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Reporting from ground zero in Kuala Terengganu

January 17, 2009


9.29 Update PAS has taken an unassailable lead. Yes, the good people of Kuala Terengganu have risen to the occasion. Pakatan Rakyat has taken one more seat in Parliament and we are that much closer to Putrajaya. This is my last report. Want to join the celebration on the streets. Will post on the victory […]

Dear Kuala Terengganu voter,

January 17, 2009


In a few hours time, you go out to cast your vote. Tell, me has the first question below been fully answered, to your total satisfaction? If not, as you mark your ballot paper later today, could you have the second question below on your mind and in your heart, please?

Pakatan Rakyat & Barisan Rakyat : One people, one nation, one purpose

January 16, 2009


Wah, ang pow time already, ah, Shabery?

January 16, 2009


This is an envelope. Ordinarily quite innocuous. Except when it is filled with and handed over to you, a journalist covering the Kuala Terengganu by-election, by an officer from the Ministry of Information, asked to acknowledge receipt of the same, but not told what the money is for. That’s what happened today to several journalists […]


January 16, 2009


That’s what happens when you have an early morning ceramah, free food and Pak Lah spewing crap!

HINDRAF supports PAS in the Kuala Terengganu by-election

January 16, 2009


Press release by P. Waytha Moorthy __________________________________________________ In the general election on March 8, 2009, the late Razali retained his seat with a slim 628 vote majority. The late Razali polled 32,562 votes defeating Mohamed Sabu (31,934) of PAS and independent Maimun Yusof (689). Recognizing over 8,000 Chinese votes as crucial, the UMNO led government […]

Dato Seri Anwar’s campaign schedule tonight

January 15, 2009


8pm : Dinner at Ocean Restaurant (DUN Bandar) 9pm : Pentas Pemuda, Nesan 4 ( DUN Bandar ) 10pm : Ceramah Pentas PAS, Jalan Kenanga ( DUN Batu Buruk ) 11pm : Ceramah Pentas PAS, Durian Burung ( DUN Wakaf Mempelam )

Afni, we salute you!

January 15, 2009


As we made our way through Kampung Cina this morning, this petite, young lady unabashedly came up to RPK, shook his hand and asked if she could have a photo taken with him. This is Afni. She just made her way back from Bangi to cast her vote on Saturday. What about the rest of […]

The sons of Adam

January 15, 2009


DAP hosted some 600 Chinese to dinner again last night at the Ocean Restaurant. Well DAP hosted, but the diners paid for it. Yes, RM30 each. That’s the difference between the DAP ceramahs with that of UMNO’s. UMNO has to roll out the freebies and ferry in mercenaries from out of town to make up […]

A second bite at the cherry

January 14, 2009


In the days running up to the last general election, as I traveled with Guan Eng in Penang on the campaign trail, the present MB of Penang who was sitting in the front passenger of the vehicle we were travelling in, turned to me at the back of the car and asked, in a voice […]