N31 Subang Jaya : USJ12 Ceramah last night

Posted on March 2, 2008




Good people of Subang Jaya, you were simply awesome!

Tony reckons the numbers were around 3,500.

You judge for yourselves.





Three young hopeful candidates were present to address the crowd.

Hannah, Nurul Izzah and Gwo Burne.


On hand to lend support to Hannah’s campaign was Tony Pua and her father-in-law, Encik Muniandy.


And me.

I must confess that when the thousands of you echoed ‘Saya anak Bangsa Malaysia’ my hair stood on ends.

People, this really is my message to you for this elections.

Let us, all anak Bangsa Malaysia, come together, exercise the full power that is with us, take back our country from self-serving politicians, bring an end to race-based politics that is UMNO and BN’s trump card to try and divide us and let us restore justice and equality for all Malaysians.

Let us not be overcome by fear instigated by the fear-mongering mainstream media.

Let us not give in or fall prey to the BN rhetoric that a vote for Barisan Rakyat will bring on economic instability. We know full well who have been raping us blind.

Let our vote this time round be to lend a hand to so many Malaysians who have been for so long marginalised by a corrupt government.

Let us vote for change.

Let us place our faith in these young brave Malaysians who have come forward to offer to help us take our country back.

Hidup Rakyat!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!