Deep state thwarted, perchance?

Posted on January 10, 2020


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeep state : an alleged secret network of especially nonelected government officials and sometimes private entities (as in the financial services and defense industries) operating extralegally to influence and enact government policyonline Merriam-Webster dictionary

MACC’s expose of the wire-tapped recordings on Wednesday has had many people training their guns on the Chief Commissioner.

There has been a suggestion that she may have committed an offence under section 65 of the MACC Act, 2009 and should therefore resign.

I just checked section 65 and have only one thing to say : utter rubbish!

To the UMNO / BN folk who have been squealing like you-know-what that the press conference was in breach of the Rule of Law, let me say this.

Through five Bersih rallies, numerous anti-ISA rallies and countless Workers day rallies, the rakyat were subject to rule by law and oft times, just plain lawlessness. ( remember Sekinchan ikan bakar marching with impunity through Chinatown threatening to reenact 13th May?)

Go do some serious soul-searching first before you talk of Rule of Law.

To the others who have been critical, I have taken time to digest your thoughts.

Should MACC have just handed the recordings to the appropriate investigating authorities?

Ideally, yes.

However, when you carefully evaluate the contents of that which was disclosed, what unfolds before us is a conspiracy, at the very highest level of government, spanning several law enforcement agencies, to subvert the law, due process and the very Rule of Law that so many speak of today.

Based on timelines provided during that press conference, this whole sordid business, if proven to be true in due course, occurred during Najib’s tenure.

Who can swear now that, post-14th GE, all of these investigating and law enforcement agencies uphold the law and nothing else, and serve the interests of the rakyat and no other agenda?

Sadly, we are a long way off from this.

If MACC had handed the recordings over to the appropriate investigating authorities, two years from now, the contents of the same may not have still seen the light of the day as the matter would be “still under investigation”.

A cover up?

Investigating authorities can’t do that now, can they?

The Chief Commissioner is not stupid, is aware of the law and I don’t think she did a Trump knee-jerk assassination.

I think it was thought through, and carefully.

My thoughts as stated above may well be way off the mark, totally never entering into the consideration of the Chief Commissioner but, for the same reasons I have stated above, I am glad she did what she did.

Only the government changed in May, 2018.

Through the civil service and various agencies, investigating and enforcement, the foul odour of UMNO / BN rule, for a great many, still holds.

Kudos, Lat.