KelanaJayagetanmp Interviews Hannah Yeoh, DAP DUN candidate for Subang Jaya

Posted on March 3, 2008




The KelanaJayagetanmp group managed to catch up with the Barisan Rakyat candidate from DAP, Hannah Yeoh, for a quick interview. They’ve offered to share the questions asked and the responses received with other voters of N31 Subang Jaya.


Q1. BN candidate Ong Chong Swen does not have a track record in office….neither do you. But it is certain that Ong Chong Swen will try to capitalize on whatever YB Lee Hwa Beng is perceived to have achieved. What will you do that YB Lee Hwa Beng either wouldn’t or couldn’t?

hannah2.jpg Ong Chong Swen and YB Lee are two different individuals with different traits and qualifications and it makes no sense for either one of them to boast about what the other has done or will do for the constituency. The one thing that I would and could do is to always question and make enquiries in the State Assembly to safeguard the residents’ interest. BN candidate will be less eager to speak up for the people as they are part of the ruling state government/council. The people of Subang Jaya can be rest assured that I have their interests at heart because I am also a resident here.

Q2. Are you aware that it is almost impossible to be nominated to sit on the council of MPSJ as you are from the Opposition? As such how do you seek to mitigate the resulting lack of say in the manner in which the Local council (in this case MPSJ) conducts itself?

hannah2.jpg I will be the Oppositions’s voice in the State Assembly of Selangor. In this current environment of appointed and not elected officials in the town councils, electing a candidate for the state seat from the ruling government is counter-productive in serving the needs of the residents. You’re no longer electing one of your own, you’re electing one of their own! A Barisan elected state assemblyman/woman has a ticket into the local town council and riding on a vested interest of the Barisan Nasional, we have witnessed the prolonged misuse of this position. I, on the other hand will possess more room to move about and not have my hands tied. If I have something to say, I will not rest till I have my say, every step of the way and what is more, I will not rest till I have my say heard. I will do whatever it takes to persuade the media to give an issue the exposure it deserves. Failing that I would still have the most potent of all weapons i.e. the goodwill of and close contacts with my electorate.

Q3. It is common knowledge that the Selangor State Legislature i.e. DUN, is an assembly dominated by BN members who are often perceived as mere “head-nodders”. These members will, obviously not take kindly to any attempts by Opposition ADUNs that attempt to shake them out of their comfort zones. Hence, in such a potentially hostile arena, how do you see yourself staying true to your duties as our voice in the DUN of Selangor?

hannah2.jpg Together with the other Oppositions ADUNs we can be a voice to be reckoned with…i.e. stronger, braver, more vocal and what is more options/channels to disseminate info by pooling our resources together. The dominance of silent BN members who have been accustomed to resting on their laurels will be stifled by louder Opposition representatives who have a cause to fight for.

Q4. You are being pitted against candidate Ong, a person several years older than you. She will probably lay claim to her age that enables her to see things in a mature/rational manner and backing of the BN machinery as being of tremendous advantage to her. You, on the other hand, are quite visibly youthful and quite obviously do not have the backing of the type of machinery that candidate Ong Chong Swen can muster. What edge/strength do you possess to counter the onslaught of the Barisan Nasional juggernaut?

hannah2.jpg I am a trained legal practitioner. I will be the voice of the young and my elders. Being young and more importantly CLEAN gives me an edge over who is of BN. The BN candidate would be tempted to toe the BN line and have the same voice as the council. I on the other hand, will only bow to my King, the Jalur Gemilang and the Rakyat. It is this hope that I offer to my neighbours in the Subang Jaya constituency. Unlike the BN candidate – ‘my hands are not tied’, they are empowered by the people to serve!