Thank you, God. Thank you, all. Now let’s get back to the business of taking our country back. See you all at Amcorp tomorrow

Posted on May 24, 2013



It’s good to be home.

There are just too many of you to thank by name.

All of you who have been praying for Tian Chua, Thamrin and me, thank you.

Those of you who kept vigil outside the Jinjang police lock up last night and again today, thank you.

The flash mob guys and girls who hit town calling for our release, thank you.

ABU eagles, you are priceless.

My family members, thank you for being there for me.

To the team of lawyers who appeared for Tian Chua, Thamrin and me to oppose the remand application, you collectively reminded me today of why I once so loved the legal profession. Thank you, all.

Ashok, love you, bro.

Yang Arif Puan Megistret Norashikin Sahat, you gave me hope today that the judiciary may be on the mend. Thank you, Your Honour.

I also want to thank the officers of the arresting team that detained me in Segambut and the officers at the Jinjang lock-up. You were professional in discharging your duties. I want to reiterate here that our struggle for justice is as much for you and your loved ones.

Tonight, I renew my pledge to all of you to continue our struggle to return democracy to our nation.

As I go to bed tonight, my thoughts go out to all those detained at police lock ups throughout the country who will have to make do with a floor without bedding, pillow and blanket.

As we fight for justice, let us not forget them.

See you all at Amcorp tomorrow.