos to you and I believe you have made a mark in Msia history in bringing about political change that many of us thought almost impossible. God Bless


  43. John Tan

    March 10, 2008

    Dear En Haris,

    I had the chance to bump into your Barisan Rakyat group on Sunday in Segambut seafood noodle stall, would have like thank you and every member of your group for the tremendous effort and time that all of you have contributed towrds this mammoth task.

    However after basking in the euphoria of the results, the REAL work have just begun.

    Now it is time for our Yang Berkhidmats, be them from the ruling or opposition, to fully understand and realised that we the people of Malaysia truly have a voice that needs to be heard loud and clear.

    Each and every action from now onwards will be closely watch and will be judged again in the next general election. They are to be reminded that all policies are to be carried out for the benefit of ANAK MALAYSIA irrespective of the race, it is my hope that none of us are left behind when the country moves forward.

    So for all the Yang Berkhidamts, remember first and foremost that you duty is to help ANAK MALAYSIA without prejudice of skin colour.

    So SELAMAT BERKHIDMAT and make us all proud for being ANAK MALAYSIA.

    Once again to all Malaysians who dared to make the change, my sincere thanks.

    John Tan


  44. triplejay

    March 10, 2008

    Hi Harris,

    I want to buy the t-shirt but the contact numbers given could not be reached.

    Please advice.

    Thanks and regards.
    Sunny Lim.


  45. John Tan

    March 11, 2008

    Dear En Haris,

    My friends and I are clueless on this issue :

    Despite winning 10 out of 13 parliamentary seats in the Federal Territory, the executive powers still remains with the Federal government, we feel it is quite out of place whereby the policies for the Federal Territory would be determined by the very people that were voted out.

    It seems that the actual voted representatives of the people will not have a hand in any of this.

    Your take on this please when you have the time.


    Wilayah comes under the purview of Parliament. BN enjoys the majority in Parliament.


  46. bloghead

    March 21, 2008

    Oh..finally our prayers are answered.We have been suppressed and oppressed and intimidated for 23 years.Alleluyah.Justice to the ordinary laypeople.The new administration should be Robbin Hoods (“rob” the rich to “help” the poor..and middle income group also-lah – the worst off group-struggling to make ends meet with the rocketing cost by the day).Best day of our lives.Feel like a stone lifted from our backs. Its like there’s light in the tunnel.Although we are chinese, we praise you for your fantastic work and concern and immense effort. Can sleep better these days. Can blog anytime wherever and whenever. Our voices heard and no more bottling up feelings (out of our chest, feel light and happier that there is a channel for ordinary laypeople like us and most importantly to know that there is somebody standing by us and caring for us. So good to be able to speak in our lingo and being informal.Best lah, blog- best media and entertaining too (no need to pay for unnessary advertisements and its free of charge).

  47. Bro,

    The 1st time i saw n know about you is when u walked into the Hindraf Rally 251107, was cheering for you, thinking u r the negotiator.For a while i was very proud to c sum non-indians joining the cause.Later i did a search and found the real situation-dat ur an observer for that day from the council .

    Since then I’ve been following up your blog.From the ceramahs to the “people’s manifesto” dat u hv compiled.Please stay neutral and be the watchdog for the makkal.You have definitely played a very big role during the elections which reflected in the results.I know U will keep everyone on their toes.Gud Luck!!!

    Here is something that i blogged and sent a copy to mkini-might/might not get published.

    Im just disheartened when come to think of how BN did a ‘PECAH & PERINTAH’ on us for sooo long .PATHETIC!!!!
    Pls read on….tell me what u think.

    Tq for you time

    Revamp The Education System – Sad Lessons from Moral Subject 1983-1993

    I’m a product of KBSR ( Kurikulum Baru Sekolah Rendah) & KBSM (Kurikulum Baru Sekolah Menengah). Being born in 1976,The Dragons,we are the 1st batch of KBSR,KBSM and the last of SRP (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran) which was eventually replaced with PMR. I will try not to be racist in this article, but being a product of Malaysian Education system, I can’t help it but being one.

    My closest friend during primary is Mustapha bin Abdullah whose father worked in KTM in a small town in Perak.Nizam bin Daud – father was a teacher.
    Secondary was E.T.Lim, Gunalan, Nagen, Tan Kah Hee, Pannir and Dave.
    Varsity – Nathan, Kamahraj, Prabu, Ganeshn, Theya, Suresh, Siva (No non-Indians)- Why?

    Back then we had time table slot for Moral-Non Muslims & Agama Class-Muslims. The interesting part of the Moral class is, we get to combine with other non-Muslim pupils from other classes, so we have a change of environment, at least for an hour. So what’s the problem?

    Primary 1 till Primary 6, we learned Moral.What’s in Moral?

    There’s always been 3 main characters in each and every story. A yellowish, a brownish and a darkish characters, obviously Ali, Muthu & Chong.Being a kid at the age of seven, you don’t really care the color, religion or even if your friends hair is straight or curly.

    This is how the story goes everyday in Moral Subject. Ali, Muthu & Chong are thick friends. In each and every incident in their relationship as friends, Muthu will be the notorious one,Muthu will steal, Muthu will lie, Muthu will cheat, Muthu will catapult the chicken,cat & dog. At times Chong joins him. Ali, will be monitoring the situation. Finally when Muthu & Chong pays the price for their actions, Ali will come in to the picture and advice them that they shouldn’t do this and that. Day in day out, this is what we have learned in Moral subject for that 10 years of my school life.

    I didn’t realise this till recently when i was engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine.Suddenly it stroked my mind, why would the education system want to do this?
    Is that a phycological warfare to undermine a certain races and to plant inferiority complex to certain group of people, so that they feel useless and helpless?
    My heart became very heavy when i recalled how inferior i felt towards other pupils of a different ethnic.I asked my friend after so long, why this happened to us?
    Innoncent child which was being indirectly suppressed and classified as the lier, cheater, robber and the notorious one.

    I’m sure there are many more implicit physcological suppression being implanted in our educational system.

    Please stop this killing!!! And save a soul from being phycologically affected.

    We Malay,Chinese,Indian,Iban,Kadazan, Bidayuh would like to live as humans not to be known by our color or religion.

    Mark Eswar


    Realising what they have done all these years is the first step.

    Now to put a stop once and for all to the divide and rule.


  48. Shanker

    March 27, 2008

    Dear Haris

    I refer to the interview by Tan Sri Khalid with MalaysiaKini –

    Of particular concern are the following statements:-

    1. Q – On Istana Zakaria, nothing has happened to that. Will there be any legal action taken?

    A – He (Ronnie Liu) has indicated to me that he will be looking at the facts again and we will have discussions with the Klang local council on the matter. Maybe then we will correct the situation.

    2. Q – The Penang state government has directed its leading government officers to declare their assets publicly.

    A – We’ll do it also. I think we’ve also made the same statement, but the timing of its implementation will take time.

    Q – Will they declare to you or directly to the public?

    A – I’ll have to ask my excos first. Some do not want to make their declarations public for family reasons.

    Q – Even the Barisan Nasional-led federal government is directing cabinet ministers to declare their assets publicly.

    A – Well, it’s up to my excos. If they feel they want to make it public, then we’ll make it public. But there are reasons for this, because they say they do not want to show their shareholdings to the public.

    Q – Doesn’t that raise questions regarding the excos’ transparency?

    A – No, no, no. They will give their details, but they do not want it to be public. There’s a difference. In some countries they do that. But most likely, we’ll make it public. I must get their agreement.

    My concerns:-

    1. Istana Zakaria – I am surprised that Tan Sri seems to be “careful” with his choice of words – “Maybe” then we will correct the situation?? There should be no “Maybe” but ” We Will”, upon finding wrongdoings??

    2. Why does there seem to be a rolling back of public asset declaration by certain exco? Before coming to power, everyone was so gung ho about it – now, sudah soften approach pulak?

    Answers such as – “timing will take implementation” (didn’t Badawi say the same thing bout the IPCMC when he too was “all for it” pre-GE 11?), or “Well, it’s up to my excos. If they feel they want to make it public, then we’ll make it public”

    The MB is the Chief. If he directs the exco to declare publicly, then should it be “up to my excos”?

    Perhaps you can offer your opinion.

    I must say that the “mood” & choice of Tan Sri’s replies seem very guarded, and I hate to say this – but BN-ish in some respects, such as above.


    Will try to make time to post my thoughts on this.

    For now, let me just say that I share your concerns


  49. Wisdom above

    April 1, 2008

    To MR. Harris Ibrahim,
    & To MR. singam

    Before we can form the next “Federal Government”, are you proposing to add these 2 clauses to the People’s Declarations for PKR,DAP,PAS ‘s Aknowledgement & Acceptance ?

    I know it is like talking to a brick wall, legally speaking.

    1)For the future, anyone offering to serve whether as MP or ADUN, should be required to sign a declaration that he represents all races and will not expect any racial quota in the fielding of candidates or elected representatives.

    2)BR candidates must agree not to ask for State exco posts or Federal cabinet posts .

    Keep up your good works.

    Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.


  50. SV Singam

    April 1, 2008

    Dear Wisdom Above,

    I can’t speak for Haris but my view is that, the People’s Parliament has gifted the People’s Voice and the People’s Declaration to our political representatives. Now it is for them to tweak these work-in-progress documents into their Party Manifesto and People’s Representative Guidelines or whatever.

    Our ongoing role is to monitor the work done, as individuals and as a party, by our representatives and make sure they are aware of how we think they are performing. In another article, Haris has explained the Representative Watch Committees that will be doing this. Do lend your support to this initiative.

    By the way, I realise you have addressed your message here to me as well because you are responding to what I wrote in Malaysia Today. I have to clarify that I am certainly not a voice of the PP. There are many here who have been around a lot longer than I have and who have a better understanding of the processes.

    Thank you.

  51. Dear Haris,

    2 April is International Autism Day and the month of April is Autism Awareness Month.

    I am a father of 2 handsome boy who suffer from autism, We have a parent support group at We are going to have an Art Exhibition of art pieces by autistic kids and also fashion show cum charity dinner on 27 April 2008, at The Westin KL.

    Could you please help in anyway to promote the event and if possible help to raise some much needed fund via the charity dinner.

    You can visit our website at (design and maintain by me) and download the event flyer.

    Best Regards

    P/S: I hope the online committee can come out to support our effort in Autism Awareness.


  52. raj raman

    April 12, 2008

    pls read my appeal to you at your khalwat and tango.
    i dont know how to reach blogs to your khalwat and tango to appeal to you regarding uthayakumar medical treatment.

  53. LOL it just occurded to my that the man in the picture “many colours one dream” looks like you! LMAO!


  54. raj raman

    May 7, 2008


    Pardon me,i am back into your blogs throu back doors(email)

    I have few question to ask you,

    1.When RPK is arrested,there are public outcry from bloggers donation,but the blogs owner never confirm the accounts number to wish account to donate.

    2.Bloggers put up the accounts number-what happen if its not true accounts(luckily its right)

    3.Should it be the blogs owner should varify the accounts number and give a comments the account number is the right one.

    4.This so called political motivated charges is a testing ground for the goverment to start harrassing the blogs owner and the bloggers.

    Is there any of the blogs owner prepare to face this if the is no proper information for donation drive to bail the poor guy out of bail?

    Next time maybe me,you or other blogs owner and the bloggers will subject to this kind of harrasment.Do your gang prepared to face it?May be you can financially and maybe some cant.

    Its a duty call for you and the blogs owner cum bloggers to set up a trust fund to bail them out ASAP.

    Dont wait the last moment to collect fund,pls start now.

    RAJ RAMAN.I AM SHOUTING TO EVERYONE ABOUT THIS FUND (SLOONE AND ANILNETTO) AND TO YOU.pls take note about this trust fund and malaysiakini should provide 365days free advert for this trust fund account number to be display because the bloggers and blogs owner is contributing to their readership.



  55. Paramjothy

    May 10, 2008

    I am very happy to have meet up with you at BUM 2008. It good to know that we have many good Malaysian who do a damn of good job by protecting the rights of the people of Malaysia. Without you guys i don,t know what will happen to the rights of the citizens. Keep up your good work and if you need any help please call on me. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    God bless

  56. Dear Haris Ibrahim and,

    Blogger out there. Just here to intro. ourselves and garner your support for a better society.

    We are a NGO comprising a group of concerned citizens who have formed this association namely, PEMALIK to highlight the plight and grievance of children and non-custodial parent who lose custody of their children due to an acronimous divorce.

    We are non-political and non-gender biased. We have over 50 members ranging from affected and non-affected individuals.

    We have a big and serious problem (involving emotions and family ties) due to the reason that many loving parents (either father or mother)are unable to get to se their lving children as a result of the contribution or reliance on Mlaysian Family Courts today.

    The mainstream news media does not any give prominence to our plight as we are questioning the integrity of the Caring Society system and fairness of the delivery system to the broken Family Unit.

    We are getting a growing resentment amongst the affected parent who do not get custody. They lose hope to see their children after for prolonged periods despite having court orders. There seems to a tendency of lot of bias practice and lacksidal attitude of those serving in the relevant Family depts..

