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How long more a nation divided, founded on lies?

August 14, 2018


“We will also defend the special rights of the Malays and bumiputera, without abandoning the other races…” – Anwar, as reported in Malaysiakini on 1st August, 2018. “A congress on the future of the bumiputera and the nation will be held soon, where we will gather economists and experts from various sectors…This is to discuss […]

Please, Sir, could you also clean up some other bad law?

January 6, 2018


In May, 1994, my brother Adam, and I, were in the lobby at Parliament to listen to proceedings relating to a bill to amend the Constitution which, in my view, if passed, would remove an important institutionalised check against draconian law-making. When the constitution was first promulgated, law making required the consensus of 3 institutions […]

Dear Anwar

May 17, 2016


The last I wrote to you through this blog was on 18th August, 2008, 8 days before polling day in Permatang Pauh. Then I wrote to say that I was going to “take a chance with you”. Much has taken place since, and our personal circumstances have changed radically. You now languish in prison on […]

I’ll shut up if they speak up

June 1, 2012


I inherited two things from my late father, who passed away in 2004. One, from his estate, the other from witnessing, at age 15, his stern and uncompromising handling of a traffic cop who tried to  solicit a RM3 bribe. My first mentioned inheritance was a pair of Baden Powell cuff links. Boy scouts may […]

Conspiracy, Dear Watson!

July 22, 2008


Did you read RPK’s ‘How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar’? Amongst other things, this is what RPK said : ‘Hold on awhile though. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that Anwar must volunteer his ‘new’ DNA profile. The 1998 DNA profile that the police have on record is ‘too old’, […]

Sodo mee – the gravy gets murkier!

July 1, 2008


Just got this off a Malaysiakini report. PKR chief of staff Ibrahim Yaacob disclosed to Malaysiakini an e-mail said to have been sent by Saiful to Anwar the day before his now infamous police report, and Anwar’s reply thereto. from Saiful’s Blackberry at 3.01am : Nobody know (sic) what God decides for us. People come […]

Again? How many times will the charge sheet be amended this time?

June 29, 2008


Got the following sms at 11.36pm yesterday : Polis telah menahan pembantu khas DSAI Saiful Bahari ptg ini, memaksa beliau membuat pengakuan diliwat. Polis dijangka menahan DSAI hari ini. Sebarkan. Checked Malaysiakini and there was the report. ‘A police report has been lodged against PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for allegedly sodomosing one of […]