February 23, 2022


By Jayanath Appudurai 23 Feb 2022 Two years on, They are yet to deliver, On the promised land of ethno-religious unity! Instead they continue to play their game of thrones, With nary a thought for “mempertahankan maruah bangsa dan agama”; And oblivious to the real “ penderitaan of the Rakyat”! The Rakyat now, know better. […]


July 14, 2021


Jayanath Appudurai Surat ini diajukan kepada Warga Malaysia berusia 20 hingga 40 tahun. Terlebih dahulu saya mohon maaf secara ikhlas. Generasi saya telah gagal mencapai aspirasi membentuk satu masyarakat bersepadu, demokratik, adil, liberal dan progresif yang termaktub dalam Rukunegara. Kami gagal menunaikan komitmen. Kami gagal membendung kemerostan masyarakat kita walaupun terdapat tanda tanda nyata. Kami […]


July 13, 2021


Jayanath Appudurai ( Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia aged 72 & counting the days) This letter is specifically directed to my fellow Malaysians in the 20 to 40 age group. First a sincere apology. My generation has failed to achieve the united, democratic, just, liberal and progressive Nation envisioned in the Rukunegara in 1970. We failed […]

Dear Anwar, Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, how many more must die?

June 27, 2021


God’s peace be with you. I write to you because I do not have any friends on the other side of the political divide and hope that with the 3 of you, one or more might heed what I have to say here. I am quite sure that like most other elected reps, you, too, […]

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Please, Maria Chin, can we have some Ivermectin?

May 23, 2021


God’s peace be with you. I last wrote to you on 27th April to ask, amongst other things, that you put the following questions to the minister of health : “Is the health ministry conducting clinical trials of ivermectin? If so, what stage are the trials at and when can a report on safety and […]

Dear Ronnie Liu

April 29, 2021


God’s peace be with you. Malaysiakini reports today that you have called upon DAP to merge with PKR and Amanah, with a view to “creating a more representative and bigger multi-racial party”. “All three should dissolve and merge into one pluralistic party with a progressive outlook. I really hope that one day Pakatan Harapan will […]

Dear Maria Chin

April 27, 2021


God’s peace be with you. Sorry, no more YB prefixes for elected reps. And I dont mean Yang Berhormat, which we abandoned a long time ago. I mean Yang Berkhidmat. Post Sheraton, we are just not too sure, with few exceptions, who our elected reps actually serve. I caught Ong Kian Ming’s and Kelvin Yii’s […]

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Do I? And what do I tell the kids?

February 25, 2021


I am speaking of the Covid-19 vaccine. Since last April, I have been distributing sanitisers and disinfectants, going down to customers’ premises and teaching cleaners how to use what I supply. I have made it a point to try and keep abreast of developments of anything and everything related to combating the virus. I am, […]

As you judged, so you shall be, too

February 24, 2021


On 21st June, 2020, I wrote : “I have read the comments in the article that forms the basis of the AG’s application to move contempt proceedings against Mkini. Respectfully, I take a different view from him. I have no doubt that the lawyers who will appear for Mkini will put forth a strong case […]

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The Sheratoonian Anniversary

February 23, 2021


By Jayanath Appudurai A year ago, on this infamous day, The Sheratoonians, shredded our dreams! Not that, we were not expecting it. We knew this day will come, We lived in pious hope, that it would not. All the signs, that it was an ill-fated, Coalition of Hope, were there, for those who understood, the […]