Posted on February 23, 2022


By Jayanath Appudurai

23 Feb 2022

Two years on,

They are yet to deliver,

On the promised land of ethno-religious unity!

Instead they continue to play their game of thrones,

With nary a thought for “mempertahankan maruah bangsa dan agama”;

And oblivious to the real “ penderitaan of the Rakyat”!

The Rakyat now, know better.

Trust once lost is never regained;

Their brand marketing has finally failed!

They have been exposed as serial hypocrites,

Selling fake products concocted with adulterated ingredients!

On this infamous day, the Rakyat declare….

‘No more falling for your inane power-grabbing politics,

No more getting trapped in your pernicious tribal bigotry,

No more participating in your artificial perpaduan.

The pandemic and the floods,

Have exposed the social constructs,

You surreptitiously nurtured to shape our view of each other!

The floodgates have been opened,

the barriers have been breached.

We have been liberated,

# KitaJagaKita# is our clarion call!

We know the spirit of humanity resides in ours,

Not in your vile hearts!

We are in charge of our martabat,

We know the way forward,

We will strive for our genuine marhaen perpaduan,

Not your hollow keluarga!

We will show you the way,

And we will triumph, TQVM.’