    The respect for justice and fairness in Family Courts have diminished. THis is becos many have been barred from seeing their loving children by the selfish attitudes of Ex-spouse.

    The courts cannot /will not or unable to set the record straight. There is so much irregularities and it is obvious why people no longer have faith in the Legal system of Family Courts.

    We have the world biggest Court and our “Family” Courts is situated in this building. The “Family” Court as they cal it is really non-fully in existent in Malaysia apart from that fact “only in name”. A better name would be to call them “Kangaroo Courts’ if you know what I mean and many can vouch with this.

    Here we have got situations where a plantiff tells white lies under oath (a criminal offence) and despite the defendant having lodged a police report with evidence, witness and police investigaton – having established prima facie sufficient for a charge in court – no action has been forth coming even after 2 years. Telling lies under oath despite a Family Court matter is a serious Criminal offence and yet the Public Prosecutor office in Kuala Lumpur is fumbling with the IP for reasons best known to themselves and pushing blame back and forth with the police.

    We have got many more inappropriate matters that are taking place in Family Courts all nicely swept under the carpet as though everything is well managed and all under control. The truth is “good families” are being torn apart here – becoming a crime scene. Judges having a mounting amount of workload unable to handle cases proficiently. Lawyers being more motivated by money rather than and on human face is capitalizing on the weakness of the system.

    We are having a Forum themed : Psychological Issues Affecting Children of Parents facing Divorce/Custody Battles.

    Venue: Bar Council Kuala Lumpur on 24th May 2008 *:30 to 1:00pm. Admission is by registration on first come basis. We anticipate a turn-out of 100 to 120 persons. We got 5 expert speakers from Psychological Assoc. Welfare Dept. and Family Lawyers and concerned NGO participating.

    Plz check out our Website: http://WWW.PEMALIK.ORG For the readers as this is something new in Malaysia and very relevant to the young generation and couples.



  57. raj raman 666

    May 18, 2008

    yaa,i am back as the intruder whenever u approve my comments.

    Haris,u are very interesting guy and also very stuck up like me.
    well u create a large followers in People Parliments and posted a comments Boikot MSN.Well and good cause but i do maintained reading some MSN.(i have habit of reading whatever rubbish available whenever i am free).

    The points is today i read about you in MSN (STAR).
    Interesting topic u brought up and interesting view i like point out.

    Sometimes we lost in between when obsses of something we do,beetwen me and you the only differences is your legal points and writing skill to attract the readers and i as an intruder in your blogs with your approveD and moderated comments will follow up like a leech until the leech drop out.

    Anyway what i thought and what i want to say to you i cant put it in writing,because i am immplementer and you are the idealogies and immplementer.

    so,pardon me when i follow up some issue,please give me the previlleges to comments or take its out my comments.

    rajraman666.from different angle the illusion created by photo u look like indian,talk like indian but today MSN STAR u look like MALAY.

    Thats the illusion we create in our daily life from religions,races and championing human rights.HATS OF FOR U HARIS.I AM NOT A EASY GUY TO HANDLE UNLESS I DECIDE WHO HANDLE ME.

  58. Hi ! Bro Harris,

    Why “Grilled toyo” the former Selangor MB is still at large ??!!

    After so many wrong doings in his past…………. he is still making so much noise.

    Like he mentioned recently in his blog…..
    “Saya melihat cara pentadbiran kerajaan sekarang lebih bersikap “looking forward” dan bukannya “forward looking”. “Looking forward” lebih kepada mengharapkan yang bulat datang bergolek, yang pipis datang melayang. Untung sabut timbul, untung batu tenggelam. Kerajaan tidak ……………”

    He also mentioned that The PR government shouldn’t be wasting too much time in digging his past wrong doings and misdeeds.
    If we go by his logic that means all the criminals must be released from jail as their crimes were committed in the past.

    Why the prisoners are still rotting away in the jail waiting for their trial.

    Set them free …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why still waiting …….!!!!!!

    Be fair and square.

    Need your prompt action !!!


  59. Reference to the recent Sun article on the intention of Pooositon Women MPs to form a caucus to tackle Womens’ Issues – especially on the Maintenance Act – Section 95 of the LRMDA 1976 – requiring husbands to pay maintenance for children until age 18 (current practice), The SUN Pg. 8 News without borders 29th May’2008 refers.

    It is extremely regrettable to note that only Women MPs are involved in the caucus, what about the Male counterparts- why exclude Men from Family & Community? Letz not forget, we the people did not vote opposition into office to endorse predecessors mistakes ! Please DO NOT look at issues in isolation rather look at it in wholesome ! Common, face it. Talk to those who are enduring the current system ! This is no longer a gender issue.. it takes two to clap.. Furthermore our whole system from the Marriage Tribunal to our Family Court – various Sections in the Law Reform Marriage & Divorce Act 1976 and Child Protection Act 2001 needs amendment to conform with changes in today’s society. With the increasing Divorce rates and with only one “Family” court (in Kuala Lumpur) to handle many cases, can you imagine the trauma facing the children brought to court for a hearing at the behest of an affidavit, even to vary a custody order, amongst hardened criminals appearing in the same court and in public gallery? To make matters worse, divorce & custody battles in court take years (12 years is usual). With changes in the presiding Judges and numerous backlog of cases – do you think the Judge will be able to “judge” wisely. Yes, we agree maintenance is an issue but lets not oversimplify it – it is very complex and deep-rooted.

    Please refer to the 25th May NST Page 16 and Star Page N6 and the Blog sites of The BAR Council and PEMALIK (WWW.PEMALIK.ORG) regarding the Forum on “Psychological Issues facing Children of Parents facing divorce / Custody Battles” where most political parties in the vicinity were invited. This forum discussed not only psychological issues but also from the legal perspective in the current system of “Family” court.

    What we want is not merely to discuss the issue – it is to bring these problems to the fore and to create awareness of what is at stake and that SOMETHING can be done to alleviate the frustrations and misery of affected parents and children. We intend to create a platform for change i.e. do away with the antiquated laws that are not practical – resulting in prolonging the cases unduly with multi-affidavits, with PARENTAL ALIENATION taking place to WIN the battle, financial loss and resultant traumatic effects on the children.
    Statistics reveal 80% of Juvenile Delinquents and Prisoners come from broken homes in Malaysia, a situation similar to rest of the developed world. PEMALIK is a result oriented group – we intend to lobby our MPs to propose “An Early Intervention Project” – where couples intending divorce are guided & advised on issues such as custody, maintenance, education, upbringing and finance by a panel of experts comprising psychiatrists, psychologist, child welfare councilors. Here a “recommendation” will be then forwarded to the Judge for decision- making.
    The key to this project will be based on “Joint Responsibility” and not Custody. When adopted, it will save a lot of legal fees, time and preserve the Family Unit – children need both their father and mothers. Family issues not only affect the single mother, it affects the single fathers and most importantly their children and SOCIETY at large ! Letz be PRO-ACTIVE !



  60. raj raman 666

    June 1, 2008


    i gone glipse throu your posting last year april 2007.
    i will continue read your comments from previous posting of yours from day one u started your archieves.

    why? in between i want to see how consistent u are.
    i email this regarding sharing-sharing always brings up between comments about the law and lawyers.

    What sharing expecting from you, may be its petty issue from view point of u.
    But for sharing its something big and looking for justice
    As your followers like sharing in your blogs-at least as a lawyer u can advised sharing or you can refer sharing to someone u know that can help sharing to closed one bad chapter of sharing legal issue in sharing life.(i assumed that u never advised sharing,but if you did advised sharing and sharing refuse to accept,than its sharing problem)

    rajraman666.a buzy,busy bodyyyyy-bodies.Its ups to u to decide who am i.(ITS A COMPUTER GENERATED COMMENTS BUT IF U HAVE ADVISED SHARING,PLEASE IGNORED MY MESSAGE)

  61. I wish to highlight a caption above from a much favoured People’s Representative: Tan Seng Giaw who is now 58 year of age: October 24, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    People’s Parliament: I have signed. Let us fight for a truly independent judiciary.
    Tan Seng Giaw
    MP for Kepong

    Finally, this is a call from the voices of lots of people out there… we want fairnes.. Keadilan for the Rakyat.. today, there are many professionals happy to continue leaching from a poor system… Plz shed some new horizons to JUSTICE…


  62. FIREYE

    June 3, 2008

    The World is getting too hot.. Not only due to Global Warming.. more so due to the increasing Injustice… Poor Judgement from Divorcee Judges out to get even in from Family Courtz, Innocent victims of the agressive and cheating parents (cos argument remains dat it doesnt discredit em from being a good parent, though it’s obvious of adultery during marriage) rampant copycat of the Movie Sex and the City. Hollywood has spread across the world.


  63. JusticeBao

    June 4, 2008


    It is called JUST ICE

    What makes the greatest difference on how your day in a Family Court goes ? Yr facts? Yr lawyer? Yr Ex? Yr Children? Yrself? Answer: None

    Today, the single greatest factor on whether you receive JUSTICE is simply the JUDGE.

    We hear alot about it being delayed or denied becos of the whims of the JUDGE. Lets face it. TRUTH is JUDGES have their own problems and issues at hand and are too busy to care about YOUR MATTER. Don’t forget, JUDGES are humans too, and like most humans – they get influenced.

    Remember frenz. Nobody will understand or share the pain and suffering YOU are going thru’ apart from YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES !

    Most Family Lawyers know which Judges uphold the oath to be fair as well as those who do not. But they will not always share this information with you.

    Today, people need to know a little more about their JUDGE, or how a particular JUDGE has ruled previously.

    And finally, don’t you expect your LAWYER to tell you everything. Face it your finance and freedom maybe on the line !

    Sounds like Jumping from a Frying Pan into the Fire ! and while all this is happening, your chldren and you (non-aggressor) have to suffer in silence. This is what will happen when your spouse drags you in for divorce !
    If you don’t defend yourself YOU are doomed too !

    Justice Bao


  64. AngPow

    June 4, 2008


    We need a Judge like Justice Bao. One who will leave no stones unturned ! Nice to see him in action. Wish they bring back his movie and show it to us on prime time. Long live Justice Bao !


  65. Richard

    June 13, 2008

    Hi Haris,

    I read with interest a news report in CNN today that the citizens of Ireland are voting on the issuing of joining EU. It is written in the constitution of Ireland that its citizens be given the chance to vote on anything affecting the Irish constitution, which in this case is the EU treaty.

    So what has the Irish constitution got to do with Malaysians? A lot if I may say.

    In our recent election we, the voters have placed our voice in parliament and denied BN the 2/3 majority in the parliament. By right the citizens of this country should be rejoicing as BN will not be able change the Federal Constitution at their whim and fancy, something which they have done so in the past. The Federal Constitution is a very important piece of document for every single citizen of this country as our very rights are enshrined in the Federal Constitution. While BN not longer has the absolute power to change the Federal Constitution in the next 4 – 5 years, there is no guarantee that the next government will be denied the 2/3 majority. I don’t know about you but to me this is a very scary thought. During any election campaign, voters can talk about giving less than 2/3 majority to any party to form a government and opposition party holding the balance. However, if one is to really think about it who can really ensure that the voters give just less than 2/3 majority to any party. One voter may think that I will vote for the current ruling party and hope that other voters will do the opposite. Imagine the multiplier effect if every voter thinks the same way and in time we will see the current ruling party been given more than 2/3 majority. The same argument holds true for the opposition party.

    My point is that our constitutional rights is too precious to be put in the hands of any government, be it ruling government or opposition. I am sure you will that agree power corrupts which, ultimately would lead to disastrous outcome. So how do we protect our constitutional rights? I believe it is high time that the power to amend any constitutional rights in the Federal Constitution be returned to the individual citizens. This would mean that any changes in the Federal Constitution will not done by the Executives in the Parliament but rather through National Referendum. If the ruling government wants to propose a change in the Federal Constitution, they will have to convince the citizens why it needs to be changed. Similarly, the opposition party will have to argue out and convince the citizens why it does not need to be changed. Once the public debating for changes is over, the proposal to change shall then be put forward to the citizens of this country to vote. Some of the advantages of a national referendum are:

    * voters can weigh the pros and cons before voting i.e. voters will be able to make informed decision

    * our constitutional rights will never be left in the hands of a few parliamentarians

    * voters can vote decisively i.e. the 2/3 majority is no longer relevant

    * every citizens of this country will have a say in their constitutional rights

    * more well educated MPs be it from the ruling party or opposition party

    * more well informed citizen and voters with regards to their constitutional rights

    One of the disadvantages obviously will be the process will be long drawn out and costly.

    I do hope you will share my concerns. We have seen our constitutional rights been chipped away by the ruling government over the last 50 years and our constitutional rights are too precious to be left in the hands of a few parliamentarians.

    Just my thoughts and concerns. How do we go about instituting such changes, I will leave it to the experts as I am not one. Would like to hear your views on this matter.


