Dear Ronnie Liu

Posted on April 29, 2021


God’s peace be with you.

Malaysiakini reports today that you have called upon DAP to merge with PKR and Amanah, with a view to “creating a more representative and bigger multi-racial party”.

“All three should dissolve and merge into one pluralistic party with a progressive outlook. I really hope that one day Pakatan Harapan will be a single, broad-based party instead of a coalition”, you are reported to have said.

My question to you, Ronnie, is, “To what end, this merger, that you speak of?”

Malaysiakini quotes you further in the above report.

“The reason to dissolve to become one party is that each party can throw away past baggage and come under new branding. DAP has been accused of being anti-Islam, PKR an Anwar (Ibrahim)-only vehicle and some say Amanah is small fry. But if we can merge in a sincere way, the combined parties can be a real force,”

Several more questions come to mind, Ronnie.

How would this coming together of the three parties be any less a marriage of convenience than Pakatan Harapan was, running into the 14th GE and in the 22 months after?

Was not Pakatan Harapan, both before and after the last GE, a ‘real force’ and, if indeed it was, why did it flounder?

I suggest that the answer to my last question might be found in the efforts by many individuals within the coalition to bring it to its knees, infighting within PKR, the tug-of-war between the Dr M/Bersatu and Anwar/PKR factions, on the one hand, with the other component parties having to decide with whom to align and, in all of these, the real force that Pakatan Harapan was, lost sight of the pre-election promises delivered to the people.

How, Ronnie, might not this merger, not go the same way?

Same old wine in same old bottles, albeit re-labelled, no?

The combined parties can be a real force, you say.

My final question.

A real force for who?

The elite political leaders, the long-time grassroot politicians, or Makcik Kiah?