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Najib BERSIH-ed in London

May 15, 2012


“Bersih! Bersih! Bersih”, were the chants that greeted Najib as he started to address Malaysians in London. “Can you please stop it? Can you stop it, please?…I know, I know, but can you stop it? You can meet with me later, okay? Please, can you stop it?…No, no, no, okay… alright, alright, you… no, no, […]

BERSIH 3.5 Makan Berselera tomorrow at Dataran Merdeka

May 6, 2012


How about it, folks? They would not let us get to Dataran Merdeka on the 28th of last month. Want to head out there tomorrow? I know I want to ask the many leaders from MCCBCHST who expect will be in attendance tomorrow if any of them were at the Duduk Bantah and, if they […]

Pst, Musa, hari minggu ni polis raid kat mana, ah?

May 21, 2010


Member nak tau, lah. Dema kato nak pi urut aje, tapi kalau tiba-tiba polis raid, jadi hal lain pulak. Mu nak ikut, ke? Eh, eh, lupa, lah. Mu pi Lon Don, kan. Tapi peliklah, Mus. Nak pi tangkap si dia tu, ngapa pi habak kat si Rocky tu? Ni Rocky dah b0cor  satu dunia dah […]

Pst, Musa, RPK akan muncul,lah. Confirm. Kat Lon Don. Pi tangkaplah

May 19, 2010


Musa, dengar khabar RPK akan berceramah kat Lon Don pada hari Sabtu, 22hb Mei, ini. Betul, Mus, berita ni berani dia tu sebarkan kat MalaysiaToday. Nampak sangat seolah-olah dia mencabar mu, gertak satu PDRM dan tampar muka si Kerisdin tu untuk pi tangkap dia kalau berani. Mu berani, kan? Mu tak takut dia, kan? Kalau […]

A Barisan Nasional initiative: Stop BN Selangor takeover plan

April 8, 2010


Are these the idiots who are supposed to be running the country? And who have they paid RM28million for PR advice? Our money?

Towering Malay, Ibrahim Ali, talking excrement worldwide

March 30, 2010


Watch the pride of Perkasa register his credentials with the world at large. His misfortune is that this video clip carries footage of the ever-eloquent Farish Noor. What a contrast!

Ibrahim Ali’s message to the Malays : No need to work. Go ye forth and make babies

March 29, 2010


Malays and other bumiputras must have 67% of the national wealth, says Ibrahim. Why? Well, according to this bright spark, because they make up 67% of the population. Not because they have worked hard and deserve it. It follows that if they want to increase their share of the national wealth from this 67% now […]