ABU T-shirts & Merchandise

ABU website URL printed at the back

SIZES  : S – XXXL available in black/yellow

Price : RM15.00 each

For delivery by post anywhere in Malaysia : Add RM3/= each for packing and postage

ABU stencil. Top left, the stencil sprayed. Bottom left, your artwork left behind


Price : RM3.00 each

For delivery by  post anywhere in Malaysia: Add RM3.00 each for packing and postage

How To Purchase

1. If you see me anywhere, ask me. I will carry stocks of T-shirts and the stencils in my car. Why pay more to the postal authorities?

2. Come round to the office at 17-1, Jalan 109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road. Cal first, please, at 03-79827101 to fix a date and time to come round to pick up.

3. Order by phone (03-79827101) or by email (abumerchandise@gmail.com) and we will send you your purchases by post.

You can remit your payment by :

1. Paypal at harrooster@gmail.com ( account of Haris Fathillah bin Mohamed Ibrahim )

2. CIMB account number : 14560001231525 ( account of Haris Fathillah bin Mohamed Ibrahim )

Please scan the pay-in slip, email at the above email address, and give us your full mailing address. For T-shirt purchases, please stipulate T-shirt size(s).

Please allow for four (4) working days from the date we receipt proof of your payment for the secretariat to deliver your purchases to the postal authorities.

4 Responses “ABU T-shirts & Merchandise” →
  1. Salam saya nak tshirt warna hitam..ada outlet area Kl..saya nak walk in..

    Talipon sekreteriat unntuk bantuan : 03-79827101

  2. any outlet up north [penang or kedah] to purchase the merchandise?

  3. Mr Harris, You made my day. I am going to support you as much as I can – buying as many tshirts as i can for as many people as I can convert to believe in ABU. You are the stuff heroes are made of – keep it up! In a world of cowards you stand out like a beacon. God bless you!

  4. boleh bg no phone nak beli borong…..

    Talipon nombor pejabat ABU : 03-79827101


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