Our 3-in-1 this Saturday : a template and some tips

May 24, 2018


After I posted my 3-in-1 post earlier today, I received calls and messages asking if I could help with a sample police report. Happy to oblige. Here it is. __________________________________________________________________________________________ “Sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu, terdapat begitu banyak lapuran media tempatan dan asing, khususnya Malaysiakini dan Sarawak Report, bahawa syarikat 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB ) […]

Anak Bangsa Malaysia, lets all do a 3-in-1 this Saturday, 26/5/18. Please

May 24, 2018


 A couple of days after Hari Merdeka on 9th May, I met up with lawyer Ashok for breakfast. Ashok related something very interesting to me, something that I had heard previously but had forgotten. For some reason, he was at a police station to make a report. Whilst typing up the report on the computer, […]

In your remaining days, hang your heads in shame

May 23, 2018


MACC chief, Mohd Shukri Abdull, at a tell-all press conference yesterday, disclosed that when he was in Washington in July, 2015, and his men back home who were involved in the 1MDB investigation were either being arrested or transferred, he turned to ministers in the PM’s department, Shahidan Kassim and Paul Low for assistance. Paul Low […]

Do we go the way of our forefathers?

May 20, 2018


In an earlier post this week, I described 9th May, 2018 as my Hari Merdeka, the day that the people of Malaysia were finally free. I’ve been chatting with people the last couple of days, asking them to describe how they felt on the night of 9th May, as it became increasingly obvious that the giant, […]

Why I agree with Kit Siang on Dr M as education minister

May 19, 2018


Yesterday, in relation to Dr M’s announcement the day before that the prime minister would helm the ministry of education, Kit Siang said it did “not violate the letter and spirit of Pakatan Harapan manifesto”. This was reported in Malaysiakini. I posted that Malaysiakini report on Facebook, adding this comment : I agree with Kit […]

9am – 5pm? Would that be convenient, sir?

May 17, 2018


As law enforcement agencies in other jurisdictions embarked on forensic investigations and, in some cases, in particular the US Department of Justice (DOJ), court proceedings, in relation to what has come to be referred to as a case of “kleptocracy on a scale hitherto unseen”, back here in Malaysia, where 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the subject […]

Yikes!!! Boo-booed!!! Sleep deprivation!!! Sorry!!!

May 16, 2018


My last post was entitled “Laying ABU to rest, and getting SABM dusted and off the shelf”. Giving the impression that these last few years SABM had gone into hibernation. This is the furthest from the truth. SABM has in fact been active in : supporting the efforts of Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia and the Teoh […]