Posted on July 13, 2021


Jayanath Appudurai ( Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia aged 72 & counting the days)

This letter is specifically directed to my fellow Malaysians in the 20 to 40 age group.

First a sincere apology.

My generation has failed to achieve the united, democratic, just, liberal and progressive Nation envisioned in the Rukunegara in 1970.

We failed to honour our commitments.

We failed to check the slow but perceptible decline into a dysfunctional society.

We stupidly trusted the ruling-political class to do the right thing!

And when some of us tried to atone, our initiatives were either ineffective or too late to stop the descent into dystopia!

I am truly sorry.

Currently there are 9.8 million of you comprising 50.1 % of the adult population.

Given the average life expectancy you have anything between 35 to 55 years to live.

You need to take charge to ensure the years ahead are what you want.

Do not leave it anymore in the hands of the current crop of politicians.

They have right, royally messed it up!

And they have beggared our People!

Our politics has essentially been one of personalities, not principles!

Cast aside the personality political culture that has severely hampered our advancement.

Build your ideas and anchor them on the basic tenets of good governance.

You have the numbers, the wherewithal and the technological skills to build the most formidable coalition in our Nation.

Some cohort groups have already started exciting initiatives to charter a new course. Join them and contribute your ideas and resources.

Re-examine the social constructs that you have been brainwashed to believe as truths!

Use your strengths to shape a future for the good of all our people, irrespective of their identities.

Take care of all our people in need with respect and the dignity they deserve.

The majority of our people respect each other and are kind, caring and generous.

They have always strived to do the right things by their respective families, neighbours and communities.

Our People will respond when they know you are genuine and can be trusted to provide the stewardship.

So, please go forth and re-build the beautiful nation we always wanted to be, but did not work hard enough to make it so.

Strive to make our beloved land a Nation of peace and harmony admired by the world.

In your hands we humbly leave the destiny of our Tanah Air.

May the Force be with You.