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Our Rohingya brethren

April 27, 2020


By Singa Terhormat ____________________________ In the face of calls from several sectors to repulse the Rohingya boat people and to deport those that are already here, one issue that needs to be resolved is who owns Malaysia. To some, the Malays are the rightful owners of Malaysia and that this land is Tanah Melayu. To […]

Remembering this fallen anak bangsa Malaysia

April 4, 2020


Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked. 6 years ago, on this day, Zorro left us. I first encountered Zorro at the Press Club in early 2007. We hit it off instantly. What happens, though, when you bring together two individuals who have strong opinions which may often differ, but will strongly put forth their case? Sparks […]

Kho Jabing : Killed by the state

May 21, 2016


At 3.30pm yesterday, Kho Jabing was executed in Singapore soon after the Singapore Court of Appeal dismissed his eleventh-hour application to stay the execution. __________________________________ “…He was born in 1984, in a taxi on the way to hospital. He grew up in a longhouse…He worked on a family plantation, then as a technician laying cables in Miri […]

We will fight on, bro

April 7, 2014


“The uncanny thing about his timing had left me wondering as he would not have chosen to go on any other date except for the 4th of April, the birthday of Haris Ibrahim. I guess he wanted Haris to remember the dream that he shared or the vow that he had pledged and that every […]

Let us fight to free Malaysia! I promise you. ABU!

April 22, 2013


A bad case of rhinitis in the early hours of Saturday morning kept me from going to the nomination centre to lend support to Arul’s candidacy in Semenyih. Later that day, tracking all the nominations and seeing so many multi-cornered fights, especially in Sabah, only served to remind me again why I am pro-rakyat, and […]

A sad day to be Malaysians and Muslims

February 13, 2012


Article published by the Islamic Renaissance Front on 12th February, 2012. _______________________________ The Islamic Renaissance Front strongly condemns the deportation of Hamza Kashgari over his allegedly offensive tweets. Due to the irresponsible and cowardly actions of the Malaysian government in enabling the deportation, Mr Kashgari now faces the possibility of the death penalty in his […]

Boundaries and transitions

October 16, 2010


Farida shared this with the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia e-groups. I have her permission to publish it here. ____________________________________________ My late mother had a special  relationship with each of her grandchildren. One grandson, the youngest among them, brought her much fun and joy in her latter years. They were so in tune with each other […]