A time for the reluctant politicians come GE15?

Posted on April 25, 2020


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEditor’s note : I had said that during the currency of this ongoing MCO, I would not write on politics so as not to distract our focus on the pandemic. Goings-on in the backdoor government left me pissed off. Gloves off.


Malaysiakini reported on 17th April, 2020 that the Dewan Rakyat will sit for one day only when it reconvenes for its third session on May 18.

“Following the implementation of the movement control order, the Dewan Rakyat would convene to discuss government Bills and business only. Therefore, there will be no oral question sessions, written questions, motions, and special chambers” – the message emailed to MPs by the Dewan Rakyat secretary.


Wong Chin Huat, whose thoughts I greatly respect, in an opinion piece in Malaysiakini today, offers this :

“A Westminster Parliament in long recess cannot exercise its four functions: 1) retaining or firing the prime minister (as the electoral college), 2) scrutinising government, 3) making or approving laws, and 4) approving budgets (called “supply bill”, technically a type of law). To prevent any motion of no-confidence to be mooted, parliamentarians are deprived of their right to question ministers…In short, Muhyiddin disables two functions – scrutinising government and approving budget – of the Parliament to prevent its most important one – retaining or firing the prime minister”.

No parliamentary scrutiny of the stimulus packages and its distribution to the people, the management of the the fight against the pandemic.




The disgraceful impeachment proceedings against Trump in January that ended with the Republicans saving him by blocking the calling of witnesses that might well have proved him guilty of the charges laid against him, and the rampant horse-trading in late February, on both sides of the divide, leading up to the collapse of the PH government and the establishment of the Muhyiddin-led backdoor PN government has left me in no doubt of one thing.

The rights and interests of the people takes second place in partisan politics, anywhere and everywhere.

I want to quote excerpts from two recent posts by Singa Terhormat here recently.

 “Sure, we finally did get rid of the overbearing maids after many attempts in GE-14, but our new maids did not lock the back door to the house and now the old maids have re-entered the house, chased away the new maids and are dominating us again. In the short span of time that they have re-entered, it is clear that they are more concerned about their own interests rather than ours…Are we to take all these lying down? Are we going to put up with these ‘overbearing maids’? Or are we going to kick them out of the ‘house’ onto the streets at the next opportunity.? Only we can answer that”The overbearing maid

“When there is service above self, greater integrity will determine the decisions made that affect us all as well as prevent corruption and self-serving politicking?”Service above self

In December, 2010, friends and I launched an independent candidate initiative.

The idea : get individuals of unquestionable integrity, with the right credentials, and a readiness to serve the rakyat, to avail themselves to serve in parliament.

In short, get the reluctant politicians who do not want to make politics their career, who are ready to do a stint of national service, into parliament to start the process of setting the nation right.

The numbers need not be large, the priority being quality and integrity of the candidate.

I got whacked in social media, as having a personal agenda.

That this effort would split the opposition vote, serving the interests of BN.

So I ask, now, are we ready to work on such an effort?