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Launch of the ‘Kuburkan BN’ civil society initiative in Hulu Selangor

April 21, 2010


Yesterday morning, about 15 civil society volunteers descended on Kuala Kubu Baru town to help with a door-to-door campaign to share with voters our thoughts on why, come the 13th GE, we must do everything within our means to rid this nation of the scourge that has plagued us for the last 40 years : […]

Najib, minum apa tu? Halal, ke?

April 21, 2010



April 21, 2010


Kama-lie-nathan, when asked about his sucking up to UMNO and PERKASA and his kissing Muhyiddin’s hand as an instance of this  : “Kiss Muhyiddin’s hand? Chi chi chi! When I kiss his hand?” Then the photograph emerges. Click this photo to go to the blog that has the full story on this. Kama-lie-nathan’s response to […]

Things the Indians of Hulu Selangor need to be reminded about MIC and Aiyoh! Aiyoh! Samy

April 20, 2010


“The NEP was introduced in 1970 and it came to an end in 1990. During these 20 years, promises were made by the Government assuring the Indian community that they too will benefit under the NEP. However these promises came to naught……. We had struggled to bring development to the Indian community in the last […]

Kamalanathan, explain to the Hindus of Hulu Selangor why Samy Vellu ordered the temple demolished

April 19, 2010


Kamalanathan is MIC president material. He has mastered the art of sucking up to UMNO and PERKASA

April 19, 2010


“Right-wing group Perkasa is not belligerent against non-Malays as its aim is to promote the empowerment of the Malay community” – Kamalanathan, quoted in Malaysiakini two days ago. September, last year, the twelve UMNO or UMNO-connected individuals who were involved with the cow-head protest were charged in Shah Alam sessions court. You can read about […]

A teaser for Kerismudin and the rest of the UMNO munafik, lest they forget!

April 19, 2010


Note : You may find this RELATED POST of interest. _______________________________________ On nomination day at Kuala Kubu Baru, UMNO supporters had only one clarion issue to cry out. ‘Kaki botol! Kaki botol!’. Posters have begun to appear everywhere with a superimposed picture of Zaid downing a bottle of God knows what. That tells you how […]

Come on, PKR, quit messing around!

April 12, 2010


Lil’ Hummingbird caught up with me at Tanjung Malim yesterday. “Why you wasting your time trying to get civil society volunteers to go to Hulu Selangor to campaign for Pakatan?”, he asked. “You’re pissed off about something. What is it?”, I asked back. “Did you read the Malaysiakini report today? PKR may field Zaid as […]