Crisis in the judiciary – and we thought we had seen it all!

Posted on November 18, 2007



Mr. Wee Choo Keong, the sec-gen of the Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP) had a press conference in PJ this morning.


Purpose : to disclose further allegations of the rot in the judiciary contained in Kelana Jaya police report no. 002187/07 dated 19th March, 2007.

The complainant in the report : Mr. Thirunama Karasu a/l Kandar Velluppilai.

Who is Mr. Thirunama and why did he make the report?

I quote from the report :


‘I fear for my life and the safety of my family because I wanted to lodge a police report at Bukit Aman on 6 March, 2007 on all corruption cases of my brother Dato V. Kanalingam and those involved in these corruption cases with my brother…’

Mr. Thirunama’s report is replete with names of judges and lawyers he says were implicated with VK Lingam in conduct that would be most questionable even by the most lax of standards.

Judges presently serving that are named in the police report :

  • Low Hop Bing ( Court of Appeal )
  • Mokhtar Sidin ( Court of Appeal )

Former judges named :

  • Eusoff Chin ( former Lord President of the Supreme Court )
  • Lamin Yunus ( former President of the Court of Appeal )
  •  KL Rekhraj ( former High Court judge )
  • Mokhtar Abdullah ( former Federal Court judge )
  • Satchi ( former Industrial Court chairman )

Others named :

  • Rahim Noor ( former IGP )
  • VK’s other brother Sivaparanjothi
  • lawyers Vijayakumar, Sithambaram and Kumaraendran

Mr. Thirunama gives details of private dinners hosted for judges and gifts changing hands.

He also narrates in the report how he was forced into silence in 1998 by threats to his person.

He also laments that he has had to make this report because his earlier, Kelana Jaya report no. 2115/07 has not been adequately investigated by the i.o, forcing him to lodge the second report to give full details. 

Mr. Wee said that Mr. Thirunama had approached him for help in this matter about 10 days ago, and that given the PM’s announcement on Friday last that a Royal Commission of Inquiry would be established to look into the VK Lingam video scandal, it was timely to disclose Mr. Thirunama’s allegations.

Mr Wee also called on the police authorities to fully investigate Mr. Thirunama’s allegations and also said that MDP would render every assistance to Mr. Thirunama to get his allegations and any evidence he might have in support of the same before the soon-to-be established Royal Commission. In this regard, Mr. Wee confirmed that he had requested and Mr. Thirunama was in the process of compiling documents relating to these allegations.

About 30 or so journalists and bloggers attended the PC.

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