  66. To all those who are fathering children wishing you a Happy FAther’s Day! The World recognizes your contribution and wish you well. To all the father’s who are unable to see their children due to an acronimous separation leading to or after divorce, please be patient. We at PEMALIK ( would like to work with you to get to see and be with your children for a good amount of time. Contact us and if possible join us to help single parents who miss their children.
    God bless!


  67. rajraman666

    June 18, 2008

    morning mr.haris,
    are u going to eat rawa tosai today with cow milK.?

    I already know you are the candle man who is burning yourself to improve mankind while you are melting.Times are a bit/alot bad.

    WHy NOT THINK OF RAISING FUND THROU PP FOR THE POOR-at least its more food than thought for the poor.

    I have done my small part and i dont like to ask money even after i completed my jobs.(so far nobody default any payment other than many moons ago when i did for corporate or cronies of BN)

    I can afford some $2k only to start the ball rolling (i have promised few other people some balance of my profits to be donated)(my big mouth said,but times are really slow,anyhow i will dig into my meagre personal savings if profits fails to sustain my big mouth to honour)

    SO MR.CANDLE,CAN YOU AT LEAST KICK A BALL ROLLING FOR THE POOR IN YOUR BLOGS.(your readers from my assumption is very loyal to you and i believe most of them can afford some donation)

    HOW TO DISTRIBUTE TO THE POOR?- its your problem to think because i always use proxy.

    rajraman-FOOD FOR THOUGHT- be4 u enjoy your rawa thosai today.

  68. Dear Brother Haris Ibrahim

    I am a regular visitor to your blog.Previously I use to comment under the pseudonym ‘a concerned voter’ but lately I changed it to ‘I like chopin’ because I found there are other commentors whose pseudonyms starts with ‘a concerned……..’Yes,to avoid confusion.

    Lately,our country was inundated by scandals after scandals such as the now infamous sodomy charges and the three SDs by RPK and Bala.I followed closely these developments on your blog and read all the comments from your readers.

    I began to notice that many of your commentors (excluding myself) are very pro PKR.No problem, except that they are beginning to sound almost on the brink of hero worshipping Anwar Ibrahim.They pinned all their hopes on this one man only and exclude the potential of other Pakatan politicians to help solve the country’s messes.I think,in the long term,this does not augur well for Malaysia.

    The people have idolised Mahathir for 22 years,calling him a man of great wisdom,courage and vision.A man the world look up to …blah….blah…blah…..UMNO’s dominance was endured by the people for 50 years.

    Today,you,I and the rest of the common folks are suffering as a result of the idolatry of a single leader and the acceptance of a dominant party.

    I have nothing personal against Anwar Ibrahim albeit being a victim of his racist policies when he is the Education Minister.Notwithstanding,I still came out fine and had long forgiven him.

    Somehow,my natural instinct told me that this man cannot be trusted completely,given his UMNO background.
    Who can give us the guarantee that AI is now a changed man who put nation above self?Who can guarantee that what he is doing now is for all of us, not just to take revenge or just eyeing the PM post.I think nobody,not even those closest to him.

    So,don’t you think it is naive or even dangerous just to put all our hopes on his shoulders?Yes,at the moment,we may lack capable or trustworty leaders,but isn’t it safer and wiser to fight in a group instead or doing a one man show?

    I sincerely hope or even appeal to Anwar to fight with his Pakatan brothers and sisters instead of fighting alone.50 years of abuses,corruptions and injustices are too much for a man to undo by himself.

    I really hate to think that Malaysia’s destiny lies in the hand of just one man.

    Someone by the name of Mr Smith wrote “He stands,we stand,he falls,we fall.”

    I really believed that even if he falls,we still need to stand firmly because this country does not belong to him alone.It belongs to all of us,anak anak bangsa Malaysia and our future generation.

  69. Hi Folks,

    Itz feels so gud to be able to share thots n jokes.. here is somethin on the lighter side. I wish for those Malaysians who can SEE this can make our country stand PROUD again!

    A blind woman sat on the steps of a building with a hat by her feet. She held up a SIGN, which said: ‘I AM BLIND, PLEASE HELP’ There were only a few coins in the hat.

    A man walking by took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the SIGN, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

    Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind woman. That afternoon the man who had changed the SIGN came to see how things were. The woman recognized his footsteps and asked, ‘Were u the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?’

    The man said, ‘I only wrote the truth. I said what u said BUT in a different way.’ What he had written was: ‘TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND I CANNOT SEE IT’

    Moral: Think differently and positively. Invite the people towards good with wisdom. Live life with no excuse and love with no regrets.. Life can give you 100 reasons to cry, show that you have 1000 reasons to smile. Face your past and handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Life is a mystery to solve not a problem to resolve. Enjoy Life.. and Make A Difference.. TQ. Visit: http://WWW.PEMALIK.ORG

  70. Harris,

    Hope you get well soon.
    Today is Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.What a lovely day! Doesn’t it put the BIG picture into perspective? That in the end, justice and truth will prevail.
    Your blog contributes hugely to the enormous effort required to uphold the rule of law.

    Best wishes.

  71. Hi Haris

    Someone came up with this brilliant one.


    Words Malaysians can incorporate into their daily lives:

    – meaning: To get back-stabbed.. i.e. People who have beenanwarized may
    contact the DPM’s hotline

    – meaning: To be stupified ………..i.e. Malaysians seem to be badawized by
    the media which reports biased news

    – meaning: To be blown to bits …..i.e. In this country, you better be careful
    with what you say, you can be najibbed otherwise

    – meaning: To be exposed ………..i.e. Lately the BN coalition has been petrad
    in many ways

    – meaning: To shout for no reason i.e. He kayjayed in the Dewan and appeared like a moron

    – meaning: To vanish suddenly i.e. They opposition balaed from the meeting in protest

    – meaning: To repeat redundantly i.e. The Information Minister lingamed the
    same rubbish in the debate recently.

    – meaning: To be caught on tape i.e. People have stopped using budget hotels as they are afraid of being soileked.

    As short Malaysian fiction :

    Altantuya was cold bloodedly najibbed after she attempted to petra Najib for
    anwarising her and not making the promised payments. Razak was badawized
    into covering up for Najib while Najib balaed from the scene. Razak was actually anwarized.. However Najib lingamed that he had nothing to do with it and has been kayjaying on the topic in an attempt to prove his innocence. Nevertheless, some quarters have been threatening that they have soileked evidence that Najib was involved.

    To Love Malaysia, is to know Malaysia”



    Whoever that someone is, hats off!

    Really made my day!

  72. Haris,
    Please remove that flag upside-down.
    Leave the flag alone!
    This isn’t the way …..

    That’s like saying the National Monument and every symbol of the nationhood which we aspire to has to be turned upside-down in protest!

    I’ve just put a black stripe under it …..

  73. Hi Harris,
    The Bar Council public forum on conversion to Islam on its premises were stopped on Saturday.
    We are the victims of clashes between religious parties.
    Have they ever thought whats going on, in the lifes of those affected by this cruel system?
    My wife changed her name and religion through her lawyer 20 years ago(1986) and converted to Indian from Indian Muslim. Her mother was a Christian and her father is an Indian Muslim. Her mom only converted to Islam a few years before she passed away, the reason being she wants to rest beside her husband.
    We did not face any problem until last year when we went to re-new our IC. Her IC was marked Islam. We went back to correct it but was rudely turned away.
    All her EPF, Socso, bank account etc were changed 20 years ago to her new name.
    Now this idiots are changing back all her documents according to her MY CARD details which states that she is a muslim whenever she goes to any goverment transcations.
    Recently her EPF account was changed by stating she is a muslim.
    Whom do we see or bring our problems to?
    Islam is a beautiful religion, but our politicians are actually playing with it like its another name of a game. These politicians are the culprits who dont even respect their religion themselves.
    You live with a person suka sama suka, and not suka sama paksa. Thats what the politicians are trying to tell the malaysians in 21 century.


  74. Haris,

    What is your view on Anwar Ibrahim’s declaration that he is a leader for all Malaysians?

    Bearing in mind his stand on Lina Joy, PKR’s attack at the Bar Forum and noting that he intends to use unethical means for forming the federal government.

    I see that many people,particularly in cyberspace, have absolute hatred for Mahathir and the BN. Such hatred blinds them into thinking employing unethical tactics by PR are justified.

    If we want to learn from history, we must get our act together. Start with a clean slate on an ethical footing.

    The Kedah MB’s directive that female Muslim models must have a tudung for billboard adverts in the state.
    PR’s silence on the Bar forum issue.
    PAS almost rabid opposition to any discussion on ‘conversion issues’.
    Selangor MB’s poor handling of issues such as the appointment of councillors and matters.
    Some PR MPs are spending too much time not being in Parliament.

    But yet I do not see this getting any ‘airtime’ in cyberspace. This one sided stand is what will kill us in the end. Because we are supporting PR uncritically. We did this with the Alliance and the BN for 50 years. Let’s learn something from history.

    When things are not running all that well at state level how can we expect anything better at Federal level? It might lead to chaos. PAS and PKR Islamic extremist will have a field day. Heck all concerts will be banned for starters!

    Time is a good teacher. PR needs to close ranks and learn how to govern the states before graduating to federal level.

    Also, Anwar was the one who, correct me if I am wrong, started the ‘you non muslims cannot use Islamic words like ‘Allah” etc back in the early nineties. He also closed Tamil and Chinese schools. Why aren’t all this being highlighted if we want to elect representatives that are transparent, honest and actually Bangsa Malaysia?

    Why are we practicing double standards? Is it because in blind hatred we are emulating the very object of our hate.

    Civil society is at a point of losing its objectivity.

    May sense prevail and may God take care of us all.


  75. chickenshit

    August 18, 2008

    Hi Bro,

    The time to change is here. Lets do it and show them that the people is pissed.

    My biggest concern is that will DSAI be able to pull this one out. After the by-election, DSAI should spend some time on strategies so that the coluntry will be able to have Pakatan leading us.

  76. wow looks like the shit has hit the fan bro, with mahatir wanting to come back. Looks like the effort put in by barisan bloggers is not in vain,well done.

  77. Dear Haris,

    I have created a somewhat new way of mobilizing civil right action. I created the plan and approach with the hope to play a part in freeing RPK, and by extension, in upholding the people right. The entry point to the plan/approach is this newly minted blog site: (it has only one article). I look for traffic. Could you please take a look if your blog site could host the article. Thank you.

    You can contact me at

    Shiou Loh


  78. Tony Hsing

    September 20, 2008

    Its a pleasure to meet you at the Forum After Permatang Pauh Is 916 An Opportunity For Change.

    I would like to seek your permission to link your blog to mine which I just started at

    Thank and best wishes.


    Honoured to be linked.

  79. Dear Harris,
    I wrote before here regarding my wife’s my card problem where it is marked ISLAM.
    Today at 1.30pm while having lunch in SS15, there were few guys went to her asking her IC to check whether she is a Muslim.
    She showed to them and said it is an error and she is waiting for correction.
    The guys told her that she will be taken to Subang Jaya police station for eating.
    While walking they said to her that the matter can “kowtim”, means they want bribe in this holy month of Ramadan. When my wife called me, I wanted to talk to the officer but it seems they just walked off saying never mind.
    So cheap of them and the goverment seems to go on deaf ears of our problems on the error in her my card.
    I am very sure that there are many more in same situation as my wife.
    The goverment is far more corrupted than I imagined.
    God never FORCED anyone to fast or follow his teachings. When they fast and believe from their heart thats pure believe.
    The sooner the Opposition takes over the better.



  80. One Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    October 7, 2008


    Got one idea.

    After reading about the Sessions Court judge who today ruled that RPK’s case can remain at the Sessions Court without being referred to the High Court, I realised that it would have taken quite a bit of guts on the part of the Sessions Court judge to come to that decision, at the risk of, inter alia, her career and future. I further concluded that this is perhaps a manifestation of some in the establishment, especially in this case the judiciary, to come to a conclusion and decision that they will no longer tolerate intervention.

    And then I read about the Perak Government’s plans to “seize” Kamunting, which I felt is a very good move.

    It then dawned upon me that there are certainly avenues which we can pursue to cripple BN, or rather UMNO.

    In my view, when we pursue strategies intended to see to it that ISA is repealed or that Pakatan be made the next Federal Government, we must be also sensitive towards the such realities as for instance, the Sessions Court judge’s “fear” in respect of the risks on her career and future.

    In this respect, if we can come up with strategies which can alleviate such fears, then such key individuals at this point in time in Malaysia will be able to make the right decisions without fear or favour.

    What we can do is to come up with a strategy to say convince Pakatan State Governments to provide the assurance such they can employ, in this instance, the Sessions Court judge, if she gets the sack or if she is given problems. Or we can line up relevant private sector companies, like publishers who may be willing to absorb such righteous individuals as say, writers, in the event the said individuals are marginallised.

    With such a safety net, which safety net should be established immediately and widely publicised, we will be steering the nation towards creating principled individuals who are not afraid of being ostracised.

    What do you think?

    916 Movement

    P/S: Below is a posting of mine in response to your “Open Letter to the Politicians who have Pledged to Cross-Over to Pakatan Rakyat”, which I somehow did not manage to post, and given the similarlity in the point I have raised, I am hereby posting the same here for your contemplation:


    Very good move.

