Anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia Penang, do not forget Pak Lah’s snub!

Posted on February 25, 2008



In November last year, I wrote to Big Ears to request a dialogue with Penangites who had attended our Bangsa Malaysia Pulau Pinang and who wanted to meet up with him to share their concerns. I sent a reminder in December.

I f you don’t recall or are in this blog for the first time, you can read the posts relating to this HERE and HERE.

Until today, there has been no response to your request. From this man who claims to want to know our concerns!

Remember your resolutions at the Bangsa Malaysia forum?

  • No more race-based political parties  
  • No more incompetence in Parliament
  • Civil society taking ownership of governance of the nation
  • No more racial delineation

Pak Lah isn’t interested in any of these! Why do I say this? Because he has been a ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’ PM these 4 years.

Look at his 2004 pre-election promises to us.


Which has he delivered on?


Remember his now famous ‘Work with me, not for me’?

We were all so taken up and taken in by his posturing that we forgot to tell him that in fact he was to work for us.


We are the bosses. We are the Yang Berhormat.

Pak Lah was supposed to be a Yang Berkhidmat.

Has he served us or served himself?

You, the Yang Berhormat, asked to see him, who is supposed to serve us, and he ignores your request!

What would you call such behaviour of one who is supposed to answer to us?


He’s going to come to you again now, promising heaven and earth and everything in between. Don’t fall for it again.

Just print this poster and give it to him and shoo him away.


Tell him it has been hell for may Malaysians under his BN regime.

Tell him we, all Malaysians, will now place our hopes on our own Barisan Harapan Rakyat and our own People’s Declaration.