Phase 2 of the 52% strike back : Dear EC

December 9, 2014


In Phase 1, many of you and I wrote our MPs to say we wanted them to vote against a parliamentary seat increase. I had promised you that I would then send a memo to the Pakatan leadership to say the same. I was planning to do that today, but as things would have it, […]

Leadership by example?

December 2, 2014


by Singa Terhormat   Malaysia is the best place in the world to live in as it provided the “best value for money”…Prime Minister,Datuk Seri Najib Razak in 2012.     Malaysian youngsters are receiving better education than children in the United States, Britain and Germany…Deputy Prime Minister,Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in 2012.   Malaysia’a […]

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Debate : Special rights or special position for Malays under the Constitution? – KJ vs HI?

November 27, 2014


Since August, this year, whenever I have had the opportunity to speak and share, especially with Malays, I have made it a point to share two points that I feel Malays really need to hear and give thought to. First, that this whole business of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ violently conflicts with the final sermon of the […]

The 52% strike back : Are we playing poison ball?

November 26, 2014


You remember that game in school? Where the object was to not be caught with the ‘poison ball’ in your possession? Pas the buck, if you will. Now what has this got to do with the 52% campaign that ABU launched to get the rakyat to work together to prevent a parliamentary seat increase, so […]

ISMA intent on embarrassing itself

November 25, 2014


by Singa Terhormat I came across the following in the website.   It is a regret that a national laureate such as Datuk A. Samad Said accused ISMA was acting on behalf of a ‘certain power’ in regards to the issue of threats to Islam and the Malays. If it is come from some […]

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The 52% strike back : Dear Yang Berkhidmat

November 24, 2014


A week ago, in my “The 52% strike back : No Seat Increase” post, I wrote of how the Election Commission is intent on increasing, via the imminent delimitation exercise, our parliamentary seats from the present 222. I also wrote that BN cannot push this increase through Parliament on their own strength as any such increase requires a 2/3 […]

Better late than never. Well done, Pantai Klang Hospital!

November 24, 2014


On 20th September, 2012, I reported of a cafeteria in a private hospital that was fly-friendly. I had, then, suggested to the supervisor, that a glass door fitted to shut out the flies might be the solution, but this idea had been shot down by her as “patients on wheelchair want to come in will […]


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