    We should take this one step further by thinking as to how we can make it easy for them to cross-over.

    Let us step into their shoes, and for a moment, think as if we are them: “OK, we want to cross-over, but there are real risks. The moment we announce our cross-over, those guys will come after us, including giving us all sorts of threats. We cannot risk this, and hence, the best option is to work through Anwar, as once the Agong accepts our statutory declarations, and decrees that Badawi no longer commands the confidence of the majority of Parliament, the risk period which we will face would only be between the time the Agong makes the announcement and when Anwar actually takes over. However, if we go by just announcing the cross-over ourselves, we run the risk of not knowing when the others would make their announcements, and the long uncertain period before the Agong steps in. Sure, we believe that the present UMNO-led government no longer commands our confidence, but surely we must pursue the path which is most sensible and effective?”

    I say that these concerns are real concerns, and let us come up with strategies which will make it easier for them to announce their cross-overs. I believe that they would need to think of the safety of at least their immediate family members.

    If we are not careful in our plans, we run the risk of seeing another Bala, ie someone who declares the truth, and then disappears. (OK, fine, they disappear, and we can have bi-elections.)

    Let us brainstorm further to see what else we can do.

    Maybe we can offer them hideouts?

    Maybe we can suggest to them to send their immediate family members overseas immediately?

    Maybe we should come up with another petition to call upon the relevant MPs to act, perhaps in addition to hopefully the 3 petitions to the Prime Minister, Dewan Rakyat Speaker and Agong which were previously suggested.

    Maybe we get ready a blog where we can post up the statutory declarations of the said MPs (after Anwar presents to list of MPs to the Agong), that that all other Malaysians will know of the authenticity of their declarations?

    Whatever we plan to do, the cross-over has to be declared in one-go, and the declarations brought to the attention of the Agong immediately.

    As I see it, Anwar has got it covered, and so, where we come in is to support the MPs to make their declarations.

    Essentially, we need to come up with ways to show the said MPs that the Rakyat is behind them all the way, so that they can be assured of their security.

    Any other ideas, anyone?



  81. Common Man

    October 7, 2008

    Thank you so very much sir..thank you.


  82. One Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    October 7, 2008


    Further thoughts.

    We really would not want to have another case of Bala, who after standing up for what he felt was right, would have felt forsaken, to the extent that he would have asked: “Why should I have done this in the first place? I stood up for what is right, and now I am left alone in the lurch.” (If what Kickdafella has claimed is true, re the RM 5 million at British Isles, this means that we have lost the battle).

    In this sense, I’d say that Pakatan, or PKR, or Anwar, for that matter, failed to protect people like Bala.

    Similarly, this applies to the Imam who spilled the beans on Saiful. If it is such that he has been given a hard time since his revelation, he would be questioning himself as to why he stood up to be counted in the first place, and in the end, not many seems to bother.

    We can also say the same thing of RPK, a point which you have been making, in that we would not want RPK to feel forsaken as well.

    And we would not want this to happen, for if we do not provide a safety net or protection for those who stand up to be counted, we will be losing out on very good opportunities to ensure that the Pakatan Federal Government can be immediately formed.

    916 Movement

  83. haris;
    your blog says email me but when I did there was no reply. this is the second time that you have ignored my mail.

    i was just hoping that you will be able to hand over the mongolian letter which i emailed you to RPK and Marina when you go to court, as I am not able to do it, being here in Bangkok.

    i am sorry for disturbing you on this.

    it would mean a lot to RPK because he had met Altantuya’s dad before.

    as I have heard, i am not the only one you have not replied emails to. you may have your reasons, but i hope you will do this for RPK.



    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

    Scoured thru my mail and found yours. Sorry.

    Yes, will deliver the letter to Marina this evening.

    Sorry, again.

  84. Thanks Haris for your understanding.

    Will always find ways to do more for RPK.

    Just for your info, in case you are keeping tab of these things, FORUM-ASIA ( where I am attached to in Bangkok has sent a case fact sheet on RPK to the UN special rapporteur on human rights defenders. We did it for Teresa and journalist Tan.

    I do not know how far this helps, but it starts the ball rolling on the international campaign on RPK and ISA.

    keep up the great work on ISA 🙂


  85. One Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    October 12, 2008

    Hi Haris

    Anwar has said a letter had been sent to the Agong. Saifuddin Nasution has also said that Anwar’s letter to Badawi had been sent to the Agong.

    Hopefully, the Agong will decide soon.

    But what if he does not?

    Going by the principle where one would not generally bite the hands which feed you, unless you are very sure of something, it is likely that the Agong will not intervene, certainly not until the Dewan Rakyat Speaker has ruled on Anwar’s intended vote of no confidence in Badawi.

    I still think that we should launch the 916 Petitions (to the Prime Minister, to the Dewan Rakyat Speaker and to the Agong). Badawi will certainly not respond to the vote of no confidence, and it is likely that Pandikar Amin will say that the vote of no confidence is no longer relevant now that Badawi has agreed to step down.

    This leaves us with the Agong, and we must give him more reasons to intervene. Hence, the 916 Petitions can give the Agong a major reason to adjudicate as to who has the confidence of the Parliament and hence of the nation.

    916 Movement

  86. Dear Haris

    Finally got to meet you tonight. Arrived late due to a birthday celebration but I was accompanied by my son and sister-in-law. I was so glad to see so many still around.

    I’ll be early next time. I promise!

    It was so nice to be there even if it was only for half an hour.

    Still to shy to mingle but, given time, I’m sure I will do that.

    Thanks for coming up to us to say “hello”. We felt so welcomed!

    By the way, I’ve been a fan of your blog for almost a year now. Just wanted to mention it!

    Smiles, handshakes, hugs



    Smiles, handshakes and hugs back


  87. temenggong

    October 13, 2008


    Hindraf is pushing on with a seminar on ISA on the 18th Oct in KL. Speakers would be Gobind and Ronnie Liew. They like you and Marina to attend and speak. Please inform Marina too. Tks.


    Will relay to Marina and will get in touch with the organisers to confirm my agreement to speak


  88. My Oumrie

    October 13, 2008

    Hi Haris

    My first time at a vigil. My first time meeting you. Keep us informed of latest development.

    Cheers mate

    P.S. I’m not the fair maiden that you shook hands with last night…..but her friend and RPK’s friend too!

  89. Dear Haris,

    I am writing re article in MT on “Rulers: Dont Question Social Contract”.

    When loved ones highlighted to me last nite that Zaki had been appointed and the Rulers had issued a statement that we are not to question our Social Contract, my heart sank and I was deeply disheartened. What happened to our petitions to the Agung? What happened to our unceasing prayers that Almighty God would preserve and protect the Council of Rulers from external and unrighteous influence? I went to bed with questions in my head, seeking sleep.

    In my usual early morning personal time with the Lord, I asked Him for His wisdom and understanding. Having boycotted the MSM,I proceeded to MT and read the above press statement in its entirety. I felt a surge of hope rising in my breast. Surely all is not lost.

    Personally, I see the Rulers’ Press Statement as a positive note that reinforces the Federal Constitution and what is enshrined in it for ALL citizens of the nation. We have in our blogs not disputed the Federal Constitution and its original terms; we have not disputed the “special position of the Malays” but what we have questioned is the concept of “Ketuanan Melayu” that politics and the Umnoputras have insidiously paralleled in. We have no fight with Islam being the official religion for ceremonies of state, or Malay being the national language, and I am glad that the statement reinforces their role as head of govt and states and “as a protective umbrella ensuring impartiality among the citizens”.

    However, I felt concerned with the commentators’ postings to that article that seemed to spell “giving up” on the Rulers and our nation. No!! Please do not do that! Please dont give up because of the Zaki appointment. Let the small fight go…but lets press in for the bigger battle!

    Years ago, under a certain tyrant, we turned our faces away when the Rulers constitutional position was attacked. In their press statement today I see them as strongly reinforcing their constitutional position and role and we must see the bigger picture, dont react blindly and cave in but stand strong and support their stand to reinforce their position as Rulers over ALL the citizens of their states and the Agung over the nation. I read this statement as one that establishes the sovereign state and constitutional role of the Malay Rulers ( NOT Malay leaders!) or Council of Rulers.

    I note that they have cautioned ALL quarters who have questioned or disputed “these matters, which formed the primary basis for the formation of Malaysia and are enshrined in the Federal Constitution, (which) had caused provocation and uneasiness among the people.” I see them as being fair in their caution to ALL even in the paragraphs that followed after.

    I believe that the MSM would highlight selected parts from the entire press statement and provide fodder for twisted minds to read this whole statement askew and feel betrayed by our Malay Rulers and Agung. But I urge our fellow anak bangsa Malaysia to read through the press statement again carefully before losing hope and reacting. Ultimately, remember that our hope lies not in any man, whether he is Badawi, Anwar, RPK, Agung or Sultan…but our hope lies in the Almighty God who has His own timetable and ways. Nothing can ever be hidden from His eyes. Every deed done in darkness will be brought to the light. Have we not been seeing this the past months? Every conspiracy and scheming, God has exposed and overturned… through courageous people He has raised up in this hour…people like you, Haris – & RPK, Zaid Ibrahim, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Karpal Singh, Gobind Deo, Anwar, Guan Eng, Kit Siang and many many more…even ordinary anak2 bangsa Malaysia who are standing up today to make a difference, no matter how small. We must always strive to give our best and leave God to do the rest. He is in absolute sovereign control…and yes, even in the affairs of government. His way! His time! I am hopeful for our beloved nation! Daulat Tuanku! God bless Malaysia.


  90. Mahendran

    November 6, 2008

    Hi Haris

    this my first visit to your blog. you claim that you are anak bangsa malaysia ok no problem for me, but why you’re flying Malaysian flag upside down.I don’t think any Malaysian like that. you can be angry with anybody not our Malaysia flag.


  91. Hello Haris. ~ I’ve watched you and have kept up with your writings. I am really glad we have people like you who fight for a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

    I’ve also attended most of the Candlelight Vigils in PJ. I missed the one where there were arrest. But while a little hesitant, I showed up for the next one in PJ Civic Centre.

    I watched the crowd, listen to talks and sharing by you, RPK and Theresa and really appreciate that you guys are truly patriots.

    But two things struck me abt the gathering.
    1) “If one tree falls in a forest, did it actually fall?”. I wonder sometimes if we are “shock sendiri”. Is this being picked up and recorded for the masses to know of this struggle for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians?
    2) “Are we just singing to the choir?”. I see mostly the same faces and mostly non-malay faces. Is this seen to be a non-malay issue? How do we truly reach the hearts and heartland of all Malaysians?

    Not to sound negative in an already negative situation, I just hope there is a bigger plan above all these gatherings. Because to me over time, people will lose interest because people are just people. I just truly hope there is more to what we’re doing than just doing.

    But don’t get me wrong. Please continue because something is better than nothing. I just wanted to share my ponderings.

    Also, do bring a soap box the next time to stand on. … ; ) Nik V

  92. Haris what are your thoughts on the bkt antarabangsa tragedy,i have noticed that nobody from the local councils are held accountable-WHY.Sometimes i feel that the day we make this guys accountable things will fall in place and punish also especially the officers and ydp’s who were there during the approval period.
    Actually bro it is the entire civil service has gone astray when you have one single race to dominate it.My dad who was in the civil service during the period when it was a mixed balance used to say that every one race used to watch over one another to maintain a check and balance system.
    Just a point for Malaysia to get itself back to the right track.


  93. temenggong

    December 21, 2008

    Dear Haris,

    It was inappropriate and politically incorrect to sing church hymns at the Vigil last night. Those were church hymns and not neutral songs. At least three persons commented about that to me. Someone almost went up to speak about it but I stopped him. BN should not hear of this!

    Its not appropriate to sing those songs to a crowd consisting of taoists, buddhists, hindus and muslims. Lets nip it in the bud before some imam too wants to give a speech and read arabic verses and turn the Vigils into a Religion Sales & Promotions Counter. Lets keep religion completely out of socio-political events.

    I know no harm was meant. But let us not allow any party to hijack it. It usually starts this innocuous way, then gets hijacked.

    Please forward this message to Richard, Zorro and others too. Delete this message as you see fit.

  94. Bro just wondering couple of days no news are you on holiday,well was just reading the that mad big dog trying to get at jed yong with a police report lodged today. It looks like Malaysia has a new past time, lodging police reports.


  95. One Anak Bangsa Malaysia

    February 18, 2009


    Let us get down to this right now!!!

    916 Movement

    916M: Move to Dissolve the Perak State Assembly NOW!!!

    Sivakumar, BRAVO!!!

    So, what are you waiting for?

    With BN down to 21 (=28 – 7) + 3 BN-Friendly Assemblymen, they have a total of 24, which is less than Pakatan’s 28. (We bet that Hee Yit Foong would not have the guts to attend the Assembly, possibly too with Osman and Jamaluddin, and we could end up having Pakatan 28 against BN 21.)

