PJ Selatanites support for Toni Kasim’s candidacy


Toni Kasim for PJ Selatan


1. My  letter-to-pkr.pdf

2. k-shanmuga.pdf

3. saravanan.pdf

3 Responses “PJ Selatanites support for Toni Kasim’s candidacy” →
  1. In the old days, ISA was for terrorists whom was at war with the country & the people.

    Now, let us ask, are Tan, Terresa & Raja Petra calling for war against the country & its people?

    If they are wrong in their act, charge them with relevant laws.
    Not ISA!
    May be ISA should be interpreted as ” I Suka-suka Act”.

    Hey, all Malaysian are no longer “Bodoh-lah”!

  2. Hi Bro,
    Well said ISA is I Suka-Suka Act and we
    malaysian bukan bodoh. Lets start the war bro.

  3. Hi there,Mr.Kris Kontot, Gone are the days when the voters are given old bed time stories,and nice shaking cradle for them to sleep for the next five years till the next GE. But today the voters do not need those bed time stories as its purely time wasting,when they can actually get better stuffs on rpk’s site.


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