Your ABU War Fund auditors speak

Posted on October 7, 2012


I make disclosure here that as a token of appreciation for their assistance in auditing the ABU War Fund, both Michelle and Singam were each presented with an ABU T-shirt.


“We understand the need for caution and accept the publishing of income and expense totals as sufficient public disclosure.” – paragraph 2 of the Audit Report.

Below, bold and in red, is the summary of income and expense totals.

Total collected                                                                      RM        93,924.81        


Total expended                                                                    RM        55,702.80  


 Balance in Hand                                                                RM        38,222.01      


“We are satisfied that the Statement of Income and Expenditure presented to us is an accurate representation of the source accounts that we have inspected thoroughly.” – paragraph 1 of  the Audit Report.

The Audit Report, in full, and in PDF, is linked below.

ABU Audit Report

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