    Get DS Nizar to move a motion to convene an emergency State Assembly session to resolve the following 5 substantive motions:

    * That the State Assembly recognises DS Nizar as the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak
    * That the State Assembly hereby states that DS Nizar was unconstitutionally removed as the Menteri Besar of Perak
    * That the State Assembly hereby states that Zambry was unconstitutionally appointed as the Menteri Besar of Perak
    * That the State Assembly hereby moves a vote of no confidence in Zambry as the unconstitutionally appointed Menteri Besar of Perak
    * That the State Assembly be hereby directs DS Nizar as the incumbent Menteri Besar of Perak to seek audience with DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah to seek consent for the immediate dissolution of the Assembly

    GO FOR IT NOW!!!

    916 Movement


    Posted by admin

    Wednesday, 18 February 2009 19:31

    By Shannon Teoh, The Malaysian Insider

    Perak state assembly speaker V Sivakumar has suspended Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six state executive councillors from the state assembly for 18 and 12 months respectively for contempt of the assembly.

    In a printed statement released to the press this evening, Speaker V Sivakumar, as chairman of the committee, said that this was because the seven BN lawmakers failed to give any explanation during the inquiry convened after Wong Kah Woh (DAP-Canning) had last Thursday made an official complaint.

    “I have decided to bar Datuk Zambry with immediate effect from attending any assembly session for the next 18 months and the six exco members have also been barred for 12 months,” stated Sivakumar.

    Earlier, Wong told reporters that he had “presented my complaint against the appointments of Zambry and the six excos which were unconstitutional before the committee,” before leaving the inquiry held at the state secretariat.

    Arriving at 3pm, Zambry and his six state executive councillors spent just half an hour before the state assembly’s privileges committee before leaving without speaking to reporters today.

    The committee remained holed out in a meeting room at the state secretariat after Zambry and his exco left and exited at 6.30pm.

    Sivakumar was quizzed as to whether he or the committee had the power to suspend the assemblymen without first bringing it before the assembly as he left the state secretariat building.

    “I will notify the assembly,” he told reporters before leaving in his car.

    When Sivakumar had told the press last Saturday that the committee was summoning Zambry and his exco, he had said that the committee can only carry out an investigation and table a report and proposal at the next assembly sitting for the assembly to decide on.

    Referring the BN government to the committee is one of Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) last-gasp strategies to reverse the Feb 5 power grab masterminded by BN chairman-elect Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    The ousted mentri besar, Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin has also filed a legal suit in the Kuala Kumpur High Court to declare Zambry’s administration illegal.

    The privileges committee is made up of PR assemblymen with only one representative from BN, Temenggor’s Datuk Hasbullah Osman who was absent from today’s hearing.

    The six exco members are Perak MCA Youth chief Dr Mah Hang Soon (Chenderiang), Perak Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin (Sungai Manik), Hamidah Osman (Sungai Rapat), Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid (Kamunting), Datuk Ramly Zahari (Manong) and Datuk Saarani Mohamad (Kota Tampan).


  96. TQBANG

    April 7, 2009

    The game has been going for a long time…… corruption in piiidiiirrrrmmmmm. check out the 3.5mil heist in KLIA why wasnt the six suspect not put in jail? why their case was NFA by s`gor police. RM 750,000 paid to u know who “mr blur” and all the known goons in law for their release. check out this story. Kugan tak bayar la…..


  97. CYanamid

    April 30, 2009

    Please start a movement to donate to a fund to sue the 17 foreign magazines which defram our PM Najib.
    Can this be done?


  98. Karibup

    May 4, 2009

    Hi there
    I don’t want to be a pain in the ass, but i think that the picture of the upside down Jalur Gamilang is pushing things a bit too much. I know that the country is screwed up politically, but the flag still needs to be respected. It symbolizes the people of the country. I know your cause against the politicians, but the Jalur Gemilang does not symbolize those politicians. It symbolizes Malaysians, and defacing the flag in that manner is just defacing us Malaysians.

    All i’m sayin is that you fix the orientation or take down the whole picture all together.



  99. Tongkat Pak Ali

    May 29, 2009

    Brother Haris Ibrahim
    I am quite new to your blogs since all these while I am more engrossed with RPK and Kickdefella and four others favorite of mine………Well it seems okay to me and I like your style……Hope you don’t mind should I write few comment in your blogs from time to time…….Thank you


  100. Hiu woong sin

    July 23, 2009

    Hi Harris,
    We, the concern malaysians in UK would like to syn with you on the 1st of aug when you organize the anti-ISA rally in KL, our location is in London and decision on precise location is still in discussion, our choices are Hicom, MSD or msia tourist board at trafalgar sq, you can keep update at my facebook. would like to know if you intend to have T-shirt for the occasion, would really like to buy as many as I can get in response to the on going responses from my UK network who will be participating.
    hope to hear from you soon.


  101. Siebel

    July 29, 2009


    You are really a kind soul, helping the Rakyat regardless of creed or colour.

    I just got to know about your blog today after reading the article on Gunasekaran. I feel so sad and helpless after reading it, and badly affected by such unjust death.

    I believe what you put out comes back all the time no matter what. And, what comes back to you will be multi-folds and it will be happiness, love, health and wealth in abundance.


  102. Hi ! En Haris, I am very glad, that someone like is out there reaching out to all Malaysians, who truely feel Malaysians at heart.

    Well done keep up your good work.

    Thanks……. V.J.

  103. A hundred wrongs cannot make a right.
    It time for all wrong doers to have their Day.
    Truth does not come easy – Read Mahabharatha.
    Justice is spelt JUST ICE.
    Always eviils wins on the 1st round.
    Surely but sure truth will catch-up… by then
    the wrong-doers will run with their tails betw their legs.. believe you me..

  104. hi Haris,

    im a big fans of you..ur simply amazing. erkk did u have any forecast for this super sunday game Man U vs Ars?? Ur prediction on Spurs vs Liv still amazed me:)


    Err, the crystal ball ahs had to go in for an overhaul

  105. Hi Harris n readers, Happy 52nd Merdeka!

    Many social issues to bring out. What I choose to highlight for now is that I wonder why Women groups who have been vociferous on women issues and equality in all sectors but choose to remain quiet on starking issues surrounding broken families. It is clearly reported that throughout the developed world, increasingly a high percentage of children are being abused by mothers. Even many men also get abused by their wifes emotionally and physically too goes unreported.

    We also have women lawyers in the city portraying themselves as champions for gender equality protecting disadvantaged poor women to gain popularity for themselves. Ironically then when it comes to handling divorce cases, such women lawyers take on cases of women who have millionaire husbands. They turn down deserving cases from poor women who have been abused and bullied by bad husbands. They charge high fees and a percentage of what they get to fleece for these wives from honest milionaire husbands and fathers of children. They also deprive such rich professional men from the love of their chidren. This is intentionally done as a means to their goals. These slimy evil vultures living amongst the civilised society drive expensive BMW’s showing off their ill gotten gains to society. We ought to weed em out.



  106. M.Naser Taib

    September 7, 2009

    Dear Harris,
    Btw, were your two brothers,the late Ismail Ibrahim who was a senior police officer and his brother, the late Nasir Ibrahim. Curiosity, bro!!

    M.Naser Taib,

    No, bro

  107. Dear bro. Haris, As a lawyer exactly know whats going on here. It cannot continue like this. The LRMDA 1976 and the system of taking a spouse(usually applicable to a rich husband) to the laundry in Family Courtd for Divorce damages must come to an end. Some unscrupulous lawyers are leaching off families by ripping their clients for a divorce settlement. THe BAR Council must put a ceiling figure for representation and affidavits(and not minium charges). These slimes dislike the idea of introducing Mediation to warring couples and instead prefer to take advantage of an antiquated system. It’s a shame that SmartS in the Ministry, Women NGOs championing women rights and relevant people are numb about this.. A close fren on mine is a victim of such action and he was unable to pull out from that lawyer becos too much info. was already with his money greedy lawyer. That lawyer ripped off RM150K just for a custody that took 5 year to resolve. What say you Haris!

  108. Kudos to our CJ.. He is shedding some light finally. In his latest move any lawyer who brings up to court with FRIVILOUS issues can have it be thrown out by ay presiding Judge and that Lawyer be charged with COST.. not the party whom the lawyer represents.. Thus is fantastic move by the CJ. Lawyers many times add fuel to a trivial problem faced by society rather than help resolve em amicably. Take one Custody Dispute where a lawyer rips off a man with RM150K.. and the woman another equal RM150K amount. For the average family in Kuala Lumpur facing disputes here is my advise the last thing you ever do is go see a Lawyer to resolve your difference with your spouse.. Both may end up coughing a total of RM300K to these vultures in society.. An Ah Long is far better than these professional vultures..



    January 29, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    What an article on MAHATIR.

    I have always voted for the Bn and was not able to vote for BN at the last election, THANK GOD….

    I have just stopped buying my 2 fav papers The Star and NST..going cold turkey.

    Have started to enjoy reading the news on the iphone and laptop… the best investment i have done.

    Am waiting for the next election so that I can vote wisely…..

    Have started telling all my relatives and staffs on how and why we should not migrate yet AS WE CAN SAVE MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS.

    Thank you for Mr Harris…a superb blogging…Keep it up and keep it coming as you are doing this world a great service

  110. Hi
    I watched your “I am a Malaysian” with intensity. I am impressed with your very captivating talk to say the least.

    My conclusion, which has always been the case, is that Malaysia will never change no matter what for so long as the majority of the populace will not change. And by this statement, I mean the bumiputras.

    I have seen enough and I have followed enough, plus I am convinced that the chinese in particular will always support for change (well, at least the majority of them). The ball is really on the court of the bumiputras.

    The real Tsunami will only come if the bumiputras change their mindset to fight for the 4 discernible “constitutions” of a modern society that you have so outlined vis-a-vis the “ancient tribe” conditions that we are in fact living in.

    I think you all, the champions of us have done enough, but only enough for the people who are exposed to cyberspace or what has been termed as the alternative MSM.

    What we really need to do is to go down to the villages, to the poor and convince them the same.

    Without this, GE-13 can only be a Kahuna more so than a Tsunami.

    HS and Sibu are just two manifestations of the current situation in Malaysia. On the one hand is the proud chinese majority constituency that cannot be bought with money. On the other hand, is the hardcore poor malays who can be bought with money, not because they were greedy but more so because they are an impoverished lot and survival and food on the table mean more to them than all the talk.

    They are the result of the doing of “an elite elders” of a tribe and for over 50 years, they have been subject to such brainwashing and exploitation.

    As you have so rightly said so, these so called pendatangs came here to eke a living long ago. And if their “mother-by-law” treated them well in the beginning, they would have been more faithful and continued to plough back all they have earned to build up this beautiful country.

    Negaraku will stay true to their hearts. The impoverished malays today will definitely get a rub off from the immense wealth that would have been created and generated.

    In my reckoning, we would have definitely performed above Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

    Now that we are tailspinning and heading towards a major disaster come 2020 when we are well into being a net importer of oil, the only recourse is to save our poor malay brethrens in the rural areas and lift them up from the prolonged exploitation and marginalisation of their current state of affairs. We need to be able to convey the all important message to them that not the chinese nor the indians that are a threat to them but on the contrary, it is the people of their very own kind that have been lying and exploiting them all these years, all in the name of their skin and colour.

    And the message has to come strong and resounding. And in my humble opinion, this can only be carried out by none other than PAS themselves and the learned malay folks from the urban areas.

    In my analysis, the Tsunami of GE13 lies a lot in the hands of PAS. If they do well to convince the bumiputras in the villages, we will definitely see a Tsunami of change for the better of this place called negaraku.

    And I have said this with the exclusion of the Indians because they will continue to be a 50:50 lot or thereabouts. And this is so because 50% of them suffer from a somewhat similar but worse condition than our impoverished, exploited and marginalised rural malay brethrens – where food on the table is also of paramount importance. They have been a so oppressed and marginalised lot that voting for BN or the opposition has no meaning to them other than food on the table. And to be given cash as a treat once in 4 to 5 years is something that they will always cherish and long for above everything else.

    We cannot blame them for what they will do (i.e., vote for the incumbent), for they will never understand. In fact, it is our duty, the learned and informed ones, that should be going down there talking to them
    and making them understand that if they for once refuse the monetary gift in the next GE, they will indeed see food on the table more often than ever before. That they all have to understand that if they tick the right box, only then will they see the future.

    We have about 2 years or so to do this and do we must to create the Tsunami.


  111. temenggong

    June 1, 2010

    Haris, I wonder if you have read this:

    Poor and hungry children eating sand

    Nobody in the alternative media seems to care. Hindraf has been shouting out the critical levels hardcore poverty has reached in the lowest segment of the Indians but no one seems to care. Nobody seems to understand the words ‘critical’ levels. What kind of society have we become?

    This is the end result of NEP induced discrimination and marginalisation; someone down the road pays for it, and the shame befalls all of us.

    All the alarms are going off! I don’t think the Indian community can take it anymore.


