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Why I agree with Kit Siang on Dr M as education minister

May 19, 2018


Yesterday, in relation to Dr M’s announcement the day before that the prime minister would helm the ministry of education, Kit Siang said it did “not violate the letter and spirit of Pakatan Harapan manifesto”. This was reported in Malaysiakini. I posted that Malaysiakini report on Facebook, adding this comment : I agree with Kit […]

Returning the institutions of state to the Rakyat : The way forward

May 16, 2018


First, I want to congratulate the Council of Elders for very quickly putting in place a Committee on Institutional Reforms, as reported in Malaysiakini. “Economic reforms on its own cannot bring about the desired change unless accompanied by institutional reforms. Towards this end, a committee on institutional reforms has been formed…,”, the council is reported […]

Restoring public confidence in the institutions of state

May 15, 2018


“A fish rots from the head down” – used to express the idea that all problems in a company or country can be traced back to its leadership. The buck starts and stops at the top. Lets say it like it is. The constitution has put in place many institutions of state to ensure that governance […]

Change gomen first. Then we, the rakyat, reform our country

April 11, 2018


In May, 2013, I invested RM5,000.00 In April, 2016, I added another RM5,000.00 to that earlier investment. RM5k invested for 3 years and then RM10k for another 2 years. On Monday, 9th April, I cashed in on my investment. I got my RM10k back. The return on my investment? What did I invest in? My […]

Wish I had a reason to trust you, Doc

July 20, 2016


About 2 weeks ago, I was having teh tarik at a mamak stall with a young lady in her late 20s. The subject invariably turned to the state of the nation. Sensing that this young lady was quite oblivious to all that had happened before her time, I gave her a quick history lesson. May […]

Robed bigotry

July 23, 2014


By Singa Terhormat Ex-CJ, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad  is reported, in substantiating his contention that Islam is under threat in Penang, to allege that an ex-mufti informed him that during the launch of a building in the state attended by a deputy chief minister, prayers were done by a Christian priest, a Hindu priest and […]

Dear Noorin,

March 25, 2014


  Read in the FMT that the Bar Council is on your case for your alleged professional misconduct during the court proceedings to sentence Karpal in his sedition charge conviction. Many, it seems, think you are downright evil for the way your pressed for a custodial sentence, even urging the court to disregard the fact […]