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They Are All Honourable Men!

May 8, 2012


By Jayanath Appudurai __________________ O ye good people of Malaysia, When will you ever learn? It is all about….National Security! The PM says so. The DPM says so. The Home Minister says so. The IGP says so. The Deputy IGP says so. Ex-IGPs say so. Even the wise ex-PM says so. And they are all […]

Trying to get at the truth

April 30, 2012


Many of you responded to my ‘Call to those at the Bar Council’ post with very useful information. Thank you. From eyewitness accounts, I think we can safely say that even after the protestors had advanced to within 10 feet or so from the rows of FRU at the Bar Council site, there was no […]

Calling out to all who were at the Bar Council yesterday

April 29, 2012


Five of us took off a little after 11am by train. Destination : Jalan Sultan. Got down at the KL Sentral and legged it to Jalan Sultan. Along the way, we kept running into clusters of policemen. I greeted them with ‘Salam’ and they returned with the same. When we reached Jalan Sultan, we found […]

If the law is bad, break it

April 27, 2012


I got a call from a reporter a little while ago to ask my thoughts on the court order obtained by the authorities, banning the Duduk Bantah Bersih 3.0 taking place at Dataran Merdeka. To explain my point to her, I shared this little episode that took place whilst in I was in London in […]

Look upon the stars tonight at Dataran Merdeka

April 27, 2012


You heading out to Dataran for the Bersih 3.0 Duduk Bantah? Need a place to stay? Why not grab a sleeping bag or a tent, get your personal items together and head out to Dataran tonight? Join Fahmi and the rest of the Occupy Dataran activists. A call has gone out for people to meet […]

Bersih 3.0 and overcoming the fear factor

April 25, 2012


“We need to break this stranglehold of fear over our society, we need to set ourselves and our people free. How? …I feel afraid but I know I cannot afford to be. So I push and push through the layers of fear which are like strong cobwebs trying to hold me back. Others are looking […]

If Najib is intent on cheating at the polls, do we allow PRU13 to proceed?

April 23, 2012


My ‘we reap what we sow post’ elicited the following response from Teoh Chen Tick on Facebook : “Boycott GE13 called unless meaningful electoral reforms are in place? I don’t know -won’t a boycott give the UMNOputras a free ride to Putra Jaya!!”. No, Teoh, that would greatly please Najib, UMNO and BN. Boycott a […]

April Uprising : Bugger off, Lynas, this Friday, Tak Nak PTPTN this Saturday, and BERSIH 3.0 Duduk Bantah on 28-4-2012

April 11, 2012


These are your rallies, people. Whether they happen or they don’t is in your hands. Organisers can only set the stage. You make or break the event. I will be at Shah Alam this Friday for the ‘Lynas, berambuslah’ rally. And I will be at Dataran Merdeka, KL, to stand in solidarity with our mahasiswa-mahasiswa […]

Clean Elections for Our Children – The Declaration of Mamas@BERSIH 3.0

April 11, 2012


A group of mothers started this to pledge to support BERSIH3.0 and demand for a clean and fair election. If you are a mother, please sign to support. If you are not a mother yet, please spread the words and support these wonderful mothers! ______________________ We are mothers coming from all over Malaysia. We […]