Kak Wan, what do you want me to do with these ballot papers?

Posted on November 6, 2010


In my ‘PKR, and its ballot papers, up for sale’ post yesterday, I had said that I was going to meet an individual last night who had contacted me to say that he was in possession of PKR ballot papers for use in the ongoing party elections, and that he would pass the same to me as evidence of his claim.

In fact, that meeting was scheduled to take place this afternoon, but the individual was extremely concerned that I would be followed and that he might be identified by ‘interested’ parties, and so, at his request, I said that the meeting was to take place last night.

I met him about an hour ago.

He was very nervous.

He showed me a stack of ballot papers. They comprised ballot papers for the post of Deputy Presidency, Vice Presidents and Majlis Pimpinan Pusat.

The ballot papers for the Deputy Presidency and Vice Presidents were all serialised whilst the one for the MPP were not.

He had about 100 copies of the ballot papers in all.

I asked if that was all he had.

He  replied that if I could wait, he could go back and meet me again later at another location with another 1,000 or more if I wanted.

I asked if I could have the 100 or so ballot papers that he had with him.

He offered to give me one of each provided I promised to blank out the serial numbers as he did not want to get any one into trouble.

I asked who those people might be.

He did not want to reply.

I asked him to explain to me how possession of these ballot papers might be used in the elections.

He explained that the central election committee returning officer could manipulate the list of members attending at the ongoing elections, where voter turnout is low, adjust it upwards and stuff additional ballot papers into the ballot box. Worse, it seems that at some elections, there is not even an attendance list to reflect the number of members attending to vote. This makes it even easier to stuff additional ballot papers into the ballot box.

I asked if he was representing any of the candidates and was that why he was exposing this to me, as the person or persons he was supportive of were being affected.

He admitted that he was doing this because the leadership he favoured were being cheated, but he also said that he was doing this in the hope that something would be done to stop this cheating and, if nothing was in fact done, he saw no reason to remain with the party any longer.

I asked if he knew who was behind this.

Without hesitation, he named Azmin, aided, he said, by the party HQ secretariat, and certain members of the central election committee over which the chair, Dr Molly Cheah, no longer has any control.

I do not have access to a scanner right now, so I have taken photos of the ballot papers, with the serial numbers blocked, which I now reproduce below.

The ballot for the deputy presidency is a 1-page A4 document, inserted in the 3-page vice presidency ballot .

PKR Deputy President Ballot Paper

The front page of the 3-page v-p ballot. The deputy president ballot is inserted in this

V-P candidates 1 and 2

V-P candidates 3-9

V-P candidates 10-15

Front page of the 11-pqge MPP ballot booklet

The MPP ballot paper is a 11-page  document

I now have a set each of the ballot papers mentioned above.

The chap I just met claims to have access to thousands.

Who else does?

Is not this election a sham?

If PKR stands for justice, will not Kak Wan step in now?

Will not the leaders taking part in these elections refuse to have anything further to do with this disgraceful pretense at democracy?

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