    • Sharing

      June 1, 2010

      From the Start of the “Independence”, People has been unconsciously racially driving such that parties were started to suppose of taking care of their own races. Like MIC for Indians, MCA for Chinese and UNMO for the Malay. Unfortunately, they were manipulated by their top people for powers and benefits among their goodies, ignoring the many they had the obligations to take care of.

      Why the Indians should come into such a situation? They should think carefully that being racial is the cause of being marginalized. The worse, of course, is they had chosen the wrong leader for the past 20-30 years or more.

      In fact, such a racial consideration also marginalizing the Chinese and Malay. Having the society splitting at least into three instead of joining force for a Fair Malaysia.

      For a Harmonic society, mutual understanding, respect and co-operation are basis and to be based in fairness for common goal – the stability of the society.

      How often Indians cares for other races in Malaysia? in compare with other races? Even Hindraf is started by a number of well educated lawyers, they still do not understand, Malaysia means for ALL and not just Indians. The Hindraf has given out a DAM WRONG SIGNAL to other Malaysians. The Indians must correct it.

      Why Indian children should end up in such situation? Are there Rich and powerful Indians to help? I believe it may not be the lacking of kind people. But, the lacking of confidence to give help!!

      A client has paid one of the Hindraf lawyer’s brother for a court case with much deposit than he had proposed. However, it was dragged with no concrete work done, always has email broken down and cannot even put the parties right or even missing cause of actions in the Statement of claim and even stay away from confirmation that a draft was sent from him.

      Same to an Indian lawyer who took 20,000 as deposit from a clients, did nothing, including not going to court but assaulting clients in his office.

      If Indians are having better credibility, they should be better off and be able to help others or received help from others if they are in problem.

      No people are borne to be marginalized!! CAUSE & EFFECT!!

      People have to learn how to stand up right before any help to come. Or, better still be prepared to help others!!


      • Sharing

        June 2, 2010

        Selfishness are the main cause of today’s Malaysia. Even with the ignorance of own Duties or Professions. Ignoring the facts that we are living in a Society depending the Sharing of Jobs and Affections or Cares from each others. Depending on a Harmony Society for Generations to come. People are here, Not only for today, BUT, to have a Future. A Future of Stability and NOT a matter of Fortune, Power or Fame.

        HOW OFTEN STABILITY OR HARMONIC been the Targets by the Politicians in Malaysia?
        How often one cares to think about the next Generation that FAIRNESS is the Basic for ALL? Such that FAIRNESS are to be applied in Each & Everyone’s Daily Life? All are about Human Rights.

        When those who are well-educated, professional and having the power do not care, this brings what Malaysia is today!!
        Its works by Greediness and Not Fairness nor Laws!

        1. A young graduate lawyer dares to puff the house buyers with laws and get pay for doing what should be the duty of the Developer. He did not do the job for 18months and dares to raise a Defamation case against the Clients.
        2. The Bar ignore the proper procedures, siding the lawyer even when complained.
        3. Three Lawyers in sequent did not do their jobs for a proper defense, twisting the facts or procedures or even not going to court.
        4. A senior lawyer, a member of DB and once the master of the lawyer, told the clients to run away from the Defamation case.
        5. 4-5 Judges allowed the case to drag for 6 years and allowing lawyer not attending court for 2 years.
        6. High Court Chief Judge and Chief of Justice keep silence and finally said the case was settled with no hearing,

        Other lawyers were engaged and paid, including a young criminal lawyer who uses his book on a case as namecard. And, they did not do any work. A Penang Indian lawyer was engaged, but, after opening file, the client was told to pay 25,000 without giving the Pro and Cons of the case and drag with meetings. His father, being a senior lawyer on wheelchair,told the client to go to KL from Penang to discuss the case. On arrival he told the client HE DID NOT want to do it!! Should seniority, professional, a victim of traffic accident make him realized what should be for the Society or Professional, especially when he is a senior Politician?

        Have anyone of these “well educated”. “professional”, “having a Duty to performed” been contributing to the Fairness and Harmony of the Society?

        Can Malaysia has its way out?

        20-30years to go!! if and only if those rots are gone!!

  112. Whitelies

    July 30, 2010

    Ling was Long Sick. Finally decides to defend his guilt over PKFZ. Might as well sell whatever honour that is left for money sake. The community he stood for was on for money too. That’s the state of affairs in our beloved country. We are the fools doing all this crap.


  113. E K Poptani

    July 31, 2010

    Dear Haris,

    We are only thinking of either I am an Indian or Chinese or Malaysian.

    Can we take a quantum leap and start the bam rolling in thinking we are earthlings? I think it is just too far fetched… N wishful thinking.

    Keep up the good work


  114. SickJudiciary

    September 14, 2010

    Yesterday, this Father was put to Jail for 2 months or pay RM20K for contempt and pay RM400 per day delay in handling over his relectant daughter to a bent mother reruneing from UK. – It was a Black Monday 13th Sept for all fathers in Malaysia. Read and make your leaned opinion and stand-up to this Stomp this bad pratice in Malaysian Judiciary. Mind you, there is lack of justice for fathers today!

    Friday August 13, 2010
    I don’t want mummy, says girl in custody fight

    PUTRAJAYA: It was a heart-wrenching scene at the Court of Appeal here when three appellate judges tried to persuade an 11-year-old girl to give her mother a second chance.

    Low Bi-Anne had initially refused to meet her mother Tan Siew Siew, 37, when the custody battle case was called up. The mother has been given custody of the child.

    However, Bi-Anne, who was in tears, sat close to her father, real-estate negotiator Low Swee Siong, 40.

    Upon hearing submissions by the parties, Court of Appeal judge Justice Sulong Matjeraie, who chaired a three-man panel, asked the girl to give her mother a chance to show her love.

    “Your mother came all the way from England to see you,” he said.

    Justice Mohamed Apandi Ali told her: “Your mother took care of you for nine months. Give it a try.”

    Upon hearing this, Bi-Anne said: “She took care of me for nine months but my father took care of me for 10 years.”

    Justice Jefrey Tan Kok Wha told the girl: “I am sure (both your parents) love you equally.”

    The girl then wept and said: “I don’t love her.”

    Lawyer T. Susamma, who acted for the girl’s mother, said her client was heartbroken at not having access to her daughter.

    Susamma applied to the Bench for the girl’s father, Low, to surrender her birth certificate and all school records.

    Counsel Chan Kah Ling, who represented Low, requested that the court give them 14 days or a month to comply with the order.

    Justice Sulong ordered that the birth certificate be given to Tan within seven days.

    The couple married on Aug 2, 1999. When they divorced on June 19, 2006, the custody of the girl was given to the father.

    After two years, the mother applied for custody.

    On Aug 6, 2008, High Court judge Justice Hinshawati Sharif ordered that custody of the girl be given to the mother and the father be given reasonable access. However, the order could not be executed because Bi-Anne did not want to go to her mother.

    On July 27, the father appealed to the Court of Appeal against the lower court ruling but later withdrew it. Yesterday was the execution of the High Court order for the custody of the child to the mother.

  115. What a shame to all Maalysians, REFER to the story on the custody battle for an 11-year-old girl (The Star, Aug 13). As a mother I can understand Tan Siew Siew’s yearning to have custody of her daughter.

    However, what I cannot understand is why did the Court of Appeal still grant custody to the mother when the poor girl stated in no uncertain terms that she did not want nor loved her mother.

    I had to choke back my tears when I read Bi-Anne telling the judges: “She took care of me for nine months, but my father took care of me for 10 years.”

    Obviously, the father-daughter bond must have been so strong and the father’s sacrifice so great that even an 11-year-old child has the wisdom and maturity far beyond her years to utter the truth – right from her heart.

    If Tan truly loves her daughter, she should give up the custody battle.

    I have seen how many of today’s fathers are epitomes of the ideal father – too many to mention.

    I strongly feel that our law must recognise the ability and importance of the fathers in raising a child, and mothers should not have over-riding rights in any custody case hereafter.

    There are many women who divorce because they want to have independence and fun.

    When they are dumped by their boyfriends, they try to patch things up, return to their husbands; and failing which, want to have custody of their children.

    Although the father got custody of the girl previously due to consent bythe mother when the girl was a toddler, the court should take into consideration the welfare of Bi-Anne today – – but sadly it does not.

    Instead, the courts allows the mother to blatantly remove this poor girl away from Malaysia and the father as well. What kind of system do we have here.. THe father unfairly put to jail. Time you stnd-up and voice your stand. There is no room for sexist laws in Malayian Family courts.


  116. E K Poptani

    September 14, 2010

    Law of the jungle? That’s what it’s all about?

    The mother left the child at age 2 and now wants her back?

    In all fairness the child does not want the mother … Respect her wishes bravo to a father who has brought this jewel up.

    The judges do knot make any senses, if in medieval France it would have been oft with the heads.I think?

    What say you?


  117. KanagarooCourts

    September 20, 2010

    Friday August 13, 2010
    I don’t want mummy, says girl in custody fight
    PUTRAJAYA: It was a heart-wrenching scene at the Court of Appeal here when three appellate judges tried to persuade an 11-year-old girl to give her mother a second chance.
    Low Bi-Anne had initially refused to meet her mother Tan Siew Siew, 37, when the custody battle case was called up. The mother has been given custody of the child.
    However, Bi-Anne, who was in tears, sat close to her father, real-estate negotiator Low Swee Siong, 40.
    Upon hearing submissions by the parties, Court of Appeal judge Justice Sulong Matjeraie, who chaired a three-man panel, asked the girl to give her mother a chance to show her love.
    “Your mother came all the way from England to see you,” he said.
    Justice Mohamed Apandi Ali told her: “Your mother took care of you for nine months. Give it a try.”
    Upon hearing this, Bi-Anne said: “She took care of me for nine months but my father took care of me for 10 years.”
    Justice Jefrey Tan Kok Wha told the girl: “I am sure (both your parents) love you equally.”
    The girl then wept and said: “I don’t love her.”
    Lawyer T. Susamma, who acted for the girl’s mother, said her client was heartbroken at not having access to her daughter.
    Susamma applied to the Bench for the girl’s father, Low, to surrender her birth certificate and all school records.
    Counsel Chan Kah Ling, who represented Low, requested that the court give them 14 days or a month to comply with the order.
    Justice Sulong ordered that the birth certificate be given to Tan within seven days.
    The couple married on Aug 2, 1999. When they divorced on June 19, 2006, the custody of the girl was given to the father.
    After two years, the mother applied for custody.
    On Aug 6, 2008, High Court judge Justice Hinshawati Sharif ordered that custody of the girl be given to the mother and the father be given reasonable access. However, the order could not be executed because Bi-Anne did not want to go to her mother.
    On July 27, the father appealed to the Court of Appeal against the lower court ruling but later withdrew it. Yesterday was the execution of the High Court order for the custody of the child to the mother.

    Published: Monday September 13, 2010 MYT 4:21:00 PM
    Updated: Monday September 13, 2010 MYT 6:25:09 PM
    Court cites dad for contempt for not handing daughter to wife

    KUALA LUMPUR: A real-estate negotiator has been cited for contempt of court and sent to Sungai Buloh jail for his failure to hand over his 11-year-old daughter to his former wife in a custody battle for the girl.
    Family Court Judicial Commissioner Justice Yeoh Wee Siam also fined Low Swee Siong RM20,000 in default two months’ jail.
    Justice Yeoh said Low would be fined another RM400 for each day he did not surrender his daughter or her passport.
    His former wife, London-based restaurant manager Tan Siew Siew, 37, had won the custody of Low Bi-Anne in a High Court ruling in 2008.
    In her judgment on Monday, Justice Yeoh said she was not satisfied with the explanation given by Low, 40.
    “He knows that he should comply with the court order. I had given him the last opportunity to hand over his daughter to his ex-wife.
    In her ruling, Justice Yeoh said Low could have exercised his parental supervision by encouraging his daughter to come to court. “It is his duty to comply with the court order,” she said.
    Justice Yeoh said Low had ignored court orders thrice and that this was contempt of court.
    Upon hearing this, Low who stood near the witness box, gripped both hands on his back and looked down.
    The judge also dismissed a stay application by Low’s lead counsel Ravi Nekoo over the court ruling.
    Questioned by Tan’s lead counsel Kiran Kaur Dhaliwal Low said he was only trying respect his daughter’s wishes.
    “I tried my best to persuade her to attend the court.”
    He said Bi-Anne was now staying at his home in USJ 19, Subang Jaya with his eldest sister and that he did not have enough time to collect her passport that was kept at his mother’s house.
    Low also said he asked Bi-Anne to come to court but she was frightened, cried and refused to attend the court proceedings on Monday.
    When questioned by Ravi, he said Bi-Anne was under Tan’s care between Aug 12 and Sept 4 after the girl was handed over to his ex-wife during the Court of Appeal proceedings.
    He said Bi-Anne told him that she had attempted to run away from Tan twice because her mother had disallowed her from keeping in touch with him.
    “She tried to climb out from the window on one occasion. Asked if he could force Bi-Anne to come to court, he said “no”.
    He said he saw Bi-Anne and Tan at a shop on Sept 4 and that the girl later followed him after she cried and held him tightly.
    At the court proceedings earlier Monday, Justice Yeoh revealed that Tan had also succeeded in her bid on Thursday to get an order from the Family Court to take Bi-Anne to the United Kingdom.
    At the Court of Appeal on Aug 12, three appellate judges had to persuade Bi-Anne to give her mother a second chance.
    The couple married in 1999 and divorced in 2006.
    The custody of the girl was given to the father but two years later, Tan applied for custody.
    On Aug 6, 2008, High Court judge Justice Hinshawati Sharif ordered that custody of the girl be given to the mother and the father be given reasonable access.
    However, the order could not be executed because Bi-Anne did not want to go to her mother.
    On July 27, the father appealed to the Court of Appeal against the lower court ruling but later withdrew it.

