Taking back our judiciary

Posted on August 3, 2008


To my ‘Just prefer the charge and get on with it’ post, there were 48 comments. I want to share 2 with you.

Parli-man said : So we watch closely and what if as expected a kangaroo court takes place and Anwar is sent to jail!… That what do we do? Watch even more closely?

And Sam Tam added : Well – many are also watching the Altantunya case closely – a lot of good that is doing so far

Thanks for the constructive criticism, guys.

To the ‘Zaki past the post’ posting’, there were 27 comments. I want to share with you excerpts from flyer168‘s.

‘We are all concerned about the ‘Highest office of the nation’s Judiciary…We have to restore that Institution to its “Original” status to uphold our Constitution & Justice by the “Rule of Law” with only the “Best” Honourable & Incorruptible personalities. But there again…we are in Bolehland with the daily kindergarten “cat & mouse, hide & seek” saga requiring manipulations & perversion of the “Rule of Law”…so of course, they will need their ex-UMNO appointee. This nation’s & the rayaat’s plight vs their personal “NEEDS & GREED”…This great nation & its Downtrodden rayaat gets screwed again and again…what’s new???? We are now at a CROSSROADS…and YOU have a CHOICE…Do we all want to allow the Powers-that-be CONTINUE to destroy this great nation, our nation’s assets including our Children & Grandchildrens’ Future…OR…WE UNITE & FOCUS on the main issues TOGETHER to support our “Defenders of TRUTH, JUSTICE & FREEDOM”!


The next Chief Justice will be appointed by His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong. This is expected to take place in October, this year.

Under the Constitution and through the office of our elected representatives and finally the Executive, we, the rakyat, the Yang Berhormats, co-govern this nation together with His Royal Highness.

The Executive, through the office of the Prime Minister, in April this year, after the disgraceful revelations through the VK Lingam RCI, promised us a Judicial Appointments Commission.

You and I know why that hasn’t happened.

Yet, I do not think we are helpless.

In His Majesty, I believe we have a monarch who truly cares for the rakyat, and who will give due regard to our voiced concerns.

If enough of us voice our concerns.

In the next day or so, this blog will announce the launch of yet another petition to His Majesty urging His Royal Highness to take the appropriate measures to ensure that, pending the establishment of the Judicial Appointments Commission, any further appointment or the filling of vacancies in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court will go to the senior-most serving judicial officers.

Once the petition is launched, it belongs to you.

You will decide whether it succeeds or fails.