The Sheratoonian Anniversary

Posted on February 23, 2021


By Jayanath Appudurai

A year ago,

on this infamous day,

The Sheratoonians,

shredded our dreams!

Not that, we were not expecting it.

We knew this day will come,

We lived in pious hope, that

it would not.

All the signs,

that it was an ill-fated,

Coalition of Hope,

were there, for those who understood,

the backroom schemes of the conniving knaves!

Using divisive missives built on fault lines of yore,

They kept their key constituencies,

engaged and enraged,

as they have always done!

So be it,

in the greater scheme of things,

even this day,

will come to pass.

But the People,

will never, ever forget,

the infamous Sheratoonians!

Their day will come too.

The People,

in whispering silence,

eagerly await,

to deliver the coup de’ grace!

23 February 2021

“Dedicated to all who subscribe to the immutable and universal principle that we are all of a single human race”