    Updated: Tuesday September 14, 2010 MYT 3:22:29 PM
    Dad pays fine, released from prison

    KUALA LUMPUR: Real estate negotiator Low Swee Siong, cited for contempt of court for failing to hand over his daughter to his former wife, has been released from Kajang Prison after a close friend paid the RM20,000 fine imposed by the Family Court. Low was released at 1pm Tuesday.
    Family Court Judicial Commissioner Justice Yeoh Wee Siam had on Monday fined Low RM20,000 in default of two months’ jail.
    Justice Yeoh had said Low would be fined another RM400 for each day he did not surrender his daughter or her passport.
    His former wife, London-based restaurant manager Tan Siew Siew, 37, had won custody of Low Bi-Anne in a High Court ruling in 2008.
    At the Court of Appeal on Aug 12, three appellate judges had to persuade Bi-Anne to give her mother a second chance.
    The couple married in 1999 and divorced in 2006. The custody of the girl was given to the father but two years later, Tan applied for custody.
    On Aug 6, 2008, High Court judge Justice Hinshawati Sharif ordered that custody of the girl be given to the mother and the father be given reasonable access. However, the order could not be executed because Bi-Anne did not want to go to her mother.
    Two months ago, Low appealed to the Court of Appeal against the lower court ruling but later withdrew it.


  118. Whitelies

    October 16, 2010

    How to Recognize a Bad Lawyer – By SchoolOfLife
    Does this remind you of your attorney?

    When you get into a situation that requires you obtain legal representation, the person you hire can make or break your case. It is not uncommon to hire an attorney, and realize that they are not all that you thought they were cracked up to be. That’s okay. Learn to recognize the signs of a bad lawyer, and terminating the legal turkey will be a snap. Read this article to find out more:

    Instructions Things You’ll Need: • lawyer • common sense

    1. If your lawyer does not return your phone calls, and you find yourself feeling like you are in the dark with respect to your case, replace your attorney. While the occasional delay in calling back is nothing to panic over, repeated conduct of this nature is unacceptable.

    2. If your lawyer returns your phone calls with an email, your lines of communication are not as open as they should be. It’s simple courtesy to return a phone call with a call, and not an email. Sending an email in response to a phone call is an act of avoidance, and can end up costing you more money in the long run.

    3. Missing deadlines and not filing documents correctly show lack of diligence, and speak volumes for the way the attorney conducts his business. You deserve punctuality, and reliability when dealing with someone who is representing your legal rights, and charging you thousands of dollars for the privilege of doing so.

    4. Attorneys who disrespect their clients, either by belittling, name calling, or constantly interrupting are not worth continuing to deal with. Their poor bedside manner will bleed through your case, and leave you feeling awful. Hire an attorney who treats you as his boss- because that’s who you are. You call the shots in your case, and you pay his paycheck.Don’t forget that!

    Read more: How to Recognize a Bad Lawyer

  119. Harris,

    As much as we see that the 2011 Budget is a joke, PR doesn’t have a better alternative. How on earth can they expect us to vote for them when they can’t tell us what they’re going to do with our vote? This is getting ridiculous. We’re just going to end up giving them protest votes (I’ll vote for anything but BN), but sadly that’s as far as it goes. They have no shadow cabinet, no alternative budget, no clear direction.How can we expect them to run the country when they’re given the chance then? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thinking this way and getting frustrated with this situation. They’ve done fairly well in some of the states which they govern, but if they are serious about taking Putrajaya then they really need to get their act together, or all this is going to go to waste. This is our last chance. If BN isn’t kicked out in the the next GE that’s it, we’re buried, and Malaysia is ruined.PR can’t take us for granted,they have to earn our votes.

  120. Hi Haris,

    Would you be the Haris Ibrahim, Son of Ibrahim Beh Teik Chooi a teacher of Penang Free School. Were you in the PFS class of 1963 at Form 5 ? If so, I was one year your senior. You are now a lawyer …I am an astrologer.

    KL Gan,

    you dialled the wrong number


  121. satumalaysia

    April 24, 2011

    On 19 April 2011 17:05,

    No Deepavali & Wesak Holidays –
    A mischievous statement!

    A recent press report stating that Tan Sri William Cheng has said that there are too many public holidays in Malaysia and that he has urged the government to cancel Deepavali and Wesak as holidays is shocking and most disappointing.

    I consider this a very mischievous statement to disrupt religious harmony in this peaceful multi racial and religious country of ours.

    Deepavali is the major festival of the third largest community in the country. This group has contributed much for the development of the nation.

    Tan Sri William has astonished all with his call for abolishing Wesak as a public holiday. Buddhists form 2nd largest religious followers in Malaysia . This is indeed a very thoughtless statement from a leader of business community.

    I am quite confident that our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib as the convenor of 1Malaysia concept will ignore this call.


  122. ruben Mahendran

    April 24, 2011

    can I have your email address, I work in cambodia ,and we may be able to open a small chapter for MCLM here in Phnom penh!
    Ruben M.


  123. temenggong

    May 1, 2011

    Dear Haris,

    Malaysianatheart is suspected to be SB. Helen thinks so too. HartalMSM dropped him within a week. He is here with a few SB mates.


  124. Albert Lim

    September 29, 2011

    Good afternoon Brother Harris.

    My name is Albert Lim from Ridzuan Condominium, PJ. My h/p no. 013-3635228.

    Our Condo’s has faced financial difficulties in paying Syabas and they treaten to cut water supply to our condo soon. I have approached our YB for help but don’t think they are able to due to their many excuses. We had met in several functions before and I am impress your integrity in political stand. Hope you can extend your helping hand in this issu.

  125. Hi Haris, I am sure by now you must have read RPK’s critical comment about Anwar in Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider. I want to know what is your and MCLM’s take on the issue as everyone is getting very very hot under the collar. To have such comments made just 8 days before the trial smells of UMNO dung. Your response by return will be greatly appreciated.


  126. Elesh k Poptani

    January 2, 2012

    Everyone , even RPK has a right to critic.

    The ever more important agenda is to nip the corrupt regime BN in the bud and install a god fearing and raakyat fearing regime.

    In that context RPK is not wrong in saying Anwar is not the right man but his daughter is the right women for PM

  127. I think RPK has changed his tune because he has a new pair of very arty, trendy glasses.He is seeing things from new lenses.


  128. haminuddin Mohd.derus

    January 3, 2012

    RPK has a new pair arty, trendy looking glasses. He is seeing things differently because of the new lenses.


  129. Rod Espinosa

    June 16, 2012

    Hi Haris, I read your article forwarded to me by Ms. Manji’s Twitter account. It was very fascinating. If you like, I can mail you my copy of “Trouble with Islam Today”. I am done with it and I don’t need it back. 🙂


    Email me at and I will give you a mailing address.

    Thank you in advance


  130. Work At Home Dad

    August 12, 2012

    Hi Haris… please protect the identity of the printer further by blanking out his signature. You know… even the format of the receipt can be recognized by other customers who could possible reveal the printer’s identity.


    Noted and the needful has been done.



  131. Edward Toh

    August 21, 2012

    Selamat Hari Raya Bro Harris ! May Allah Blessed You ! Maaf Zahir And Batin !

  132. Just propagate this APARTHEID IS ALIVE in Malaysia


  133. Richard Ng - 019 6108028

    November 14, 2012

    Dear Mr.Haris,
    My brother needs urgent legal aid and advice. Hope you can email me your office address,phone no. and we can meet.
    Thank you and Best Regards
    Richard Ng

    I am not in legal practise at this time


  134. Richard Ng

    November 14, 2012

    Dear Mr.Haris,
    My brother needs urgent legal aid and advice. Hope you can email me your office address,phone no. and we can meet.
    Thank you and Best Regards
    Richard Ng


  135. Richard Ng

    November 14, 2012

    Dear Mr.Haris,
    Sorry did not see your comment in my earlier mail. Any civil right lawyer can help?
    Thank you.
    Richard Ng


    I dont know what the problem is so i cant recommend a lawyer to assist


  136. Ignatius OOi Joo Pin

    January 4, 2013

    Hi Haris,
    I have a Malaysian friend who holds a valid blue malaysian I/C and had never voted ever
    since he came to Singapore. I told him of what is happening in Malaysia today and I have
    given an assurance to take him up to Penang with for voting GE13. He last address is in
    Hye Keat Estate, Ayer Itam Penang and I believe that if able to vote he should be voting in
    Bukit Bendera just like me. Please advise me how he can go about to get registered with
    the Election Dept and hopefully by E-Registering is possible> If it is ok pls retaurn me a
    mail so that I can despatch his full name and I/c number together with is address as stated
    in the i/c card.


    Send me his details at


  137. S. Menon

    January 17, 2013

    Dear Haris,

    Just a small note to suggest that your Blogroll seems out of date, and needs updating. Many of the links there appear to be obsolete, while others lead to sites that have long since stopped functioning.

    S. Menon.

    Noted, with thanks.


  138. as long as not haris

    April 6, 2013

    Hi Harris, I’ve watch your video and frankly speaking, talking by yourself with your theory does not make you any better than a dog barking. you should know about politics. you should think of future and learn on histories. very sad that people noted you as one of kind. for me you are just a rubbish.


    • Another Anak Bangsa Malaysia

      April 7, 2013


      You would be absolutely right about Haris being no better than a barking dog IF Haris was really “talking by himself”.

      Unfortunately for you, Haris is NOT on his own 🙂


  139. Danhalim

    April 11, 2013

    Hi Harris /readers

    I just want to highlight that after 53 years. This is the first time I am going to vote.
    I am afraid they might use my name as phantom voter as
    this is the first time as well as I am now a muslim.
    EC might take this opportunity on that.
    please advise who I should inform.

    Please email me: synthesis

    DanHalim 016 267 8092


  140. Mohammad Noor

    April 12, 2013

    Hi Harris/readers

    Quick suggestion, after the volunteers count the votes, the results should be released publicly onto all social media sites for their ‘daerah’ as to be more transparent and reduce the odds of miscommunication, leading to a possibility for infiltration of fair counting.

  141. Fido Lind.ABU.


  142. Eric Chua Tham Hoe

    April 22, 2013

    Dear Harris,

    I really appreciate what you ABU people are doing at the current moment to save our beloved country and I fully support your efforts. Even though I have donated previously through my daugther for this very noble cause but since you have appealed again, I would like to let you know that I have just banked in RM500,00 into your account this morning.
    All the best to you and your ABU people. Be safe. God bless.

    Thank you and God bless

  143. “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

    Where knowledge is free;

    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by

    narrow domestic walls;

    Where words come out from the depth of truth;

    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;

    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the

    dreary desert sand of dead habit;

    Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever widening

    thought and action –

    Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake”

    – Rabindranath Tagore

  144. My first exposure to politics was when , as a little girl of 5 or 6 in Ipoh, I ran out of my house to wave at the charismatic Mr.Patto of DAP, campaigning through loudspeakers on his moving open-truck. He was fiery and I thought he was so brave and clever, standing up there and speaking without any fear. My father told me that Mr. Patto urged Malaysians not to fear change, and said that every citizen should call himself a Malaysian first and foremost, and not a Malay, Chinese or Indian. I never forgot that. Ever.

    I remember thinking back then that even if I had even a quarter of his courage, I would be a lucky girl indeed. Years later, as a young adult, when I read that he had passed away, I was very saddened. Not because he had died, because I knew he must have lived a full, exciting life – lived more than most would have done in their lifetimes of subservient kneeling to whomever could throw them a few scraps. I was sad because he never got a chance to make a difference to more Malaysians by being a part of the ruling party. I felt his tough resilience, his strong character and his courage of convictions would define character for a lot of young Malaysians.

    My father encouraged me to read the newspapers, which I found extremely boring. For even then I thought the reporting was pretty lop-sided, with mud-slinging and name calling by BN politicians to opposition party members, reported in what I felt was salacious glee. I eventually started following the adventures of one very inspiring man who stood out again and again as a lion of courage and strength amongst most other men – Mr. Karpal Singh. He took no nonsense from silly politicians, he fought with courage against corruption, he admonished newspapermen who got their facts wrong, hell, he even took on the King. Man, did he rock my world!

