How low can the racists go? Say no to Pizza Hut!

Posted on October 17, 2007



Number of signatures to the petition as at 4pm today : 3,446

Target : 5,000.

Have you read the petition to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agung to ask for the establishment of a Royal Commission to look into and stop the rot in the judiciary and to return the judiciary to the rakyat?

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The actual petition, complete with the language of protocol, can be viewed HERE.

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Updated on 1/11/2007

Subsequent to ths post, Mr. Lawrence Ding of Pizza Hut engaged readers on issues that arose in the course of discussion.

In fairness, Mr. Ding’s posts are now linked HERE, HERE and HERE for ease of reference for readers who might come upon this post well after discussions on these issues have long closed


Someone sent this to me by e-mail yesterday.

I’ve reproduced it below.

No more Pizza Hut for me.


Hello everyone. I have some interesting news.

I was in Pizza Hut (Sunway Pyramid) yesterday and suddenly my friend showed me the bill.

The bill contains normal things la (number of person, bill. number and what is ordered). But, what shocked me is that they had space called ‘RACE’.I guess since we were all wearing tudung, they labelled us as 0, which means MALAY. Later, when we went to pay…we had no service charge and no tax charge.

Still in shock, I peeped into another bill in the counter. In that bill, under the race space, it was labelled as C (which I guess means  Chinese). That bill had service and tax charges!!!

I started investigating. One of my Sri Lankan friends was labelled as Indian it seems and she also had to pay service and tax charges a few weeks back. What I’m wondering is that…does anyone know about this? I find it rather strange that they charge service and tax charge using racein Pizza Hut, out of all the places!





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