    I was shocked when he was sent to prison for merely voicing his opinions, under the ISA, which was meant for communists. Opposition seemed a bad word back then, but I never got it. Why was being in the Opposition negative? Even as a child of eight, I could see the logic and absolute necessity of a strong opposition, which unfortunately most adults could not and would not see. I guess the lull of complacency, of the ‘let’s not rock the boat, we are fine now, what’ was at its greatest heights then. But I was not convinced.

    So, in a dark lost world, Mr.Karpal Singh became my knight in shining armour. A man who would fight for what’s right. There were so few like him. Most men in positions of authority just sold out to the highest bidder like cheap prostitutes – for titles, for positions, for contracts, for seats. And with such intelligence, charisma, calibre and capability Mr. Karpal Singh could have been at the top of the stakes. But he never even considered cashing in his chips, because he had that rarest of commodities most men and women don’t have. Commodities that makes one stand out like a beacon in a sea of insipid folks – self-pride, honour, integrity. That is what makes a man, a real man.

    And the people in the Opposition had it. Mr.Lim Kit Siang had it. I have watched his hair grow from black to white , but that pursed up lips of stubborn resilience, that fierce determination in his eyes has never diminished. That fearless questioning that went on, while backbenchers from BN shouted like monkeys on heat to drown his voice. He never gave up. And sometimes, I wondered why men like Karpal and Kit Siang went on, when they were locked up, reviled, slandered against…it would have been all too easy to just let it go and walk away. But they did it out of duty, to a country they loved. Now , that is what I call patriotism. Not shouting slogans, waving flags. Patriotism is making wrongs right for your country – without fear or favour.

    These are men of courage, wisdom and integrity who should be ruling Malaysia, but they were never given a chance. If they had been, we would have seen a different Malaysia today. A Malaysia with backbone.

    I must have been 9 or 10 when I followed my first election result tally with my father until the wee hours of the morning. I was the youngest in the family, and probably the most passionate, thereby I naturally became Daddy’s helper. I was helping him count and we took turns adding up results – it was a landslide victory – again – for Barisan Nasional. Ho hum. As usual. Then Mahathir came on screen. And he was gloating, with such a disgusting smirk on his face, that I wished I could lean into the tv and slap him.

    I never liked him. Call it a child’s instinct, call it a child’s innocence or conversely, maturity beyond my age, I saw evil in him. I did not like his constant smirk, I did not like his shifty eyes, I did not like his disparaging words against the opposition who had lost. He was never a gentleman. The dislike for him has only intensified over the years, as I see now how he is also the ultimate racist who has divided and segregated the country, stolen our souls and spirit and has made a fortune for himself, using the Malay and bumiputra agenda to manipulate simple-minded Malays, while being a full Indian himself.

    My father was an avid reader, and he read everything from politics to economics to romance (yes, when he could not get his hands on anything else). He was merely a clerk in Telecoms, but in another life, in a parallel universe with more opportunities his way,he might have been more, much more.

    My most vivid memory of my dad is of him sitting on his favourite worn out chair, with one leg crossed under him and the other swinging in tandem to the mood of the moment, reading with his black horn-rimmed glasses, in his white singlet and blue striped shorts. We were poor, but hell, we had our books. There was this one book that he kept next to him and read and re-read more often than the others. It was Tan Sri Tan Chee Koon’s “Without Fear or Favour’. He was in awe of Tan Chee Koon, said there were few men like him. And he used to tell me this story – “This man beat the odds, girl. Born of immigrant parents, he rose at 5.30am every morning to feed livestock, cycled 5 miles to tap rubber, and when he came back at 4pm, he would tend to the vegetables and fruit trees and sometime between all that , found time to become a doctor and lead the opposition and write some of the most brilliant books that speak of a nation – without fear or favour. See, you don’t have to always remain poor if you work hard.”

    My father kept telling me to read Tan Chee Koon’s book, I must have been 13 or 14 then. The teenager in me, though, was more interested in the racy, tittillating Sidney Sheldons and Joan Collins then, and I never did read that book. And when my father died, and my mother and I had to leave our home for good, I lost a lot. My home, my security, my sense of belonging, those books, but most of all , my father who made me cherish what was real and good in this world. I forgot that book, and my promise to my dad to read it. But I remember it now, as the mother-of-all-elections come close, and I managed to look it up in the internet, and realise that it is a book before its time. A book that asks questions that have been stifled for too long. A book just like its name. I promise I will read it, dad, and I am doing more than that – I am spreading the word of your favourite book to many, many more.

    The nightmare of BN continued.

    Tun Salleh Abbas, the Lord President was removed from the judiciary along with 5 other prominent , respected and most importantly, honest, judges by Mahathir. The independance of the judiciary was killed in one stroke. I was horrified. But people still voted BN in. It was the worst decision the country made, because Malaysia sunk into a state of lawlessness after that. And with that one by one, the many institutions that keep a country grounded through check and balance, and accountability fell like a stack of dominoes.

    I must have been in the university when I read that Lim Guan Eng, then a young passionate DAP member, was thrown into jail for championing the cause of a young Malay girl who was raped by a prominent BN politician. It defied logic, and it strengthened my hatred for Barisan Nasional and for stupid people who kept voting Barisan Nasional in every election like goats to the slaughter. It was a stupidity and selfishness that has come back to haunt them over and over again.

    Growing up, I stood on the shoulders of giants like Patto, Karpal, Kit Siang and I saw beyond the veil of deceit, stupidity and arrogance the ruling party had kept us under. I saw my nemesis – his name was Mahathir, and I learnt what real evil was, and how evil can manipulate everything to get its own ways. For even the Devil can quote the Scripture for his own benefit, the Bible tells us. Yes, Mahathir made me too – he made me aware of how conmen work, and opened my eyes to deceipt, racism, hatred, manipulation and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The insidious evil of Mahathir and his legacy of slimy politics and mega cronyism changed a landscape. The master manipulator had everyone singing his praises, except me. And then the tide turned – Anwar happened. I was there on the 20th of Sept 1998 – shouting REFORMASI with my fellow countrymen. Oh, for a glimpse of hope, for change, for a better Malaysia. I never felt more Malaysian that day, when finally I met people who threw of the shackles of race and religion and sang a song of freedom, as one people, one nation. United by Anwar. It must have been Mahathir’s nightmare.

    We followed Anwar Ibrahim. We saw a leader. It did not matter if he was gay or straight, Malay or Iban, Muslim or Bahai – he was hope. And that little sliver of hope kept a torn nation together, in fevered anticipation. We dared to hope, we dared to dream once again. And the dream was so beautiful.

    The dream was intermittently shattered by brutality and force of the oppressors – I saw frail Tian Chua beaten up, abused and manhandled. But that frail man was only frail in body , but an unstoppable juggernaut in heart and spirit.They beat him, he got up. And he got up more times than they could push him down. Where Karpal, Kit Siang , Patto had gone to jail and given up many privileges to remain steadfast in their beliefs, Tian Chua gave his body, took the beatings and soldiered on. They taught me the real meaning of sacrifice – to not just talk the talk , but to walk the walk.

    Anwar Ibrahim, was just like those men I mentioned above – just that he started on the other side of the fence, and had it easier than Patto, Karpal or Kit Siang. But everyone deserves a second chance and Anwar Ibrahim has proven to me, by the sheer volume of torture, slander and injustice meted out by BN and still not buckling to their pressure – that he has my vote to be the change I have been wanting for as long as I can remember.

    And now, there is Haris Ibrahim, successful lawyer who has sold his house, given up everything to fight for a cause he believes in – to bring back Malaysia to the people from the tyranny of the corrupt. He is not in any political party – thereby he will not gain any political mileage by a change in government. He does what he does – rallying common people, the rakyat to get together, spread awareness to the kampung folks, organise teams to ensure minimal corruption at the polling stations, warning foreigners to stay away and taking the fight for Malaysia one step further – he says to Umno, when he warns them to not create trouble during election day “I am ready to die for my country, are you?”

    What keeps him going, I think? And I believe I know the answer – he too, must have had heroes like I have had. He must have enough pride in himself and mountainous courage to give up so much unconditionally for a cause that sometimes looks unobtainable. His strength sends shivers down my spine.

    My father, Patto, Kit Siang, Karpal, Tan Chee Koon, Guan Eng, Tian Chua ,Anwar, and now Haris Ibrahim – they have shaped my character. My fighting spirit. The pride I feel in myself for never needing to grovel for handouts, for always standing on my own two feet. The way I hold myself up high, look people in the eye and DEMAND my rights in this country I call home, not shyly whisper for it.

    I am no more a child, I am not afraid of bullies anymore. I am the new generation, a generation that is part of a global village, who is conditioned not merely by the environment and politics of this country but by that of a global community. You can’t fool us with lies. That time is long gone. But you will watch us roar. And march forward to stake our claim in a country we call home. We know no other home but this home, and we will fight to make it ours, the way we want it. We will speak, and not forever hold our breath. And we will NOT go gently into the night, but rage, rage against the dying light….

    I see millions of Malaysians in youtube videos, who must feel like me, waving flags with fire in their eyes, passion in their souls, hoping for a change.

    I am 44 years old. I was born into BN rule. And I don’t want to die under BN rule.

    My country, my people and I deserve more than this. And I hope to see the men who made me, and men and women like them, be given the chance to bring back pride, soul, spirit and hope to the disenfranchised youth. To create more young men and women like me to go on and carry the torch for a future we can proudly leave behind for our children.


    • Another Anak Bangsa Malaysia

      April 24, 2013


      Wow!! That’s quite a story and I thank you for letting me into your world albeit briefly.


  145. AbuSupporter!

    April 25, 2013

    G.E 13 is either HEAVEN or HELL for all Malaysian ( including the corrupt groups)!
    Our Malaysian dream is in serious jeopady!
    1) Malaysia is No 2 in the world money laundery USD 500 billion.
    2) Current National debt USD 500 billion. It will reach USD 1 trillion in another 5 years time.
    Thus, as it is, we have incurred differential financial deficit of USD 1 trillion, and in 5 years time it will be 1.5 trillion, ie National debts we all cant afford to repay!!
    By then what is ours( including the corrupt groups) will not be ours, unless launder out from the country, or legally transact out from the country.
    I suggest your organisation hold both BN and PAKATAN responsible to thrash out this very big ISSUEs!….BN be responsible to recover back the financial deficit, and PAKATAN-the default goverment, to replan our country’s financial health in 5 years time!…to save us from heading into HELL!, and resurrect back to HEAVEN! ie Legatum index no. 2 in the world! and not money laundering no. 2 in the world!!

  146. I just love your blog. It is powerful, inspiring and gives me hope for a better Malaysia for all.

  147. Dear Harris

    ABU;s efforts are with good intentions but the law now may not be so reciprocal.

  148. be careful I think BN is going to win with cheating
    Any plans if they are going to do that
    as the country will be in deep shit


  149. AN Rashid

    May 7, 2013

    Dear Haris,
    No need to say sorry. I am sorry too that we didn’t achieve our dream. But be consoled by the fact that a clear message has been sent. We shall persevere and be steadfast and in 5 years my children will also be in my army! Rome was never built in one day. And the laws of the universe shall dictate; nothing lasts in perpetuity except for time! We have the time, and the passion!

    Peace and Love Bro,

    AN Rashid

  150. Adam Ali has been arrested for sedition. Anwar Ibrahim says he might be arrested. It seems there going to be another Operation Lalang. I am afraid the next could be you, Hishammudin Rais, and Chegu Bhad.
    Is there any back up plan if this happens?


  151. Alan Chang

    May 19, 2013

    Your 1.0 million people is very impressive plan. Is it during the opening session of the parliament..? That the 1.0 million march toward the parliament of minority Najib government..?

  152. Hi HARIS I,m Realy SAD To This IRON FISTED RULE REGIME Is Killing The DEMOCRACY By The DAY , There isn,t Any Other CHOICE To WIN THIS CHANGE BY ONLY TAKE IT ON THESTREET By FORCE, I Have Though About Other Soluition But Ot wont Work. All
    GATHERING TO TOPPLE BY FORCE Whether We Like It Or Not , If Not Thousand years
    We CLOUDED BY Corrupted REGIME That We never ever See The LIGHT Again.

  153. YES I agree Need to teach and get rid of BN by FORCE
    WAR is the solution

  154. Hi Harris,
    Real power is the ability to control the internet now and in the future. Suggest you get people, hackers, expert coders, data scientists to work for your cause. Good Luck. Check Mikko Hipponen on Ted Talks for a start.


  155. Alfred gnana rokiam

    April 12, 2018

    Hi Harris. How are you? Happy to read your posts. I, too have my reservation about the grand old man. I have my doubts about the opposition too. Will the change that we are clamouring for work? What if the grand old man after winning the election makes a deal with UMNO and goes to helm the mother ship? Don’t tell me it’s not possible. For the grand old man UMNO minus the grand thief is still palatable. What if the rakyat returns a hung parliament in the coming election and the UMNO warlords shows the exit door to the grand thief and his missus? With a begging bowl , zahid the thug comes crawling to the grand old man and offers him the stewardship of the nation? What a horrible scenario that will be? My humble opinion is we are screwed either way . I see no hope for this dear nation of ours!


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